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Tryton is an enterprise resource planning platform built with Python and PostgreSQL. This combination of technologies provides a solid base from which to customize solutions for a variety of businesses. Hiring for the framework is similar to hiring talent for other ERP roles such as OpenERP developer.

Tryton ERP Compared to Alternatives

Using this ERP for your business brings with it many advantages. The strengths of the underlying technologies, for example, guarantee platform stability. With the release of Tryton 4.4. in 2017, the entire ERP server stack is now able to run on the latest version of Python 3. The result is that software you build today will be able to run and profit your business for decades. Before you hire a Triton Developer, however, use this guide to understand how to interview Tryton developers. This guide will work for full-time roles, freelancers, or outstaffing agencies.

Tryton vs Odoo, ERPNext, and Others

This ERP compares very favorably to alternatives such as Odoo and ERPNext. On the software review website Capterra, Tryton boasts an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars. This puts it ahead of other ERP solutions such as Oracle ERP Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, and Odoo.

Capterra Ratings of Tryton vs Other ERP Platforms

Tryton receives positive appraisals for its combination of features and open source licenses. The similarity with Odoo and ERPNext is in the use of Python. In addition, these last projects are also open source. Tryton has the use of PostgreSQL in common with Odoo. It should be noted, however, that Odoo and ERPNext have bigger communities. To evaluate a prospective Tryton ERP Developer or ERP implementation consultant accurately, you can use the following set of questions.

#1 “Can You Explain What Is Tryton-ERP? What Is ERP System in General and Explain Which Architecture Represents Tryton-ERP?”

Answer: Tryton is a high-level computer application platform that provides an enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solution. ERP in general means an integrated system that improves business processes. It’s usually taken to manage, organize, store, and collect any business data. The features of the software help to cover many business activities. Tryton-ERP represents a three-tier system that consists of Tryton Client, Tryton Server, and database management system. Additional commentary: This is an understanding of Tryton’s main concepts.

#2 “What Are the Modules in Tryton-ERP? Can You Name for Which Areas/Tasks of the Business There Are Tryton-ERP Modules?”

Answer: Modules are the main independent parts of an application. They cover functional fields like Accounting, Invoicing, Sale Management, Purchase Management, Analytic Accounting, Inventory management, etc.

#3 “Can I Use SQL and No-SQL Databases to Work with Tryton-ERP?”

Answer: Developers can use only SQL databases (mainly Postgres).

#4 “What Is the Name of the Web Client for Tryton-ERP? What Can You Tell About Him?”

Answer: Tryton web client names: SAO. It’s a web implementation of Tryton desktop application (it means you can run your app without installing desktop version in browser).

#5 “Which API Protocols Are Implemented in Tryton-ERP?”

Answer: In general Tryton supports xml-rpc and json-rpc, and in some versions net-rpc.

#6 “In What Format Can I Generate Reports in the Tryton-ERP Client?”

Answer: Tryton report engine can generate only ODT and PDF format.

#7 “What Products Do You Know That Are Based on Tryton?”

Answer: A very prominent example is GNU Health, a free Health and Hospital Information System based on Tryton.

Tryton Developer Capabilities

Given the versatility of this ERP as a business platform, its developers fulfill many roles. Typically, Tryton developers are in demand at large companies that need software to automate business processes. Everything from finance to sales can be automated and managed through the platform. Tryton ERP developers customize the software and develop code that meets the particular needs of your business. The core Tryton software comes with multiple modules for separate business functions. These include:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Invoicing
  • Lead management
  • Project management

Ascertain Remote Tryton Developer Experience Level

To ascertain the developer’s prior experience with the software, you can ask the following questions:

Q: “What Successful ERP Implementations Have You Completed and for Which Clients?”

Given the complexity of Tryton tools, developing with inexperienced teams can be disadvantageous. Less experienced candidates write more bug-prone code. Furthermore, when tricky situations crop up, as they inevitably do, it will be harder for them to troubleshoot problems correctly. You can mitigate this risk by hiring developers who have more experience, across multiple ERP projects. The more successful client projects they have handled in the past, the better prepared they are to help you succeed.

Q: “What Was Your Most Challenging ERP Integration and How Did You Make It Successful?”

The best ERP developers are not just good team members but take responsibility for the technology. They demand more responsibility and make sure their actions contribute to the success of the project. Ask the developer for how they contributed to past projects in order to gauge their level of responsibility. In addition, you can ask them to compare Tryton vs ERPNext or other Tryton framework alternatives.

Hire Tryton ERP Software Developer with Mobilunity

If you’d like to get Tryton ERP projects developed with a high guarantee of success, you should inquire with Mobilunity. We are a team of highly skilled Tryton ERP developers and project managers. The Mobilunity has successfully implemented Tryton solutions for clients across a range of industries. Located in the tech center of Kiev, Ukraine, Mobilunity serves clients from major Western centers like London, Berlin, and New York. Working with us improves project quality while lowering your overall development costs. Send us your inquiry now to find out how we can help you. While you could engage a CRM consulting firm for customer relationship management solutions or outsource mobile application development for your app needs, hiring a Tryton developer in Ukraine could provide you with a cost-effective and efficient ERP solution tailored to your specific business requirements.

Need to hire Tryton developer? Our recruiters will select the perfect candidate who will suit your business needs perfectly!

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