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Hire Redux Developer

Many companies are looking for the most affordable ways to extend their development teams with React Redux programmers. In this article, we have reviewed the common, traditional ways to hire React Redux developer or hire ReactJS developers vs cost-saving ones. Let’s check the great Redux React developer resume samples and what salaries a junior React Redux developer, as well as mid-level and senior coders, are getting in different countries. In the context of Redux development, web design consultants collaborated with website design outsourcing companies and offshore mobile application development teams to create efficient, maintainable, and scalable applications that deliver exceptional user experiences across various platforms.

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Demand for a ReactJS Redux Developer in the Market

The React JavaScript framework was open-sourced in May 2013 and quickly rose to popularity, surpassing JQuery, Angular, Backbone. Benefits of React include virtual DOM usage for better performance, improved JSX syntax, and a modular, component-based approach. React takes advantage of tools like Flux, Redux, and MobX to build richer client-side applications. Redux is an instrument for controlling data-state and UI-state in ReactJS Redux apps. Flux/React+Redux present ViewModel layer in MVVM pattern. Still, there are a lot of other technologies/stacks which are combined during web or mobile app development:

Map on different technologies (React Flux Redux)

React JS Redux vs Flux

Redux React JS is suitable for Single Page Applications (SPAs) development, but its functionality allows to develop different websites and apps. Before you hire React Redux developer, check examples of projects created with this technology:

  • SoundCloud App
  • Pabla
  • Panther
  • Flickr & Yandex Feed
  • JSON Viewer, etc.

Many of the apps, viewers, and frames were also created with the help of a combination of React Flux Redux. Flux is a pattern used for coordination of an application state and it allows us to have separate stores for different types of data. Many experts state that Redux was inspired by this very pattern and is also called “Flux-like”, still, Redux doesn’t have stores, and all the changes and actions are done on a state tree.

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The Popularity of Flux vs Redux

Redux vs Flux comparison

Results of comparison of Flux Redux in Google Trends

According to Google Trends for the last three years Flux was much more searched for and, thus, is more popular than Redux. Flux is widespread in Canada, North America, some countries of Europe, and India. Redux, in its turn, is also popular in North America.

Creating ReactJS App as an Experienced ReactJS Redux Developer

First, a junior React Redux developer may configure Babel, Webpack, NPM by yourself but React developers from Facebook created a cool command-line tool — create-react-app — that provides a development skeleton for a smoother, faster development. Once you create the base for your future app, pay attention to your file and folder structure. For small and middle-sized applications, combine files by structure; when the app is growing, store them by the entity.

For better project scaling, impose strict rules for building different structures and naming conventions. Take a look at an example of an action:


Below is the corresponding action creator:

const someActionName = actionData => ({ type: SOME_ACTION_NAME, actionData });

You could notice a correlation between action name and action creator naming: it saves you time when debugging and allows you to maintain a solid code standard. For actions that make HTTP requests, a junior React Redux developer could implement:



The same scheme works for reducers. Apply some general rule that should be used by a junior React Redux developer and everybody else working on the project:

export const initialState = { // some initial state data }

Another thing – the usage of containers. This is the point where the React app connects to the Redux store: a junior React Redux developer uses selectors in the mapStateToProps function. Selectors get the state as an input parameter and return the required key from the state:

mapStateToProps = state => ({ firstItem: firstItemSelector(state), secondItem: secondItemSelector(state) });

Below are the selectors:

firstItemSelector = state => state.reducerOne.firstItem;

And from another selector file:

secondItem = state => state.reducerTwo.secondItem;

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Tips from a ReactJS Redux Developer on How to Ease ReactJS Work Process

You could use a React Router library function like reselect to improve your selectors and not ask them to recompute the same data when you need them repeatedly. For performance improvements use methods from your library, such as recompose, which calls onlyUpdateForKeys. Try to use class-based components just for containers and components that could handle any kind of additional logic before being rendered. For type checking, a junior React Redux developer uses prop-type Facebook packages. To protect your component renders, try to describe in detail all possible prop types and their variations. Some optional tools that you may also explore include Facebook Flow or TypeScript. Also, pay attention to testing React Redux apps using Jest that will save you time while debugging apps or fixing issues.

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The Best Countries to Hire React Redux Developer

Let’s check how much it costs to hire React Redux developer in different countries:

  • In a Redux React developer resume, you’ll see salary is approximately $5,900 per month in the UK.
  • An average React Redux salary is approximately $7,000 in the USA. Junior React Redux developer can earn $8,100 there.
  • In Switzerland, React ReduxJS developer gets from $6,300 up to $10,100 per month.
  • A frontend JavaScript apps coder in Australia earns $5,100 per month.
  • In Ukraine, which is considered one of the best countries to hire React Redux developer, coders get only $1,800 according to the PayScale or $2,300-$2,500 as an all-inclusive rate.
the USA$8,100
Switzerland$6,200 – $10,100
the UK$5,500

Monthly middle-level React Redux coder salary worldwide

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React Redux Developer Responsibilities and Functions

Getting ahead of the React Flux vs Redux development discussion, it would be easiest to hire Redux developers that are preferably capable of both. A React Redux developer on your team develops new apps and features, as well as enhances existing ones, using React.js, Redux, Enzyme Webpack, and other related development tools. Working knowledge and skills in ReactJS and Redux tools is a must to accomplish the functions of this role.

The main responsibilities of a React Redux developer are:

  1. Develop and maintain front-end components and features using ReactJS, Redux, and other related tools
  2. Develop user-centric and responsive user-interfaces for various web applications and mobile platforms.
  3. Streamline and optimize the performance of front-end tools and components.
  4. Develop, assess, and improve unit testing processes.
  5. Incorporate and improve codebase documentation
  6. Contribute to the development community
  7. Develop and grow organizational knowledge about building tools and components using ReactJS, Redux, and similar tools.

Redux React Developer Resume Samples

Before you hire React Redux developer, check his typical skills and experience you may see in Redux React developer resume samples below:

Junior Redux React Developer Resume

react redux developer resume

Middle Redux React Developer Resume

react redux developer resume samples

Senior Redux React Developer Resume

react redux developer cv example

If you want to hire React Redux developer, we can find a programmer skilled in different stacks and technologies like JavaScript, Gulp, HTML5 & CSS3, jQuery, Responsive, Rest API, Webpack, SASS, JS(ES6), AngularJS, React.js, Node.js,  AngularJS.  All of them have confident knowledge of English and can be easily interviewed. Mobilunity can find for you a talented junior React Redux developer for sure.

Partnering with a ReactJS Redux Development Services Company

Employing your own ReactJS Redux developer is well and good. It would even be better if you were to branch out and partner with a React Redux development company. React Redux development services providers or companies provide their clients and partners with the expert and experienced developers specializing in Redux, React, and Flux web development.

Why should you partner with such companies when you can hire local React Redux developers? It’s simple. You get high-quality service at a lower cost. You will not have to worry or stress over managing operational and overhead costs, such as Redux developer cost, equipment, and utilities. The hiring and reviewing of Redux React developer resumes and managing their developers will be handled by the React Redux development company. Hiring highly-skilled and experienced Redux React developers can be challenging if you do it alone. But development services already have these expert developers in-house to help with your development needs. Such service providers even employ expert developers from all over the world enabling you to expand your employee market to global levels.

Also, because these companies are focused on providing high-performing and highly-skilled dedicated developers, you can be assured that they invest in the professional growth of their React Redux developers. These companies have experience in providing their clients with experienced dedicated development teams.

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Work with the Best Redux React Development Company in the Market

Once you venture on a search for a Redux React development services company, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of outsourcing companies in the market. One of the major players in global development outsourcing in Ukraine. This may come as a surprise to some, but Ukraine has proven over the years that they produce pioneers and experts in technology and development.

Annually, Ukraine produces thousands of skilled IT professionals, even raking 4th globally on the list of countries with the most certified IT specialists. This number has continuously increased over the years, and has augmented the growing pool of highly-skilled developers, Junior React Redux developers, and has powered the budding outsourcing industry in the country. Ukraine-based development services providers have also shown to be capable of providing more manageable pricing modules compared to other larger outsourcing companies. In 2019, Ukraine was included in the list of the leading countries for outsourcing services.

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Why Mobilunity? Mobilunity has been providing quality development services for more than 9 years. We have expanded from providing software and content design and development, covering React and Flux web development, to including 24/7 support to a global clientele. They provide and manage highly-skilled dedicated development teams, including Redux React development services. But don’t just take our word for it! Take time to review potential service provider partners. This goes a long way into helping you choose the best company for your business and development needs. But it’s not only review, portfolio and client lists also show the quality of work development services are capable of providing. If you want to hire a diverse and skilled team, consider bringing on board a Nodejs developer, Android programmers, and Microsoft CRM consulting experts to create powerful, seamless, and user-friendly solutions that cater to your business’s unique requirements.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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