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‘C’-languages have been continuously used for lots of years to create computer systems and applications. C developers can work in the financial industry, gaming, banking, telecommunications, electronics, manufacturing, retail, and many other fields because C is one of the most popular programming languages. Sometimes employers hire C programmers on leading positions like Software Engineering Director or Software Architect because they can not only code. Senior C coders often work as a part of big development teams writing algorithms or overseeing the development process. It would be nice to mention, that the level of interest in this type of developers almost haven’t changed since 2011 according to Google Trends, which means, the demand to hire C developer stays still. In this article, we will take a closer look at what applications can be created with the use of C/C language, how to hire C developer with solid knowledge and experience in the field, and what projects an experienced C developer can contribute to.

What Is C Development and Why It’s Worth to Hire C Programmers

The C programming language was presented by Dennis Ritchie from an R&D company Bell Labs not long ago, in 1972. It was called C language because there was a B language previously presented by Ken Thompson of the same development company in 1969. Being not tied to any exact hardware of the system, C technology made it easier for users to create programs that can run on different types of machines without problems or without significant changes.

As C language was created and tested by programmers based on wishes of programmers, the technology met the requirement of the developers of those times great. Initially, the language was created to allow programmers to design a UNIX operating system that then, was used for many years on many computers and brought a start for well-known macOS and Linux OS. So, C language was useful to its maximum from the very beginning. But what is more, C language is still being used nowadays and stays at the 10 most popular programming languages in the world. Usually, C is defined as a middle-level language because it consists of the functionality of the previously used low-level Assembly language with a combination of high-level language elements. It allows the technology to provide C programmers for hire with control at any stage of program operating and to offer direct access to the mechanics of the operated hardware.

Naturally, such powerful and easier-to-use programming language has quickly spread beyond the research center territory. Within a decade, the C language replaced previously known PL/I and Assembly language and programmers switched to coding in C. But what is more, different companies started working with slightly different versions of C, making it difficult for C programmers for hire from different organizations to understand each other and come up with a compromise programming solution in case of cooperation. Therefore, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) made efforts to standardize C definition and an approved version called ANSI C was presented in 1989 and approved by ISO in 1990. After that, every compiler had to be able to adhere to this standard and the miscommunication problem in the development community was solved.

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Usage of C Language by C Programmers for Hire

Probably, at that time, no one could expect that C technology will live through that many years and will be still successfully used by millions of C programmers for hire around the world. But the facts prove that each year, the C programming language is highly ranked among other programming languages even on such reputable sources as RedMonk and TIOBE. No wonder, that the number of repositories related to C technology has almost reacher 300,000. It proves that through many years, the truly universal C language is still in high demand.

One of the biggest advantages of C technology is its constant evolution. The latest standard C11 adopted in 2011 provides multi-threading and advanced Unicode support, allows the programmer to create a sager code with bounds checking functions, and other useful features. Among C compilers that support the latest version are C Compiler for Windows 32/64, Clang, Pelles C, Intel C 16.0, etc. C proved to be the programming language with the biggest software ecosystem and a handy tool for many C programmers for hire. Here are some compelling examples of international companies that have been using C language for developing products that are used by millions of fans all over the world:

  1. Linux OS. When it comes to saying what is C programming used for, many programmers mention the Linux system. It is because this operating system is almost written in C language. As most powerful supercomputers use Linux kernel, not taking into account personal desktops, it is worth saying that C is a powerful tool capable of such complex projects.
  2. Microsoft Windows OS.Windows kernel is mostly written in C as well, though some parts were made in Assembly. Windows OS is known as the most used operating system covering almost 90 percent of individual market share, so this is another strong example of C capability and up-to-date capacities.
  3. macOS. No wonder, that macOS, previously known as Mac OS X, is also partly written in C language. Every program working on a Mac computer is running on a C-written kernel.
  4. 3D Movies. Another remarkable application of C language is 3D images and films. Such animations should be very fast-processing and detailed, thus, programmers relate to C language when it comes to processing a big amount of data and calculations per second.
  5. Mobile Devices. Mobile app development is growing tremendously, and such mobile platforms as iOS, Android, and Windows phone have C-developed kernels as well, basically being portable adaptations of OS’s kernels. It allows mobile devices to be highly efficient in operating a huge amount of information as most people tend to consume information and use a number of computer functions on the go.
  6. Databases. Databases take a big part of our lives and used in all spheres of daily life. And it is the C language that made a base for Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL Server that are the well-known databases used in financial, education, health, retail sectors, etc.

It is true that nowadays, there are many programming languages to satisfy any companies which need to hire C programmers . Surely, they can be even more efficient for some types of projects comparing to C technology. But there are plenty of solid reasons that we will mention further why C programming is still widely used by programmers around the globe that still believe in C technology as a strong basis for any project.

What C Coders Are Creating with C: Apps Samples

Knowing C is a strong base for learning higher-level languages such as C++, C#, Objective-C, Python, PHP, Java Programming that all have block syntax used in C. But what is more, the C technology itself is still used for numerous software including Apache and NGINX Web servers, SQLite, GIMP, Perl 4, MATLAB, most device drivers, and applications available on the web. Although most browsers are written in C++, C code is used as basis and infrastructure, supplying sending and DNS utilities.

Talking about samples of applications that may be created with C, take a look at this useful source. If you need to hire C developer, there you can find some C programming examples by categories (Basic Input and Output programs, Looping (for, while, do while) programs, User Define function programs, file handling programs, common C program errors, etc.), C standard library functions, and advance C programs as well. For example, here is a C program for Gross Salary calculation.

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Is It Worth to Hire C Programmer from Ukraine?

Ukraine is known as a country of origin of one of the best C developers in the world, and it is for a good reason. There is a huge number of Ukrainian IT companies working on domestic projects and outsourced global tasks as well. C programmers for hire are employed more often than specialists from Russia, Germany, Singapore, etc. Here are the major reasons why it is worth hiring a C programmer from Ukraine:

  1. Ukrainian companies successfully provide full-stack development on outsourcing, further maintenance, and continuous support
  2. Ukrainian C programmers for hire proved to be one of the most skilled after being hired at IBM, HP, Intel, Google, etc.
  3. Both regional and capital-headed companies proved to be experienced with C projects
  4. The average rate of remote Senior C developer is $23 only
  5. Well-established payment systems through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, etc.
  6. Middle and Senior C developers are usually fluent in English
  7. Ukraine provides visa-free access to many countries

There are main job websites where you can find C programmers for hire:

  • work.ua – 5077 resumes;
  • rabota.ua – 223 resumes;
  • hh.ua – 7957 resumes.

Most of the employees are looking for a full-time job in the office, but at the same time, almost every expert is willing to work as a remote C developer as well. Also, if you considering putting the whole development process on outsourcing, you can hire C developer or hire C programmers by finding a reliable Ukrainian development company with a dedicated team of C developers working in the Ukrainian office for your project. Ukrainian C developer salary range significantly differs from the rates of programmers from the US and Western Europe, so it will be beneficial to hire C developer from Ukraine.

Comparing C and C++ Developer Salary Worldwide

If you want to hire C programmers, on the chart below you can see an average C++ and C engineer salary comparison in 10 different countries.

Country Middle C developer Middle C++ developer
the US $8,000 $9,800
Israel $5,500 $8,000
Australia $4,000 $5,000
Germany $4,500 $4,900
the UK $3,250 $4,000
Canada $4,000 $3,900
France $3,400 $3,700
Singapore $3,000 $3,000
Ukraine $2,000 $2,500

This table shows that usually, C programmer salary is lower than C++ coder earns. However, in Canada, it is cheaper to hire a C++ programmer than a C specialist. And among the studied countries, only Singapore offers the same rates to C and C++ developer. In general, the C programmer salary rate is one and a half times lower than C++ programmer rate. Thus, if you have decided to hire C developers, it will cost you less than working with C++ coders.

After analyzing C++ developer cost in each country, it is possible to say that the highest rates get developers in the US. If we consider the wage of this programmer in Israel, it will be $8,000 a month. In the US, at the same time, an average entry-level C++ developer salary is $9,800. Let’s narrow the field for research and look at C++ developer salary NYC. Thus, if we talk about New York City, a C++ developer rate will be $12,800 a month, but the C++ game programming salary in NY state is $11,200. The next place in our list is occupied by experts from the UK. C++ jobs salary in the UK is estimated to be $4,000. The indicators of wages are almost equal in Australia and Germany and are the following: $5,000 and $4,900 accordingly. In Canada, an average C++ developer salary is $4,000. This indicator is comparable to the French one, where the rates of C++ programming jobs entry level is able to receive $3,500 a month. The level of salary of this coder in Singapore is approximately $3,000 per month.

The average C++ programmer salary in Ukraine is $2,500 as a monthly payment. Summing up, we can see that Ukrainian programmers have the most reasonable level of the ratio of labor remuneration to the quality of work performed. In a row of countries where this indicator is quite high, this is explained by the same high living standards. Hiring a dedicated C++ engineer from Ukraine could be a great money saver, as comparing to other countries like the UK and the US, employers may be paying to C++ coders up to 60% less in Ukraine. Both C and C++ developer salary rates are much lower than in the US or Western Europe, so finding C programmers for hire in Ukraine is cost-effective.

We’ve made our research about C++ developer demand based on the data from Payscale and Dou resources. The salaries of C programmers for hire usually correspond to the level of their knowledge and may differ in accordance with location. Let’s have a look at the salaries of junior, middle, and senior developers.

Analyzing the above-mentioned info a bit, you can see that the average cost of a C++ developer in Ukraine is $1,800. Depending on the size of the company or project and the seniority of a developer – his cost may differ from $450 to $3,750. The C programmers for hire rate also depends on the city, where the developer is working.

What to Check in a C Developer Resume If You Need to Hire C Developer Remote

If you are wondering how the C developer resume sample should look like, take a look at these prepared examples with skill sets and required experiences provided. Besides strong knowledge of what is C programming, proven working experience of C programmers for hire is a must.

Senior C Developer Sample CV


  • proven experience in C web programming for more than 5 years
  • practical experience is web app building at any stage of development
  • examples of successfully managed and launched projects
  • team management experience
  • ability to translate requirements into technical documentation


  • strong knowledge of Linux OS including debugging tasks
  • solid understanding of embedded systems
  • C Standard Library and system calls knowledge
  • performance-oriented specialist
  • familiar with bug tracking systems and controls (Jira, GIT, etc.)
  • Advanced English

Technologies: C, Linux OS, Linux, IAR, POSIX, EEPROM, PWM, SPI, RTOS.

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