Top 45 Frankfurt-Based Startup Twitter Accounts

Our company has already delivered several mobile apps and websites for startup businesses and continues its cooperation with European companies. Mobilunity always tries to keep up with the latest startup related news and events, and look for most optimal solutions for small business web and mobile development. Besides, we do our best to inform our clients and everyone interested in what we do about online resources, that might be useful for them. Thus, we have recently published a list of 80 startup accelerators worth following on Twitter and plan to continue compiling Top lists on startup life in Europe.

This time we concentrated on Frankfurt, that is considered to be an IT hub of Germany and searched for the most ambitious startups located in this city.

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Photos from Exect Fintech 2016 event in Frankfurt

Fintech Startups

These amazing fintech startups provide multiple solutions to invest, save and make money in any imaginable way.

  • Pactas
  • Traxpay
  • Snellspesen
  • RoamlerDE
  • Paij DE

IT Startups

Software monsters that deliver desktop, web and mobile products for businesses as well as best experience for gamers can be found here:

  • Acellere
  • Candylabs
  • Record Evolution
  • Stetic
  • Spielhaus

Startups Delivering Technological solutions

These are the best startup companies offering networking and engineering solutions for different audience from huge enterprises to individuals keen on biking:

  • euNetworks
  • COBI
  • timelapseFFM
  • Creative Focus

Management Tools Startups

Frankfurt business doesn’t neglect modern trends in mobile development and here are two startups, that concentrated on delivery of handy and revolutionary tools, which help manage contacts and arrangements:

  • ConCloud
  • eTermio

Education Startups

Next few startups provide services and software, that sufficiently enhance the learning process and search of proper mentors and technologies:

  • Mentor Lane
  • talkREAL
  • YouDu


These startups provide businesses with a whole range of marketing services to benefit their rapid progress:

  • MapCase
  • Oseon

Video Production Startups

One more group of startups focus their work on creating videos of various kinds, whether explanatory, tutorial or short videos about special locations:

  • Eywalk
  • Meinunternehmensfilm /MUF
  • Videoboost

Travel Startups

These two startups provide the customers with an opportunity to arrange unforgettable trips or create an exciting travel blog and share their impressions with the others posting videos, photos and small comments:

  • Tripmii
  • Covomo

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Other Ambitious Startups

With its dynamic social life Frankfurt appears to be a perfect environment for starting a business. It was hard for us to fit some amazing startup companies into categories we have highlighted, but we still couldn’t help mentioning them. Some of them provide services in entertaining niche, others in medicine or food industries, but all of them are worth attention:

  • Fashion.gram
  • Startup Grind
  • Moocobo
  • Onapply
  • Energieberater Vergl
  • Matching box
  • Shoutify
  • Naschlabor
  • Textbrocker
  • Zentrales Fundbüro
  • Dual Shaker
  • Swapi
  • JEDDiT
  • one:47

Taking a look at how other ventures attained success and recognition is always a good chance to define your own way to the desired destination and borrow working methods of objective fulfillment. So follow accomplished startups on Twitter and learn from the experience of others.

Today no business can go without a website or mobile app, so take a look at what solutions Mobilunity offers for startup web development, mobile development and design!

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