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React is an efficient, flexible, and declarative JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is especially beneficial if your data changes over time. When this happens in a traditional JavaScript app, to keep it up-to-date you should look what data exactly has changed, and only then imperatively introduce changes to the DOM. Although AngularJS also provides a declarative interface, it still requires intrusion to update DOM nodes manually. In these terms, React is unique and convenient to use in a dynamics data changing environment that requires huge volumes of information to be quickly updated. As React is a JS library, React developer salary aligns to regular JavaScript developer salary in most cases. However, not all JS devs work with React.

Before you hire React developers for your project, getting to know the specifics of React JS and the market of talent pool in this area is a must for anyone looking for highly skilled React software experts.

Brief Review of JS Frameworks for React Developers

React is not a framework. React was the new open-source JS library created by Facebook and Instagram as an alternative to writing JavaScript apps. Developers introduced React the JSConf US in May 2013 which arose much surprise and shock because of its design principles. React was mainly designed to change the notions of templates and build web views with JavaScript.

Moreover, React programming allows users to quickly re-render entire app when the data changes. It is considered to be a lightweight implementation of the DOM and events. Regarding existing JS frameworks like Angular or comparing Polymer vs React, some decisions in these technologies are already made for you. In React, however, you are the one who makes those decisions, as it is just a library that is designed to help you to build user interfaces with components.

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At the same time, React doesn’t help developers with translations, server communication, routing etc. It is very easy to mix it with other 3rd party libraries. JavaScript ecosystem is rich in libraries basically for everything and allows users to choose a favorite one and use it without dealing with any other limitations of the framework. JS and HTML is often kept together as a component in React. Often code is written in JSX, however, it can be written in plain JavaScript as well. Declarative JS means that you can write your components by saying how it should be like instead of writing what should be done. In other words, React was the one that addressed a painful issue of DOM API in UI building and allowed developers to get easier way to change HTML and XML documents in the apps.

React Developer: What You Should Know

React developers at first were in demand by companies like Facebook and Instagram, but after it became open-source and gained popularity, other companies have started to look for qualified coders, either React JS freelance or full-time. According to Stack Overflow, there’s sufficient demand for ReactJS skills on the market, so regarding the ReactJS future, it is growing fast and its popularity is one of the largest scale.

When you will be browsing the React JS developer resumes, there are a few key points to pay attention to. Experience with React JS should be 1-2 years minimum, as this time is enough for developer to get expertise in using React. Ideally, a candidate should also showcase his most successful projects (or part of them) to demonstrate his skills in the full extent. Of course, your candidate should have sufficient knowledge on how React JS works.

How to Find the Right React Developer

Looking through existing React developer resumes when looking for required talent is not enough. Hiring process here requires much more effort than you might imagine at first. To hire React developer with high skills and a huge experience, companies often take their time to look for candidates on freelance boards by posting announcements. They also make postings on IT job marketplaces like Glassdoor. This process is very time-consuming and complex, it might take you a month or even more to find the right person and make all the necessary interviewing and onboarding procedures. But companies often need to make it quick!

ways to hire react developers

Another way to hire React developers is to use local agencies to browse available talent pool in the area. This is faster and more expensive, as the third party undertakes recruitment processes. However, companies are still at risk of failure, as local talent pool is not always able to satisfy the firm’s needs: React devs are in high demand nowadays, so there might be no such experts available or eager to change their job.

The way out here is to engage a remote developer with excellent React JS skills who can work from anywhere and provide your company with the best results on time. An outsourcing software development company will be able to provide you with remote talent pool.

Top 4 Destinations to Hire an Experienced React JS Developer

Due to technology insights companies can hire developers basically from every corner of the world with high speed Internet connection. It’s important to keep in mind that every country or region has some differences in talent pool and rates. Below please find the chart describing developer rates in the following regions: South America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Brief salary comparison of React JS devs based on PayScale:

react developer rates in different countries

Western and Central European countries are known for their highly skilled talent pool, however, it is not as easy to get one for hire because of high prices and availability. Asian developers are cheap, but quality of the majority of them is known to be poor. South America is great in quality, but it has very high rates for React devs. Ukrainian developers are known for their competitiveness, reasonable rates and talent, which is actually the best option for a company looking for React JS experts for outsourcing.

Benefits of Hiring React Devs at Mobilunity

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If you’re looking for TOP experts in React JS development Mobilunity will provide you with the opportunity to access a vast talent pool of remote highly skilled JavaScript developers with deep expertise in React. When hiring devs at Mobilunity, you don’t get a dedicated team but a achieve access to business decision insights that we are ready to share with you. The onboarding process will be as smooth as possible, and the team will be able to start working on your project as soon as all the requirement details are settled. Mobilunity’s developers are experts with international experience and excellent communication and time management skills. They have proven to work as a team under various conditions and are able to find solution to the most sophisticated technological challenges.

Hire React developers at Mobilunity to get the best dedicated team of skilled professionals!

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