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First impressions last, and with websites, this is especially accurate: websites serve as the portals through which anyone can enter a company’s virtual world, and their design and structure can make or break the interest of potential customers. And that’s one of the reasons why the market demand of front end UI web developer experts is higher and higher.

Front End Developers: a Closer Look

Frontend developers are the ones responsible for ensuring that websites have the best possible user interface (UI) and deliver the best possible user experience (UX) to all users. Frontend web development is highly dynamic and is continuously evolving, and this has given rise to a large number of tools that enable increasingly complex features.

There are three main technologies that every frontend developer must master:

On top of these, several tools are available to simplify the development of highly complex tasks. For instance, Bootstrap and Materialize provide styled templates and simplify styling syntax. JQuery shortens JavaScript codes, and JQuery UI provides additional UI templates. HTML5 Shiv enables browser support for the older version of Internet Explorer, while SASS and LESS make CSS more powerful by enabling complex functionalities. Moreover, there are a lot of popular JavaScript frameworks, such as React, AngularJS, or Node.JS.

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Type of Getting Front End Developers for Hire

There are several places to find front end developers for hire. We present three common ways: hiring freelancers, hiring outsourcing companies, and outstaffing. We explore each one and present its pros and cons.

Hire Freelance Front End Developer

Clients can hire HTML5 developers and other frontend coders directly by searching for experts from different online freelancing websites. A remote front end developer outsource from freelancing sites is one of the most affordable ways to find front end developers for hire. Frontend coders found via freelance portals can work remotely on projects either alone or with other developers. Freelancer front end developer day rate based on several working hours.

  • Pros of freelance front end programmers. One of the major advantages of hiring freelancers is the cost. Freelancers tend to compete with each other, and in such a competitive environment, a frontend programmer will tend to significantly lower his/her rates. Moreover, freelancers may be hired only when necessary, so clients can pay only for the amount of time needed for the work. Hourly rate front end developer
  • Cons of hiring front end developer on a freelance basis. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to hiring freelancers is reliability. Since freelancers typically work from distant locations (and sometimes different time zones), clients have very little control over their schedules. It’s not uncommon for freelancers to simply quit working on the tasks, especially when faced with emergencies. For large-scale projects requiring multiple developers, hiring freelancers can also be problematic, since they will need to communicate with one another from different locations and time zones. It can also be time-consuming, as it will necessitate screening processes to select the best freelancers.

Placing Front End Programmer Vacancies on a Job Board

There is also one more solution to find the needed frontend coders via the job boards. The recruitment teams of different companies post the jobs with detailed descriptions there and look for or wait for the appropriate candidates to apply to it.

  • Pros of such a method of hiring front end developer. The main pros are that if the company is a very popular and reputable one, then most likely such a vacancy will bring up to 100 applications and CVs and recruiters will be able to choose the proper candidate without any efforts.
  • Cons of this way to find front end developer for hire. Still, the main downside of this solution is that it doesn’t suit for emergency cases and projects. Recruiters will need time to check the CVs, to correspond, and interview the applicants. This may take up to several weeks or more. Moreover, if the company is not a well-known one, recruiters will also have to search additionally for candidates as this job post won’t bring much value and this will take time as well.

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Front End Development Outstaffing/Offshoring

Clients can also outstaff a team of frontend developers, in which they rent developers from an outstaffing company to work on a project. These developers continue working in the outstaffing company’s office, but they report to and communicate with the client as though they were the client’s employees.

  • Pros of outsourcing development tasks to front end developers. Outstaffing gives a lot of control to clients. Since the hired developers report directly to a client, potential misunderstandings are kept to a minimum. Although with outstaffing services, the developers essentially work for a client, the client doesn’t need to worry about having to pay for the developers’ taxes and insurance, as the outstaffing company or dedicated development teams provider will be the one to worry about those. Outstaffing also gives the client the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of developers at any time with the help of an in-house development team. Outstaffing is deemed to be the most cost-efficient business model for hiring frontend developers.
  • Cons of front end development outsourcing. One disadvantage of outstaffing is that the client gets the burden of project management. However, unlike with hiring freelancers where managing the development team can be cumbersome, outstaffing offers the advantage of the developers being near one another and in the same time zone, making project management a lot easier.

Is It Hard to Hire Fron End Developers

In Europe, Ukraine is in TOP 20 countries with high demand for frontend web development by Google search count. According to BuiltWith, JQuery leads the technologies in terms of usage by websites worldwide. In Ukraine and the Netherlands, JQuery is followed by JQuery UI in terms of usage. In terms of search popularity, JQuery is followed by AngularJS in Ukraine and the Netherlands, while in Poland, JQuery is followed by HTML5 Shiv in terms of usage. The above data and reports suggest that the most in-demand frontend technologies are JS frameworks and libraries.

Ukrainian IT industry estimates over 90,000 IT professionals in Ukraine, over 50,000 of whom are software developers. Of these, around 2,744 are frontend developers. This is the second-highest number of frontend developers in Europe, second only to the UK. Ukraine also has the most outsourced IT professionals in Europe and the third highest in the world.

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Front End Developer Salary Rates Comparison

Here we are going to discuss how much does a front end developer makes and what are the front end engineer salaries. As of 2017, 11.9% of all developers worldwide are front end developers. According to predictions, the front-end web developer salary will change within the next years. We can see frontend developers rates in the UK will be dropping with each year. In 2019, it will be $2,139 and in 2020 the cost of frontend coders will be $1,548. In case you wonder how much do front end developers make a year, in the USA the annual earnings of such developers will rise to $80,232 making $6,686 of monthly salary. But the salary always depends not only on the country but also on the city of the same country. For example, the annual front end developer salary Chicago is $85,019 and in New York is $99,590. The average front end developer hourly rate is $35-100. If the salaries are too high for you, you can search on freelance platforms like Upwork or Indeed and hire freelance programmers, however, the quality of such workers is very poor, as a rule.

Below are the gross monthly salaries of frontend developers in different countries according to PayScale:

Hire Front End Developer Here and Now at Mobilunity

Today’s ever-growing pace of technological advancements has rendered every company a mere mouse click or a screen tap away. The role of websites in attracting and keeping customers has therefore never been more vital, and hiring excellent frontend developers is critical in maximizing the quality of a company’s website. Ukraine has emerged as the most favored source of frontend developers in all of Europe, and it is home to an increasingly large number of excellent developers. It offers JS programmer, CSS developers for hire, and highly skilled frontend programmers that specialize in a lot of different front end technologies.

Mobilunity will gladly guide you on how to find a developer and how to hire front end developers. What’s more, we are ready to provide you a developer at the lowest frontend developer salary, because Ukraine is known for one of the lowest front end engineering salary.

If you’re looking to hire front end developer or outsource a team of highly skilled frontend web developers in Europe, Ukraine would be your best bet.

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