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Quite often the companies are torn apart by the need for specific services and their inability to hire an in-house team to carry out those tasks. Many of those companies resort to outsourcing. Despite the individual ups and downs of specific countries, the popularity of outsourcing is growing, after a slight decrease back in 2013. And while software outsourcing is just a part of all vendor services, it might become one of the leaders.

team extension expenses

Unlike the global market of outsourcing, the overall IT expenses tend to grow. As the United States and some of the European countries experience a shortage of technical experts, the need for outsourcing will also grow.

remote development teams expenses

It also means that a software development team with good skills and valid experience will numerous opportunities on the market.

Why and What Do Companies Outsource?

When a company decides to trust an external party to perform any services on their behalf, it might be caused by various reasons, that include (among others):

  • reduction of development costs;
  • ability to focus on business processes rather than unexplored technical aspects;
  • access to a wider tech talent pool.

reasons to hire outsourcing development team

And while it seems like primary reasons are defined by financial aspect, it all comes from a rationalization. There is a great number of services that outsource experts can perform as well, if not better, than in-house experts. Amongst traditionally outsourced activities are:

  • web or software development
  • web design
  • customer support
  • data entry
  • website optimization
  • content writing
  • marketing campaigns.

3 Well-Known Companies Who Trusted the Outsourcing and Won

We all love reading success stories about how a simple person becoming an icon. However, most of the times, it’s not about a person, but the decision. The similar principle applies to the company and business decisions they make. Throughout the history of modern business entities, many of them resort to outsourcing on various stages of their development, entrusting vendors from overseas to perform a certain amount of work. Here are just a few examples of such companies.


Industry: Consumer goods

Year of establishment: 1872

While scaling their business all over Europe, the company reached the decision to create a single operational center that will connect all 24 local ones. In 2005, they hired an external party to create an ERP system. Not only was this job well-performed, but it also helped Unilever to save € 700 billion in operational costs.


Industry: Fashion and design

Year of establishment: 2010

This e-commerce company, that originally stemmed from another entity, managed to keep their development costs lower, thanks to an outsourcing development team from India. Not only did this help the Fab to scale faster, but also contributed to their success in becoming one of the leaders in their industry and a startup that turned into a business enterprise that is over $1 billion in worth.


Industry: IT

Year of establishment: 2008

Well-known in technical circles, this online project and its primary product for repository hosting services Git, owes a fair share of its success to outsourcing, particularly, to consultant Scott Chacon who was responsible for the backend of Gist. Now worth over $7 billion, this startup trusted an outsource expert and over the course of 10+ years outsourced numerous tasks to specialists outside of their office.

As you can see, these companies represent different business domains and have made the profit of outsourcing.

hire outsourcing team at Mobilunity

Software Development Team Roles and Responsibilities

Once the business realizes their need for a team of experts and decides to hire an outsourcing team, they should learn more about a typical outsourcing team structure. First of all, before looking for a software engineering team, business should have a clear understanding of the product that needs to be developed. Let’s bring some examples to make this easier to process.

Client-server systems, that represent a wide sector of software, can be defined as a symbiosis of server and web/desktop app or website. If such product is required, the team will consist of:

  • front-end developers;
  • back-end developers;
  • QA;
  • UI/UX Designer;
  • DevOps;
  • PM to guide the team of software developers.

Dedicated systems can be more complex, but do not require any exchange information with servers. The range of products can vary from OS to graphics processors or anti-viruses and firewalls. The structure and size of the workforce needed will depend on the type of the project, but will include:

  • a team of software developers;
  • QA;
  • PM.

Every other specialist will be defined by the needs of the tasks to be performed and might require team extension for further scaling or maintenance. If unsure what specialists will be needed, start with the basic scheme of outsourcing development team, as you can hire additional personnel as you go.

5 Reasons that Make Ukraine a Great Country in Your Search for Outsourcing Team

why outsourcing team in Ukraine

  • A great number of experts. According to the study performed in 2016, the number of IT specialists hit 90,000 and is supposed to reach over 200,000 by the end of 2020.
  • Remote development teams. Ukraine hosts over 100 of R&D centers, that offer outsourcing and outstaffing of both individual developers and dedicated teams.
  • Lower taxes (compared to the US and Europe). Having more than moderate taxes for both employer and employee, Ukraine manages to keep the rates attractive for the programmer and developers.
  • Affordable rates. Being a developing country, the rates of Ukrainian developers can be 2 to 5 times lower than of their colleagues aboard.
  • Worldwide experience. Ukraine has offered its services to companies all over the world and numerous companies have gained the reputation of credible partners. Most people in software engineering team tend to have experience in cross-cultural communications.

A Few Words About Mobilunity

One may ask what makes Mobilunity a great partner for most companies that are willing to outsource? We provide custom software development, which means that your vision and needs will be our major priority. We also allow you to hire software engineers with unique qualification and areas of expertise to ensure the top quality of the services delivered.

Another reason to hire a software development team at Mobilunity is our worldwide and multi-cultural experience with different clients. Opting for an outsourcing team from Ukraine and our company, in particular, will not only help you cut the production costs without compromising the quality but will allow focusing on business development.

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