Custom Law Firm Website Development and Design Solutions

There are lots of legal firms out there on the market. Some are small and relatively new, the others are older and bigger. Some have narrow specialization while the others deal with cases from most or all areas of jurisprudence.

Still, regardless of whether a law firm started legal practice recently or has been there for decades already, none of them were missed by the influence of the digital era. To efficiently provide services to their clients, legal firms widely use computer technologies including the Internet. This provides them with the efficient toolset to attract clients, provide them with the useful information that urges to choose this particular law firm.

Custom Law Website Design

Mobilunity has rich experience of building all kinds of websites including websites for lawyers and law firms. Based on our expertise of creating websites for law firms, we created a unique custom law website design that fits legal firm that wants a website with simple, but laconic design, demonstrating solidity and traditions of a firm.

website development and design for law firms

Custom and responsive UX/UI design of website for a lawyer or a law firm by Mobilunity

The law firm website custom design that we created fits our vision of how legal firm website should look like to plant the seeds of confidence and trust in your firm as a trustworthy partner. Used as a basis, we may customize templates, layouts, colors, and elements to meet your requirements and build law firm website that you have been thinking of.

Website Types. Build Law Firm Website That You Need

To stand out from the wide variety of other law firms, one should not only have a prominent lawyers and successful trials, but a good representation in the Internet. Modern generation of people start their search for answers in the web and here is where legal firms can gain their clients if they dare to hire a contractor to build law firm website for them.

However, years ago you may have said that you need a website and that would be sufficient. Nowadays, there are plenty of types of websites. The majority of IT companies and developers have similar vision on the types of websites. However, some companies and specific web developers, for example Tim Trott in his classification, see it a bit differently distinguishing sites that we consider subtypes of major website types. According to the classification, we consider to be the most appropriate, websites may be categorized in the following way:

  • Simple websites with the static content.
  • Websites with the static content that assume content updates using some CMS.
  • Websites with dynamic content that connect to some database and usually include different options like user personal profiles, votings, blogs and other options of user interaction with the website.
  • eCommerce websites that provide products listings, integrations with shipping and payment providers and other capabilities intrinsic to online stores.
  • Web applications, which are similar to desktop applications in terms of functionality they provide, but run in a web browser instead of the desktop.

Possible Custom Solutions for Development of Websites for Lawyers and Law Firms

The simplest thing a legal firm may do to provide its presence in the web is order a static law firm website development. This is also referred to as promo website with video background.  This type of site is very stylish, customly designed and filled in with the content which is generally not intended to be frequently changed or updated.

However, to make the law firm website more useful to clients or potential clients, it should not only provide some information about a firm, its lawyers and cases won. This makes a site more complex because of added features and thus the site shifts from the static category to a dynamic website.

Legal firms provide a wide spectrum of services, which define the needs and requirements to the websites for lawyers and law firms. According to our classification, legal firms fall into these groups based on services they provide:

  • Legal research
  • E-discovery
  • Online legal services
  • Practice management software
  • Litigation finance
  • Lawyer search
  • Notarization

Legal tch industry landscape and list fo websites for lawyers and law firm

Legal tech industry landscape infographics

If a law firm wants to have a functional website, forget about a simple static promo site. Depending on what exactly you want, your future site should have additional features and functionality, but still it is not a rocket science and nothing to be afraid of.

Here is the list of typical functionality that may be planned for website development for law firms:

  • Social sharing and links to law firm social profiles
  • Online chat
  • Booking services for clients who want to hire specific lawyer for their cases
  • Submitting requests online
  • Integration with payment gateways for online provided services
  • Customizable forms
  • Informative blog for news and other posts related to the firm and area of jurisprudence a firm is operating in
  • Multimedia content
  • Interactive design

The law firm website development has its peculiarities in a specific needs of each law firm. The list above mentions most of the features that may be considered by a law firm considering to order law firm website development, but does not necessarily mean all of the features should be there. If your firm does not plan to offer services online, your future website may then not have online chat and integration with payment gateways.

List of Best Law Firm Website Development Projects

Here are the examples of websites for lawyers and law firms that won the annual WebAwards Competition in the nomination of “Best Legal Website”:

Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP law firm website

Screenshot of the corporate website of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

Custom website development for law firms and Staver Law Group

Screenshot of the website of Staver Law Group

law firm website development: Thomas Booler Lawyers

Screenshot of the website of Thomas Booler Lawyers

Build law firm website like Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial did

Screenshot of the corporate website of Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial

Build Law Firm Website with Mobilunity

build law firm website with the help of our dedicated team of remote developers

If you liked our custom law website design, or would like to know more of what we can do in website development for law firms, our specialists will gladly get in contact with you, listen to your requirements and expectations and get back to you with our suggestions and recommendations. We can offer 2 models (outsourcing, IT staffing) and you will be able to choose which is more profitable and convenient for you. Our team of dedicated developers, designers and quality assurance specialists always does its best to deliver unique and professional looking websites for lawyers and law firms.

Interested in website development for law firms? Contact Mobilunity today and get dedicated development team working on solution just for you!

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