Is Forum Promotion Still an Efficient SEO Method?

Nothing can sell better than human advice. This well-known fact encourages more and more people to use social media tools for product discussion. Logically, businesses use this way for their promotion as well. Forum stands for indirect promotion of services, basing on customer’s reviews. Discussion boards allow real and potential customers to interact with each other to discuss your products, services or issues related with them. Forum promotion is quite challenging and time-consuming, but quality link can bring you huge referral traffic and sales.

Forum Backlink Types

We discovered 3 kinds of forum backlinks possible building on forums:

  1. Link in profile
  2. Link in signature
  3. In-text link

Link in profile

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Profiles usually offer “About me” section and social profiles links. One of them can serve you as a backlink to your website. Do not expect much traffic from profile link. Consider it as solely a backlink transferring definite part of link juice and that’s it. People seldom visit other’s persona profiles.

Link in signature

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Link in signature can bring more value to your website as it is visible in discussion thread. Adding some catchy accompanying text, you increase chances of being clicked. However link juice received from such a backlink is tiny and won’t influence your site’s ranking much.

In-text link

best forums for backlinks

Links in messages are undoubtedly of the best quality and may bring visitors to your website. This is important to write a message that will not be deleted by moderator. Link placed on not quality forum can damage your site’s reputation and you may easily get banned. Taking into account that it is extremely complicated to remove google penalty, it is better not to experiment with risky forums.

The Process of Getting a Forum Backlink

For this you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Register on forum and fill in all necessary user information
  2. Read rules and terms&conditions of a forum
  3. Start posting messages each day to make moderator believe you are not a spammer
  4. Your messages should completely fit the discussion topic and bring value to readers
  5. After having posted X number of messages (number can vary from 2 up to 20 and even more, depends on specific forum) you may try to post a link
  6. After having built a link, wait for a couple of days and re-check if your link is live
  7. Track your traffic and conversions to understand which forums produce results

online promotion on forums

Important Tips and Recommendations

  1. Don’t place links instantly once you registered on forum as you most probably will get banned. It is always better to wait for several days.
  2. Remember that you need only best forums for backlinks. Don’t use forums which are full of links promoting gambling or sexual content. Spammy neighborhood can ruin your reputation
  3. Don’t use forums which are overloaded with posts and comments as you won’t get enough link juice to your website

We at Mobilunity use forums for website promotion on permanent basis. Meaningful comments usually are of great benefit to our websites and they bring potential customers come to your website. For instance, one domain promoted by our SEO team gains fourth part of its traffic from forum! This fact justifies the effectiveness of forums can bring to your business.

forum backlinks

If you feel you can’t find relevant forums or leave comments which will bring traffic to your website and help to promote your business online, we can help you with:

  • searching of relevant forums
  • building and developing your user profile
  • leaving powerful messages to attract visitors to your website
  • increasing number of clicks and conversions

Want to increase your traffic with help of forums? Contact us right now!

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