Reasons to Hire Information Technology Consultant

What Is Information Technology Consulting and How Can It Help You?

We have technology involved in everything that we do today. From getting to town using GPS and even self-driving cars through to the goods you want delivered being picked by robots and delivered by drones.

Technology is involved in everything that we do to make things easier and quicker, and the same is true for business. There are many different software packages and other offerings that can make your business operate more efficiently allowing you to be more profitable and gain more customers. Nowadays, especially information technology consultants are in high demand on the market.

Most businesses need all forms of software such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). These need to seamlessly interact with their other software and hardware within the business to make things operate effectively.

The trouble is that systems evolve very quickly and it can be hard to know what is available out there and what it can really do for your business. This is where information technology consultants come in.

Good information technology consultant companies will be able to work with you to help you to identify what your business needs in the way of IT. Information technology consultant will be able to give you an independent view of how to improve your business to deliver what your customer needs using the right technology and software.

What Do Information Technology Consultants Look Like?

A computer system consultant is not someone that is just going to come in and sell you a piece of software or hardware. Vendors typically will simply try to sell you what they have and try to force your business to conform to their systems. IT consultants or information technology consultants, however, are very different.

Good independent IT consultant, however, will analyze your business and review your future strategy to try to specify what you really need for your business. Information technology consultant will ensure that they help you to identify the systems that you need to achieve your business goals without any bias.

The demand for Information technology consulting is growing every year as the technology itself grows and develops. The use of cloud storage and edge computing are some of the many areas that leading companies in the tech industry are investing in and working with. AI is another area in which many companies are investing, with companies expected to spend an additional 10% in this area within the next year. However, 68% of the companies that are looking to boost spending on AI have identified serious gaps in staff skills and need to either recruit or make use of consultants in this area.

 The Benefits of Working with an Independent IT Consultant

Working with information technology consulting companies can help you to realize your business goals far more effectively than trying to do everything yourself. While it may at first glance seem to be an expensive way forward the potential savings and other benefits far outweigh the actual cost:

  • To gain access to skills that you don’t possess within your company: IT is today a huge area and using information technology consulting will provide you with the skills that you simply do not have within your current staff or would find too expensive to recruit.
  • To gain an unbiased view of what you need: an independent IT consultant will use their experience and knowledge to help you to specify the systems that you need for your business. They are not like a vendor that will simply try to sell you what they have available.
  • To overcome internal barriers to change: it is a simple fact that many employees simply do not embrace change. Using a computer system consultant will help you to avoid many issues due to personal feelings, empire-building, and other roadblocks that implementations tend to hit.
  • To show you the solutions that you were not aware of even existed: technology moves very fast and there are always new methods and products arriving. Using information technology consulting services gives you access to experts that stay on top of what is available.
  • To show you things that you did not know you needed: working within a business you will often fail to see something that is right in front of your eyes. An external consultant has the luxury of being able to look at what you do without worrying about the everyday operations and will often see things that you are overlooking.
  • To avoid pitfalls in your IT implementations: your consultant will have been there, seen it, and done it! They will be wearing the proverbial t-shirt and will know just where things can go wrong and how to avoid it.
  • To get things done quicker: using IT consultants that know what they are doing and how to avoid problems will ensure that your implementations will go smoothly and be working quicker than if you had to go through the whole learning process yourself.
  • To save you money in the long term: working with information technology consultants is often far less expensive than hiring all of the skills that you need. It will also be far more effective and more likely to deliver the results that you need to your bottom line.

What Can Our Information Technology Management Consultant Do for You?

Mobilunity is a top information technology consulting company that is based in Ukraine. Since 2010 it has been helping companies across the globe to define and implement their needs for technology. The following are just a few of the areas in which their highly skilled senior IT consultant can help you:

  • They can provide you with a full review of your technology requirements and help you with defining your future IT strategies.
  • They will define the objectives and needs of all departments involved with your IT initiatives.
  • They will provide you with an unbiased view of what software and hardware you should be using and offer suitable suppliers.
  • Help you to build robust data management structures and the systems that you need for your company’s future.
  • They will develop secure systems that are flexible and able to grow with your business and its future needs.
  • Design and development of dashboards and reporting systems that will help you to monitor your business and systems.
  • Specification and implementation of ERP and CRM systems that will integrate with other existing systems.
  • Provide the required training and leadership to ensure that systems are accepted and used as part of the culture of your business.

What Does It Cost to Hire an Information Technology Consultant?

Hiring even a part-time IT consultant can be seen by many companies as a huge expense. However, the good thing with IT is that you can often source your support from elsewhere in the world. This enables you to access the support through an IT consultant website in a country that is going to charge you less while still offering you the quality of help that you need.

The following are some examples of IT salary rates across different countries:

  • USA – $6422
  • Finland – $5092
  • Ireland – $3957
  • Israel – $3500
  • Ukraine – $974

As you can see, you could save a huge amount by working with an independent IT consultant based in a country such as Ukraine. Finland developers for hire are more than 5 times the cost of those from Ukraine but all are located in mainland Europe.

What Should Your Consultant Be Able to Do for You?

Whether you want to hire developers in Ireland or the US you will need to ensure that they have the skills that you are looking for. While you can simply look at a resume resource online to see what skills they should have you must keep in mind that your business may have very specific requirements.

Working with information technology consulting firms that have multiple consultants working for them offers you a diverse range of skills and expertise that you are looking for. However, the following are a few of the skills and experiences that you should be looking for in any fully qualified IT consultant:

  • The ability to work and communicate with staff at all levels in your business.
  • A good track record of leading IT implementation teams.
  • Experience with various ERP and CRM systems.
  • Experience with the integration of software such as Zoho and Salesforce with existing systems.
  • The ability to deliver projects on time and within defined budgets.

Why Use Information Technology Consulting Firms?

No matter what business you are in you will use some form of IT. From small businesses with a basic website through to large organizations with fully integrated ERP systems.

Often these systems will need to be upgraded, integrated with others, or simply more systems need to be added to what you have for the business to grow and succeed. To achieve this effectively you will need an objective view of what you are doing.

This is where good consulting firms come in. They are able to help you to fully define just what you need and to then implement the IT solutions you need for the future success of your business.

How to Find and Choose the Best IT Solutions Consultant

Finding the perfect information technology consulting company to provide you with the expert that you need can be far harder than you would hope. While a search on the internet or within various business directories will turn up thousands of companies, knowing which you should select is far from easy.

Alternatively, you can ask for recommendations from others. Vendors, partners, suppliers and others in your network may be able to suggest to you possible consultants to work with that they have experience with.

Of course, once you have found someone you will need to take care to ensure that they have the experience and skills that you are looking for. You will need to review their past projects as well as talking with their consultants to ensure that they are going to be a good fit for your business.

Work With the Best Information Technology Consultant Through Mobilunity

You do not have to bankrupt your business to find the right IT solutions. Mobilunity has been working with businesses of all sizes since 2010 and is able to provide you with access to some of the most accomplished IT consultants you will find.

Being based within Ukraine they have a much lower cost base and can offer you top-grade support at a fraction of the price that you will have to pay consultancies in the West. With their support you can get to where you need to be in your business quickly and without overspending your budget.

Make your business grow and succeed with the help of fully qualified Mobilunity information technology consultants at a rate that will not break the bank.

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