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With rapid development of information technology, IT web development has spread to various spheres of life. Computerization has also reached such industry as agriculture and deeply rooted in its predetermination, as Sprout indicates. Agricultural Technologies or AgriTech is nothing new, but a concept that is becoming more important, aiming to increase the production of food, as BigTime Start-Ups writes. AgriTech means new opportunities for product and technology such as implementation of technology in various areas to improve the harvest yield and efficiency of the agriculture. In general, it is expected that by 2050, AgriTech will help to provide food for nearly 10 billion inhabitants. Sprout refers the following technology sectors to AgriTech:

  • biotechnology and software;
  • automation and robotics;
  • UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) and the related technologies and software;
  • big data;
  • usage of sensors;
  • logistics and supply chain software.

Top 4 Popular Trends Among AgriTech Developers

If you are planning to hire agritech developer, you should make further investigation into this area. It is important to observe the most popular trends and technologies that are applicable in the AgriTech nowadays, as this sphere is quickly developing. Business Insider writes about popular agriculture technologies in under main areas of accelerating change:

Genetical and lab food production

Genetical and lab food production

Genetic tailoring and artificial in-lab production of meat sector requires skilled experts in digital transformation solutions.

  • sensors;
  • engineering;
  • automation.

Data collection and control

Data collection and control

Sensors enable traceability of livestock and crops as well as its diagnosis in real time. These technologies must be properly developed and programmed, as well as repaired and improved by appropriate specialists. It is important to collect and save big data flows and provide thorough data analysis, so here we outline key components:

  • Sensors;
  • Programming;
  • Data aquisition and processing

Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology

Smart devices enable engineering that involves synthetic biology and is based on reprogramming unicellular life to make byproducts and fuels. The smart devices also require developers to be working on them, so in this sector are following solutions:

  • Software development;
  • Programming;
  • Automation.



Automation means development of microrobots and large robots that will work on checking and maintaining crops at the plant level. The programs for these robots are developed by software engineers, skilled in program automation software.

  • Programming;
  • Application development;
  • Software engineering.

Software development

When you seek a developer for agritech startup, you should know which areas your future business will work in and which of the technologies described above it will be using. It will definitely require experience in development of various software, applications and programs.

developer for agritech startup

5 most popular Israeli Agriculture Software Companies

One of the countries in European Union, known for fast development of AgriTech is Israel. Israel agri technology is known for its scientific breakthroughs and skilled agritech programmers competent in this field. Israeli21 outlines most popular agriculture software companies in Israel that maintain AgriTech.

  1. Evogene, a one of the seed agriculture software companies aiming to improve performance of crop. It is focused on biotechnologies and plant genomics and basically create new plants that are more resistant to various environmental stresses.
  2. AfiMilk is a dairy company that makes monitors that operate in real time and are used in farming to receive output info about the quality of milk and the cows. These technologies allow farmers find out details about the product itself, its nutrition, and information about the cows as well.
  3. Kaiima works on amplification of crop with non-GMO methods. They speed up the processes of growing the plants.
  4. Hazera Genetics breeds and exports seeds both vegetable and field-crop. It used to be owned by villagers, and later was bought by a French firm, although it is still based in Israel.
  5. Aqua Moaf specifies in aquaculture, also known as fish farming. It has been a key consultant and builder of fish farms all over the world for over 20 years. For example, in 2013, they announced to have built the largest industrialized farming facility in Europe.

israel agri technology

Specifics of Agricultural IT

Each industry has its top technologies that are basically used. Logically, an agritech coder is expected to be skilled in all of them. We have examined different vacancies in AgriTech available online and can describe the most on-demand skills of AgriTech skills and technologies.

Software engineering implies working on robotics applications within the agricultural sector and puts the following requirements towards candidates:

  • C, C++, Python;
  • autonomous driving;
  • robotics/ ROS;
  • computer vision;
  • machine learning.

Automation engineer needs to be experienced in the following:

  • cultivation of strains, preparation of samples, and mass and NGS spectrometry analysis;
  • software development for robotics and laboratory instruments;
  • software development for data processing and acquisition;
  • validating and checking quality of automated protocols;
  • development of experimental workflows, including automated;
  • automated liquid handling processes;
  • software development for scheduling and controlling equipment;
  • knowledge in biology.

The job posting at suggests that AgriTech Backend developer should be skilled in the following areas:

  • Javascript fundamentals
  • Nodejs, MySQL and No SQL technologies like MongoDB, Redis etc
  • Full Stack Developer with a strong understanding of back-end development
  • Strong web app development experience.

Besides, employers require software engineering principles, frameworks, and technologies and experience in working on large projects.

Mobilunity is a Ukraine-based company with long-term international experience of cooperation with even agriculture software companies and startups worldwide. Due to effective cooperation with skilled experts in information technology of various sectors, we are able to find any hiring solutions for outsourcing and offshoring for your future startup in agriculture technology.

If you plan to launch your AgriTech startup, contact Mobilunity. We’ll find the best dedicated developers experienced in agriculture IT.

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