Cost and Demand for Java Developers: Guide 2018

Java programming language appeared more than 25 years ago. Language development began in 1991 as a technology called “Oak” and only in 5 years the language became known as Java. There is a version that the name of the language comes from the name of the coffee, as evidenced by the logo of the Java programming language. Java is incredibly popular in the whole IT sphere and, obviously, the demand for Java developers is pretty high as 25 years as well as today. Mobilunity is here to make the process of hiring Java programmer much more easier and faster by providing a sample of a perfect Java developer resume for you to know what skills and experience a real pro should have.

Java Developer Popularity

If you visit any resource which affords statistics on programming languages popularity, then you will definitely meet Java at the leading positions. This programming language takes the first place or one of the leading positions. As a result of its popularity, you may see so many various CVs starting from junior and finishing senior Java developer resumes looking for a developer for hire. There is no doubt you will spend a lot of precious time only interviewing all candidates.

Progress of Java Development in Recent Years

Due to the high popularity of the language, Java developer requirements are growing, especially in relation to junior developers. Obviously, Java is still one of the most easily accessible areas of programming, but you can not go far enough without practice knowledge. The resource of TIOBE software quality company publishes index, which is updated monthly and shows statistics on the popularity of various programming languages. According to the service data, Java has long been a leader among other programming languages, although it is gradually striving to equalize the indicators with the programming language C. Java popularity is gradually decreasing, however, it will be in demand for a long time. Even after 25 years, there will be a huge number of projects that will require refinement and improvement.

Java Developer Salary Worldwide

Let’s move to salaries know as this is the one of the most critical points while hiring employees. United States provide the highest average Java programmer salary. The average salary in USA is $72,000 approximately. Following, comes Switzerland with its annual Java developer salary of $88,000. In other countries, a salary of Java developers becomes even lower. However, it is important to understand that the salary in each country does not at all indicate the quality of Java development, and any programming language. First of all, the salary of a programmer in the country depends on the cost of living. Service Numbeo publishes a page with statistics of the cost of living in any country. Looking at the world map, with the labels of the cost of living, it is clear that the highest indexes are in the US and Europe. Based on PayScale data, here is the chart of average annual Java developer salary around the world:

  • Denmark – $71,000
  • Norway – $70,000
  • Sweden – $56,000
  • United Kingdom – $45,000
  • Germany – $53,000
  • Netherlands – $50,000
  • Israel – $52,000
  • Japan – $35,000

java developer salary worldwide

Java Developer Salary in Ukraine

Looked at the Numbeo map, we see, that in the east Europe cost of living is much lower. Just take a look at Ukraine. The cost of living there is more than 50% less than in any above-mentioned country. To give a more clear picture, the average cost of basic utilities in Ukraine is about $65. According to PayScale data, the average Java developer salary in Ukraine is $25,000. That means, that Java developer salary per hour there is only $12 approximately. Extremely low price, don’t you think so?

To more specific, below is a chart of Java developers coder in different cities of Ukraine:

java developer salary Ukraine

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers in Ukraine

The low salary of Java developers in Ukraine does not mean that their quality is low also. Ukraine has a big amount of highly educated programmers working with foreign companies worldwide, and cooperate with European developers particularly due to the small time difference.

Many offshore companies in Ukraine, such as Mobilunity, demonstrate an excellent educative level of developers of all kinds.

Nevertheless, working with Ukrainian offshore companies highly educated developers is not the only advantage. It also saves a lot of funds. As you already know, the cost is lower due to low salaries, but also working with an offshore company from Ukraine, customer saves time and money that could be spent on HR department, hiring and looking for an appropriate developers, the project lifecycle can be shifted due to other various factors that are more likely prevented by an offshore company in Ukraine.

So, to sum up here are the main benefits of hiring Java programmers in Ukraine:

benefits of hiring java developer

Java Developer Resume Sample

java developer resume

Offshore Java Development in Ukraine is a Good Choice

Java is one the most popular programming language among developers all around the world. It was one of the leading languages 15 years ago and it still remains one of those. Choosing Java for your project is a good decision, as it has many useful tools, and it is easy to find appropriate developers and highly experienced Java developers all around the world. By the way, it is easier saving funds working with offshore companies from Ukraine.

hire java developer in ukraine

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