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Dedicated Teams in IT

In our time of rapid development of information technology, an increasing number of companies need the services of qualified programmers, and the global labor market offers them a variety of options. Programmers who possess the skills of PHP, .Net, Java, Angular, Laravel, Magento, and some other technologies have the greatest competitiveness. However, in addition to technical knowledge, the ability to work in a team is also highly valued, since the most promising world projects require precise coordination of a group of specialists. Let’s look at the basic possibilities for hiring a team of programmers and outstaffing to Ukraine.

The Main Advantages of Outsourcing with Mobilunity

Before you make a decision and consider hiring developers for your project, take into account the next benefits of cooperation with Mobilunity IT staffing company, which is able to provide you with a team of Ukrainian dedicated developers:

  • Direct economic benefit. The cost of outstaffing services is 60% lower than keeping your own specialist in staff, while the effectiveness is higher;
  • Efficiency. During IT outstaffing process, the solution to a complex problem is carried out by “collective intelligence”, since the experience of solving problems is not accumulated by an individual, but by the company as a whole;
  • Experience. We constantly use the involvement of senior in-house experts in solving difficult situations, when one person may not have enough experience;
  • Professionalism. Over the years of work, we have developed our own regulations and procedures that allow not only to solve complex tasks, but also to accompany and monitor the current functioning of the systems and services of our customers;
  • We provide a guarantee of reliability and high quality of services;
  • IT staffing with us reduces the need for investment in non-core funds;
  • Our cooperation will help you to reduce overhead costs (cost of workplaces, employee training, information support and others);
  • Work with us helps to extend staff quickly and in any volume;
  • You will be able to concentrate the main efforts on the main activity of a company and achieve competitive advantages by reducing costs while increasing production efficiency;
  • IT staffing with us allows speeding up the terms of work execution, and also facilitates access to new technologies, experts with rare stack of skills and technologies.

Sweden dedicated team comparing with Ukrainian developers costs

Swedish vs Ukrainian net rates developers earn in average

Hire Developers in Sweden or in Ukraine

Before considering rated in different cities, it is important to compare average salaries in 2 countries. Then you will be able to choose whether to hire developers in Sweden or in Ukraine. Average developer salary in Sweden is $4542 when the same indicator in Ukraine approximately reaches $2400. If you need to hire developers in Stockholm, it will cost nearly $4000 per member of Stockholm development team. If talking more specifically, a .Net developer salary is evaluated as $3465; a PHP developer receives as a rule near $3484; and a JavaScript developer wage riches $4379.

hire developers in Stockholm and Kyiv comparison

Net wages of developers who live in Stockholm and Kyiv

Here are the prices for services of developers in Gothenburg. Average monthly net pay of a JavaScript developer is $3168. A PHP developer earns $4158 per month as average. Indicator of a .Net developer salary is $3326. The help of web developers Malmö will cost slightly less. A JavaScript developer will ask approximately $3445 for his help; a PHP developer salary is estimated as $2851; and a .Net developer will participate in your project for $3991 per month.

For comparison, Ukrainian developers from Kyiv possessing JavaScript, PHP and .Net technologies will help you at $1700, $1500 and $1900 per month accordingly. Of course, you can hire Java developers and other specialists in Ukraine for competitive expenses as well.

Ukrainian & Sweden Dedicated Team

We analyzed costs of hiring Sweden dedicated team and it is possible to come to the conclusion that Ukrainian developers are more profitable from the financial side. Taking into account above-mentioned advantages of IT staffing, the inference is obvious.

hire developers in Sweden vs Ukraine

Hire developers in Sweden or make the first step to hiring dedicated developers in Ukraine with Mobilunity right now!

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