Hire SugarCRM Consultants for CRM Integration and Customization

SugarCRM is currently one of the world’s largest open-source customer relationship management (CRM) software. Many businesses are using it to improve complex business processes and establish reliable cooperation with partners and customers. Therefore, they require expert SugarCRM consultants for CRM integration and customization. As a result, the necessity to hire SugarCRM developer as well as a consultant significantly increased.

How SugarCRM Services Can Improve Customer Experience and Sales

SugarCRM is a fully customizable and integrated platform. If implemented correctly, it can be used to gain valuable data and insights organization, synchronization of data exchange, as well as other information-related processes. In turn, this can be used to improve customer experience considerably, and it can be integrated with other business systems to increase employee productivity. As a result of the large variety of benefits for businesses, there is currently a great need for SugarCRM services and other typical CTO managed services. SugarCRM customization services are especially in demand. This is the result of businesses wanting a tailored solution that will suit their unique requirements, boost business operations, and promote sales. SugarCRM comes with a lot of default features and these can be customized to better suit a business’ size, products and services, and business goals.

How to Achieve a Successful Implementation of SugarCRM

The implementation of Sugar CRM can assist businesses in a variety of ways to improve processes and consequently, customer service to increase sales. Let’s look at a few cases where businesses have been successful:

EMA Design Automation

EMA was looking for more powerful reporting options to understand their buyers’ journeys better. With CRM integration, custom segmentation and reduced manual labor, they saw a great increase in quality leads, as well as conversions.

Clarity Consultants

Clarity Consultants was looking for a solution that could improve tracking and reporting, cut out manual processes and assist them to successfully reallocate resources for increased sales. With Sugar CRM they could efficiently automate certain systems and could capture website visitor data to use to improve business processes.


Terradatum was not satisfied with how their customer experience (CX) platform was being used. With SugarCRM, they could improve this and as a result, they could gain valuable insights and data from it.

Pop! Promos 

Pop! Promos is a business selling custom sunglasses. After their initial success, they wanted to increase their marketing efforts and ultimately, their sales. SugarCRM was implemented to assist with their marketing efforts to successfully increase the efficiency of their old manual processes.

Even though Sugar CRM is so valuable to businesses, it is not always a one-fit-all solution; it has to be customized. Sugar CRM customization services may include:

SugarCRM customization services list
  • Tailoring SugarCRM to suit business logic.
  • SugarCRM upgrades and performance tuning.
  • Implementing custom add-ons for CRM system to create one customer experience management system.
  • Customizing default CRM modules including Accounts, Leads and Contacts.
  • Customizing default filters for improved data usage.

An Overview of a SugarCRM Expert Responsibilities

SugarCRM is becoming increasingly popular with businesses around the world, as they realize the advantages it offers. SugarCRM makes it easier for businesses to get access to customer insights to understand behaviors better. The implementation and customization of SugarCRM can drive growth upwards and ultimately, increase revenue. Even with the demand to hire SugarCRM consultants, most businesses do not have access to a SugarCRM expert in their area.

The right candidates should be able to comfortably handle all of the responsibilities required for the job. These include:

  • Working with CRM stakeholders in both the IT and business sides.
  • Evaluating complex customer-related problems and finding solutions for it.
  • Giving advice on CRM implementation and customization.
  • Managing and evaluating after go-live exercises.
  • Effectively using insights and data to the benefit of the business.
  • Offering support to team members.
  • Finding solutions to constantly improve productivity.

For consultants to complete these responsibilities successfully, they have to be qualified and have certain skills and experience. An advanced consultant typically has a bachelors’ degree in Computer Science or a related field. They also have skills in cloud technologies, troubleshooting and reporting, as well as strong proficiency in customer service. Their experience typically includes offering advanced SugarCRM consulting services, including implementation and customization tasks and evaluating projects from start to finish and reporting on improvements to be made.

What Does the CV of a SugarCRM Professional Look Like

How Much Does It Cost to Hire SugarCRM Consulting Services

Salaries for Sugar CRM consultants differ greatly from country to country. This is the result of different living costs, experience and skill. Let’s take a look at a few annual salaries on Payscale from five major countries:

average Sugar CRM consultant cost
  • The USA – $84,701
  • Canada – $55,145
  • The Czech Republic – $25,959
  • Germany – $64,798
  • Ukraine – $17,797

Why Ukraine Is a Top Destination to Find Sugar CRM Consultants

Ukraine is increasingly being chosen as the ideal destination for CRM software development to hire remote SugarCRM consulting for Zendesk and SugarCRM integration as well as customization solutions. The reasons for this include:

reasons to hire Sugar CRM developers from Ukraine
  • Attractive hiring rates. Ukraine is much more affordable compared to other countries and, therefore, IT professionals, including consultants and Sugar CRM developers, salaries are typically lower.
  • Technical education. Ukraine’s educational system has improved immensely over the past few years and they put in a lot of effort to educate and upskill individuals in the IT-sphere.
  • Vast experience. Ukraine always goes the extra mile to ensure its developers, consultants and engineers have plenty of experience working with notable clients.
  • Hard-working candidates. Ukrainians have a strong work ethic and are known to always go the extra mile for their clients.
  • Better communication. Ukrainians typically speak English well, which makes communication easier. Ukraine also falls into a convenient time zone, so businesses can reach remote workers during its regular business hours.
Top CRM Consulting Companies

Choose Mobilunity for Your SugarCRM Consulting Requirements

Mobilunity understands how important it is to find expert Sugar consulting services for Sugar CRM integration and SugarCRM customization services. Therefore, we specialize in a range of top-quality consulting outstaffing services in Ukraine. We are able to provide you with expert consultants to assist with enhancing business processes. Let’s explore a few benefits of dedicated development teams model:

  • More cost-effective due to lower labor costs.
  • Access to experienced and skilled candidates.
  • Improved communication due to similar time zones.
  • Reduction of cultural discrepancies and language barriers.

If you’re looking for SugarCRM consultants who can effectively integrate and customize your CRM systems, Mobilunity can assist. Get Ukrainian top consultants now!

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