Is It Affordable to Build a Dedicated Development Team in France?

hire developers Paris or in Kyiv at all-inclusive and reasonable rate

French and Ukrainian ICT Sector: Trends and Facts

French philosopher Jacques Ellul wrote that “Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity.” This phrase was uttered in the previous century, when advanced technologies only began to appear, and at the moment it is even more relevant than at that time. The development of IT technologies does not stand still and France is one of the European leaders in this field according to the report published by France Embassy.

Software companies in France have significant achievements in such IT fields as telecommunication networks, eCommerce, video games and cloud technologies. Paris is the heart of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector. There is a governmental program, the purpose of which is to gain together all the key players of the market and to make Paris the first European digital city.

Ukraine also seeks to keep up with the development of innovative technologies and our qualified programmers are the main driving force to achieve this goal. The great amount of IT specialists helped our country to take the first place in IT outsourcing and nearshoring in Europe as it is reported by IT Outsourcing News.  There are more than 90 thousands of engineers working in Ukraine and this indicator will be increased twice to 2020 according to IT Ukraine report.

The majority of Ukrainian IT experts has high technical education what can be proved by the following statistics. More than 16,000 students graduate from the best technical universities of Ukraine every year as reported by Ukrainian High-Tech Initiative.  This indicator continues to grow since the state provides additional budget places on technical faculties to respond with a proposal for a rapidly growing demand for IT specialists. For comparison, the strongest technical university of France Telecom Paris Tech graduates approximately 13,000 students every year.

It will be also interesting to analyse the most demanded skills of programmers in France and in Ukraine. Thus, the most popular technologies possessed by coders in Ukraine are C/C++, Java, PHP and .Net. Full stack Ukraine developers are also in demand. As for the France, the overall picture is something different. The list of the demanded attainments includes the ability to use Java, C#, Oracle and SAP, as it is reported by Technojobs.

Hire Developers in France: Average Expenses

Is it worth to hire developers in France or in Ukraine?

Comparative statistics of net salaries of Ukrainian and French programmers

As we have stated, Ukraine is the greatest outstaffing and outsourcing services provider in Europe, and the reasonable price for hiring our specialists contributes to it. Let’s make a comparison in order to discover how much it costs to hire developers in France and in Ukraine.  We have conducted a research and concluded that average developer salary in France is $3,300. This indicator in Ukraine is $2,400.

It is interesting to discover how much it costs to hire developers Paris. A .Net developer average salary is $3,700. A JavaScript developer receives near $3,100 per month. A PHP developer skills are estimated in $3,000.

We have analyzed Marseillan job boards in order to find how much it costs to hire developers in Marseille. Based on our research, an average programmer’s salary is $3,400 in this city.

In his turn, a  Lyon developer  is able to receive near $3,000 per month according to

How much does a dedicated development team in France cost?

Comparison of net salaries of coders from Paris and Kyiv

The average indicators of salary of Toulouse developers (Software programmers) is $3,700.

Hiring Nice dedicated team will cost approximately $3,000. According to the analysis of popular job boards, a PHP developer receives $3,203 here.

For comparison, PHP, JavaScript and .Net developers earn $1,500, $1,700 and $1,900 accordingly on an average in Kiev, Ukraine.

Is It an Obvious Solution to Hire Developers in France?

We have compared the average salaries of a dedicated development team in France and Ukrainian dedicated developers. Of course, the reasonable difference in salaries of Ukrainian remote developers and French ones is rather a significant advantage to look for UA programmers. Moreover, there are some other reasons to choose Ukrainian dedicated team provided by Mobilunity:

  • strong technical education and wide experience of our programmers;
  • our significant competence in providing offshore software development services;
  • complete support of your project from the initial idea to the release on the market;
  • flexible legislative conditions of offshoring IT services;
  • reasonable all-inclusive price for our help compared with hiring developers on your own.

Nice dedicated team vs Ukrainian remote developers

Hire developers in France or give your business a chance to become as successful as possible with us!

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