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January 5, 2018 - Olena

FAQ about Odoo With Dedicated Odoo Developer

Mobilunity is glad to perform the interview with dedicated Odoo developer Anar, who has a huge technical background and giant package of experience. We have sent him most frequently asked questions and here is what he replies.

How to Change the Default Currency in Odoo’s Posbox/POS Module?

Anar Odoo developerToo low info for answer. If multicurrency is allowed, then it is shown in price list. Also there could be different configurations or may be print form template have hardcoded “GBP” currency. In this case, you should change template.

How to Embed a Date Picker That is Customizable in Odoo Technology?

Anar Odoo developerDatepicker is JS-script called by widget. You can customize it as you want and add as new asset, and then call it where you need. Also you are free to use wide datepicker API which provide you bunch of useful methods.

How to Import Product Images Using File Path into Odoo?

Anar Odoo developerBy file path you need to insert image one by one. If you uploaded images to web – you can use URL. Or you can encode images to base64 insert it in CSV and import from CSV. Not anyone use file path in serious project where lists of hundreds of products are imported in system.

Is It Possible to Use Odoo Online?

Anar Odoo developerOdoo is a web based system which is used through the browser. So you always use it online. Server can be located on your computer and then you will use localhost in address line. Also best practice is to connect Odoo with NGINX or Apache.

Does the System Supports the Odoo Barcode?

Anar Odoo developerYes, Odoo supports barcodes. It has several solutions as separate modules (both Enterprise and Community) support barcodes and QR codes. It also supports different barcode formats, scanners and printers.

Is Odoo Suitable for All Domains

Anar Odoo developerYes. If new domain appears – new module apps appear. If you need something very special, it is easy to develop new features in Odoo.

Which is the Best Operating System for Odoo?

Anar Odoo developerLinux both for security and Docker support in Odoo development. Several additional modules use specific libraries which are released only for Linux. Windows have several issues with required Python libraries.

How to Convert Odoo 8 Modules to Odoo 9?

Anar Odoo developerVersions 9 and 8 use the same API. But most of modules in Odoo 8 is written in old API. If module written in new API you, need development only if this module is depending on module which was removed or changed. If API is old, then there can be syntax changes which should be applied to make module compatible with new version.

How to Integrate an Odoo CRM Module With an MRP Module?

Anar Odoo developerDepends on what you need to integrate. If you just need to list manufacturing orders related to client, it is already integrated in community. If you need something additional, you can always search for ready module or create our own.

Which are the Best Odoo Apps in 2017?

Anar Odoo developerThis depends on what you need. There is no award like “best Odoo application”. If you ask about it, you will get different answers. For example these are 5 best application for e-commerce:

  • General Ledger & Accounting
  • Sales Distribution
  • POS and Retail
  • School Management
  • Purchase and Inventory

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