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Ruby is a very dynamic, open-source programming language that is known among professional developers thanks to its productivity and great simplicity. Ruby on Rails written in Ruby is a multilevel MVC framework for building web applications using NoSQL databases by RoR programmers. Ruby on Rails is open-source and server-side technology to build websites. The decision to hire Ruby engineer has become a popular practice for the companies that are looking for a simpler and faster way to implement their business ideas and technologies to a new product.

Hire Ruby Developer to Get the Benefits of Ruby Web App Development

If you decided to hire Ruby developer, take a look at the scope of services Ruby programmers deliver: create custom web applications for e-commerce, tourism, education; customize libraries, AJAX libraries, debugging process, and MVC architecture.  Ruby’s framework, RoR, is demanding not only among tech giants, but also startups such as Airbnb, Shopify, Dribbble that have built their businesses with Ruby coder and RoR engineer help. Many people know this framework due to the popularity of RoR programmers among startups, and are looking for Ruby on Rails developer or Sinatra developer because of speed and flexibility of development, turnkey solutions, scaling, security, and a large RoR engineer community. For sure, there is also an option to hire Python programmer, but once you hire Ruby developers, you will see – outsourced Ruby development team might turn out more beneficial.

A decision to hire Ruby programmers or hire Ruby on Rails developers is beneficial for advancing business growth with offshore Ruby developers because this programming language and framework is good ro go both with the development of small websites that needs to be pretty speedy, mistake-tolerant and working under high load and for web apps with dynamic web interfaces and complicated business logic. If you hire Ruby developers, you’ll achieve business goals effectively. Offshore Ruby development team will create a well-thought-out structure and navigation, a user-friendly interface, and the right architecture for fast work without failures under big load.

Briefly explaining the essence of RoR devs and Ruby coders for hire and give a decent explanation of why to hire Ruby engineer is not an easy task, since the versatility of this programming language deserves several pages of explanation, but we collected fundamental information about Ruby developers for hire and explain why you should take a close look at working with Ruby development agency and this technology to hire Ruby developers or Sinatra programmer.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Ruby Engineer Worldwide?

Companies from all over the world prefer to hire Ruby developers in Ukraine, like full stack Node Js developer, but what is the reason behind such a practice? First of all, this is the quality of the services provided by offshore Ruby developers, and secondly, the price for the service of Ruby coder. In order to show the reasons to hire Ruby developers in Ukraine, it is worth evaluating the salary level of a Ruby coder to the cost of developers in other countries.

  • The USA – $123,197
  • India – $66,100
  • The UK – $48,885
  • Ukraine – $22,480
  • Poland – $26,579
  • Germany – $64,218

Also, you can check full stack developer salary of Ruby stack in different countries for comparison. Ukraine is a top place to hire Ruby programmers for hundreds of businesses, startups, and companies across the world. Customers willingly hire Ruby engineer in Ukraine as with the help of Ruby programming team they save money and allow full-time in-house teams to focus more on the quality of their products while Ruby development outsourcing company selects a dedicated team of developers. The decision to hire Ruby developer helps to save a company’s budget.

India has earned a reputation as a cheap but vast resource. Companies still hire RoR developers, but India provides a limited scope of services that Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer or Padrino programmer can actually cover.

In Eastern Europe, the largest outsourcing countries to hire Ruby/RoR developers are Poland and Ukraine. The second one is a leader of offshore Ruby developers in this region, and IT outsourcing brings in more than $ 2.5 billion annually to the country’s budget thanks to RoR programmers, too. Available cost of RoR/Ruby engineer development, high level of competence, a large number of offshore Ruby on Rails/Ruby developers are the main reasons why Ukraine occupies a leading position.

What to Take into Consideration While Choosing a Ruby Coder

RoR programmers experience

The developer must constantly analyze his work – keep this in mind when you hire Ruby/RoR developers. You are not looking for Ruby/Ruby on Rails engineers who repeat mistakes all the time.

Developer’s portfolio

A good portfolio of offshore Ruby developers requires a limited number of clicks as usually portfolio looks like an interactive website, shows programming skills, personality, and project management habits of a Ruby/Ruby on Rails coder. Such details show the developer’s knowledge of an object and his competence in it. Keep this in mind while looking for a Ruby developer. Therefore, it influences a decision of whether to hire Ruby/RoR developers of this or that competence. The main task of a portfolio, of course, is a demonstration of examples of a Ruby coder work. When you hire Ruby developer, make sure a candidate indicated a brief description of a previous Ruby project, its name and description.


  • How to run the application
  • How to test the application
  • Used software tools
  • Clear results
  • Links to web pages or installers for desktop applications
  • Code Links

Client references

Looking for Ruby coder references are very helpful when you need to hire Ruby developer. This will support you in determining a potential Ruby programmer competence directly from those who have already worked with the Ruby engineer. You just need to make a few calls and this will help make a decision whether to hire Ruby programmers.

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How to Outsource Ruby On Rails Development Effectively

The benefits of ruby on rails outsource have been mentioned and explained comprehensively enough for the businesses to hire dedicated ruby developers via outsourcing. To outsource ror development successfully it is important to have an outline of “things to do” and “things to prevent from happening”.

Let’s start with the “things to do” list in terms of ror outsourcing.

  • Develop an immaculate picture of your business needs

Before addressing outsourcing ruby development companies the business must create a clear picture of the needs, requirements, and expected goals to achieve. The success of the cooperation with ruby on rails outsource highly depends on how well the tech needs are communicated, or at least clear enough for the manager to translate the needs into tech concepts for the outsourced ruby developer to transmit it into an immaculate product in terms of features and usability.

The client should expect the outcomes for growth and profit only when the set of requirements aligns with the expected results.

  • Run deep market research

To hire offshore ruby on rails developers and actually to choose the outsourcing company provider are not random magic ball acts. There must be serious market research conducted with a thorough examination, comparison, pros and cons defining, etc. The business that is seriously intended on outsourced ruby on rails development must come up with a list of potential providers and how they align with market tendencies, demands, and how the competitors find ruby programmers.

  • Connect with your ruby developers outsourcing team

Of course, this part does not happen at the initial stages of agreeing on the outsourcing vendor, but it is still important to fish for some points that might hint toward future cooperation. During the interview, it is still possible to learn about personal and professional values, respect for other cultures and communities, appreciation of the client company’s vision of things to be done, and common language in both figurative and literal meanings. If the rapport between the company and the outsourcing ruby on rails development team is not possible then no outstanding outcomes are possible to expect.

  • Check through the tech equipment

Tech tools that the ruby on rails software house under consideration will provide mean a lot for the client company since only the cutting-edge technology might produce competitive and speedy (still quality-rich) outcomes necessary for the company to get to the market faster than the next-door competitor might. 

  • Ensure smooth communication

Even in the technology world, communication is the key. Any business is done for people by people, and people do communicate in many ways, though the verbal one is the most crucial for running the business smoothly. If there are considerable gaps in how both parties transmit thoughts and expectations, then there is a considerable reason to think twice before sealing the deal.

  • Read reviews and learn through cases

It is impossible to forge everything, especially a portfolio with successful cases. That is why reviews and the previous clients’ experiences with ruby developer outsourcing projects are a legit option to rely on when analyzing the potential of the ruby on rails developer outsourcing provider. 

The list of “things to prevent from happening” is much shorter yet still critical to mind when trying to find a ruby programmer and fruitfully cooperate with him or her.

  • Ditch over monitoring

As the entrepreneur and the business owner, you have all the rights to have a stronghold of the processes unfolding for the project. However, you have already hired a dedicated team of specialists provided by a high-profile outsourcing vendor, therefore, there is no need to get into overinvolvement, or, the Universe, forbid, speeding up those processes. It will not add any productivity but will stress the professionals and cause harm to the working balance within the company.

  • No patience attitude

Don’t overstress over the little things and cause irreversible harm to the positive environment within the developers’ community. Nothing offers perfection. Slight mishaps should be accepted with dignity and clear comprehension of human factors. After all, it’s been mentioned before that business is from people to people…by people. 

  • Going cheap

Sure thing, the budget is not something that can be stretched by magic. This is why the financial aspect will play quite a leading role in assigning specialists for the job. However, with the present-day possibilities of global reach, companies can hire professionals from any part of the world. 

For example, ruby on rails developers Ukraine are a great option to outsource to. The Ukrainian IT market demonstrates a solid potential in offering competitive development services around the globe, providing top-notch quality for fair and very affordable prices.

There are a lot of other factors that might influence cooperation with an outsourcing provider. For example time differences, culture gaps, technology background, language gaps, etc. Yet, a dedicated outsource provider company is capable of offering so much proficiency and flexibility when delivering services making sure that the specialists can align with all the peculiar requirements. Ruby developers Ukraine are certain to be a proven example of that

Mobilunity is a Reliable RoR Development Provider in Ukraine

To continue with outsourcing Ruby on Rails development to Ukraine, the businesses might consider cooperation with Mobilunity, a Ukraine-based services vendor. Mobilunity’s 10+ years of excellent experience, international clients (i-doit, XPLG, Zenchef, Paidy, Camptocamp, BYG-E, ICUC, etc.), 200.000+ top tech talents, and a unique vision of how the businesses are done in the global dimension makes it a perfect fit for any project solution or team augmentation.

Find Talented Ruby Engineers at Mobilunity

Our Ruby/Ruby on Rails nearshoring company has been providing IT software services for over 9 years and helps to hire top Ruby developers. Here are some features of working with our company:

  • Diverse skills. In our company, we focus on the professional development of employees, which means that if you decide to find Ruby developer and RoR engineer, you can specify the availability of any other knowledge and skills and we will select the option that suits you, so you can make an adequate choice when it comes to hire Ruby on Rails programmer or find Ruby developers.
  • Cost optimization for IT outsourcing services. We set cost-effective rates to help you fit in your budget. Mobilunity will help to hire Ruby programmers or Ruby development team, and you will do a favor to yourself and your budget, saving a lot of money.
  • Prompt implementation of new technologies. Although Mobilunity is not a Ruby on Rails outsourcing company we know how to hire devs with a high level of competence. We are aware of the latest technologies and new equipment, which will help to establish and optimize the work of Ruby on Rails outsourcing company employees and hire Ruby engineer to reach your business goals.
  • The full concentration of the company on its internal tasks. If you hire Ruby engineer in-house, you have to pay wages, sick days, holidays, taxes to the state treasury, provide a specialist with a workplace and computer equipment. If you choose to hire Ruby developer from Mobilunity, current workers in the company can concentrate on the internal company’s tasks.

Are you ready to work with coders who will take over the most complicated development tasks? Hire Ruby developers in Mobilunity to have your work done.

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