How Business Intelligence Developer Is Valuable in IT Market Today

In today’s world, information is power. Anyone who possesses information can virtually do anything. A case in point is the business world. The winners that take the bulk of the bacon home, are the ones that outperform the market’s dynamics.How do they do that? They churn through loads of information using special tools to come up with useful data that makes sense.

That’s where business intelligence comes in.

So what exactly is business intelligence and who is a business intelligence developer?

Business intelligence refers to applications, technologies, and practices that collect, integrate, analyze and present information. Using BI tools, business owners can access data sets and come up with analytical findings in form of summaries, reports, graphs, maps, or even charts about the state of their business.

Most business owners have been adamant in adopting the BI services due to the extended periods of time it takes to implement compounded by lack of knowledge of what it is exactly. As a result, most lose out and don’t see their second year in business. However, BI isn’t an entirely new concept. For many years, businesses have been utilizing BI by combining data to come up with accurate business decisions.

Today, things have changed as modern business intelligence development is characterized by technology, methodologies, processes, and architectures that easily translate raw data into useful information.

A recent research conducted by Cambridge University indicated that business that makes an informed decision can improve their performance by up to 5%. This is a clear indication that BI is an important factor in separating market leaders from the average Joes’.

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Business Intelligence vs Data Analytics

Most industry experts often use both in their business. However, for the professional business intelligence software companies and business intelligence developers it is  necessary to know the difference. Let’s deep into it.

On the surface, business intelligence and data analytics might be rumored to do the same thing. But, most business intelligence software companies know the distinct differences between the two. Business intelligence helps decision makers enhance their business going forward by analyzing past results and using the analysis to make better business moves in the future. Data analytics predicts who will happen, allowing decision makers to tweak their strategy based on information gathered about what will help grow their business in the future.

So, business intelligence and data analytics can be boiled down to decisions vs predictions. Business intelligence uses the latest tools and methods to collect and share data, and create reports the analyze past results. Decision makers use this information to make better decisions focused on growth. Data analytics tracks behaviors, trends, and processes to predict what will happen in the future. Decision makers use this information to help guide them in their long-term strategies and goals. Two very different processes that can ultimately come together to create better business results.

Top 5 Business Intelligence Trends in 2018

In 2018, business intelligence is set to face evolutions in a bid to improve and refine what it is now. Be it the natural language processing or data insurance, the industry is set for big things.

If you are business intelligence developer, a business intelligence manager or a senior business intelligence developer building your BI empire, you need to realign your strategic priorities in line with these trends if you are to stay above water.

business intelligence development trends

  • Easy Data Discovery

From time in memorial, data discovery has been the preserve of the experts and power users who were deemed to have the skills to decipher advanced analytics. Most business leaders had to request the IT experts to generate reports which would take days and in the course of doing so get distorted. By the time the information was relayed, it would have lost relevance and meaning.

In 2018, this will no longer be the case. The complex report queries will seize to exist and you will just need basic knowledge on using simple BI solution to penetrate the data and come up with conclusive answers to your questions.

  • Visual Analytics

Visual analytics is data inquiry that provides insight into a problem in an interactive, graphical manner. Visualizations stimulate your brain’s pattern recognition capability making it a breeze to digest information within a short period. This is because it’s easier to digest data presented in graphs and charts, as opposed to churning through loads of data tables that span multiple pages.

In 2018, visual analytics dashboards will take the stakes a notch higher by allowing you to effortlessly drill deeper and discover answers to your questions as they crop up along the way. Lastly, business intelligence dashboards gives you the golden parachute for data manipulation and tailoring to suit your enterprise.

  • Self-service BI

This is set to be an extension of the data discovery and visual analytics. For the business owner, this is set to empower your workers to analyze live business data using business intelligence outsourcing services to build instantaneous, accurate, and personalized visual reports without necessarily going through the IT specialists.

  • Mobile Business Intelligence

The business world today is fast-paced. Many decision-makers are thirsting to get real-time critical information irrespective of their location to make business decisions.

With the increased in business intelligence consumption through mobile devices, detailed information is changing hands allowing for analysis on mobile devices. As a result, business intelligence developers are increasingly leaning towards BI mobile phone development.

According to a research by Aberdeen Group, the number of businesses using mobile BI is growing exponentially. The report further indicates that around 68% of companies utilizing BI are more likely to be far much ahead compared to those that don’t. In 2018, the cut-throat business competition is likely to be pegged on the data-driven decision making.

  • Cloud BI

A few years ago, a vast majority of business intelligence software was more of a brick and mortar hosting. However, with the increasing on-demand access to data, cloud BI is gaining popularity.

Some of the benefits that come with cloud BI include better mobile accessibility, low cost, and extreme scalability.

Top 5 Business Intelligence Tools

Big data business intelligence has seen tremendous developments over the years. As a result, artificial intelligence programmers are designing systems that not only capture data. They also categorize and decode data that helps in making improved business decisions. The more intricate the systems become, the more data sources they can combine.

Here is a list top 5 BI tools to look out for in 2018:

bi services and tools



Voted as the best BI software in 2016, Sisense is the holy grail of business intelligence tools. Its capable of simplifying big data and provide insights to both large corporations and startups.

The competitive edge of this software lies in its versatility. Sisence can collate data from a myriad of sources like Google Analytic and Ad Words.

As a business, you get to enjoy faster databases speeds thanks to the in-chip technology. As an added bonus, its compatible with all computer versions while the ElastiCube technology allows you to import large data sets in a snap without compromising on the quality.



This is an excellent open Java reporting tool that businesses can utilize to build and publish reports from multiple sources like XML data sources, relational databases, and even internal memory Java objects.

Developed as a top-tier project in the Eclipse Foundation, BIRT leverages on the proficiency of the Eclipse platform for a better experience. Additionally, the tool allows for peripheral incorporation of reporting into their J2EE and Java.



One of the magical features of icCube is the Software as a service, whereby you can host your third-party application. Additionally, you can either deploy it in the cloud, on premises or even utilize the developers managed services which allows you to customize the feature requests.

For convenience purposes, icCube seamlessly integrates with almost every application thanks to the on-the-fly-authentication. At the same time, you can customize the data source, it also allows unmetered access to Java, online-based dashboard builder, customized widgets.

Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics is an Excel-based solution that requires minimal knowledge to jumpstart and implement. All your employees need is basic Excel knowledge to automate, consolidate, and analyze data metrics. The system also allows for multiple data sources including the good old Excel which most companies use in their daily operations.



Yellowfin is an integrated business intelligence platform created for companies irrespective of size and industry. It can be tweaked to suit accounting, banking, insurance, advertising, agriculture, media, and other fields.

The indispensable functionalities include predictive analytics, web-based analytical processing, query, reporting writing, performance management, scorecards, and dashboards.

It also sports filters for more succinct results on specific indicators. With Yellowfin, your business is assured of ad hoc reporting that doesn’t take ages to come by.

The Rising Demand for Business Intelligence Developers

Although IT careers have been rocked by fluctuations, business intelligence field has experienced steady growth over the years. In fact, in the face of economic meltdown, BI is among the fields that were unshaken.

Despite the fact that the IT industry is ever-changing, often shifting demand for specific technologies, the BI development rise has remained steady. As the demand continues to grow, Business Intelligence developers haven’t come close to meet the demand for experts in this popular technology. So, IT professionals with BI knowledge have a unique advantage when they enter into the talent pool of developers. Business intelligence software companies are busy with a steady workflow of BI projects, but they have yet to meet the demand.

Businesses across many industries are implemented Business Intelligence into their workflow processes. The result is better reporting, advanced visualization, and end-user self-service that creates a strategic foundation for growth, according to a 2017 report from Forbes. As more and more enterprises incorporate BI development into their business, and take advantage of the immeasurable growth because of it, the demand for BI developers will continue to rise.

Limited Business Intelligence Skills

Business leaders aren’t only after business intelligence skills but also effective communication skills in deciphering the findings. Business intelligence attracts individuals with a knack for statistics and analytics compounded by soft skills that’s go together with the job.

The two skill sets are hard to come by hence creating a perpetual shortage. This shortage has seen a 6 % annual salary increment in the job category. On the flip side, those who possess these skills lack the business intelligence certification which makes it hard for them to acquire jobs.

As a business intelligence developer who has been sleeping on their skills, it’s about time you dusted your resume.This is because data analytics courses are just starting to find their way into the classrooms which has made the progress of training data scientist painstakingly slow and it’s going to take a considerable time to catch up with the demand.

After all, with an average annual salary of $77,696 why not try?

Business Intelligence Developer Resume Sample

business intelligence developer resume

Data Organization Challenges

As more businesses continue depending on deeper business insights to become successful, the role of business intelligent keeps on evolving. Taking on data and organizing it into useful information is not for the faint-hearted. The data cleaning requires multiple steps, right from system codes translation to cleaning erroneous data.

Therefore, as far and the near future is concerned, the demand for people who can weed out bad data and come up with accurate insights will always be there.

Smaller Organizations Thirst for Data

Traditionally, large firms like Google and Facebook saw the use of large data. However, smaller organizations are beginning to “lift the veil” and demand for data is going beyond the large technology firms.

With such data, the small companies are able to make a detailed analysis and make informed business decisions. On average, small companies that are using business intelligence outsourcing services are able to increase their profit margins by approximately 6%.

Entry level business intelligence developers and even senior business intelligence developers are flocking towards these small firms to help them tackle the process of churning this data which makes it a very lucrative job.

Final Take

We at Mobilunity are going to help you out with the providing of the best business intelligence developers in a very short period of time. Located in Ukraine, we have the access to the biggest amount of talented and skilled developers in Europe. What’s more, all of this goes with the lowest price. So we highly recommend you to consider the option of hiring dedicated business intelligence programmers.

Looking to start the data-driven journey? Mobilunity has a team of knowledgeable Business Intelligence Developers with the latest processes and tools to walk you through the journey.

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