How Can App Development Agency Support Your Project?

The global market of web app programmers is growing extremely fast. Presently, it is the key field in the software development that creates hundreds of thousands jobs in the market globally. The mobile development agency business has become one of the most attractive businesses in all parts of the world.

According to the latest statistics on the number of apps in different app stores as of the first quarter of 2018, there were over 7.133 million apps in different stores. The Google play store has over 3.8 million apps and the number of Apple store applications stands at about 2 million. The contribution of a mobile app development company in creating mobile apps is very crucial.

The total volume of the global app economy is estimated to cross $6.35 trillion by 2021 from just $1.3 trillion in 2016, according to the App Annie forecast. The contribution of China in the global app economy will be more than the US followed by the UK and Japan and India.

App Development Agency

The app development is a type of software development to develop software applications suitable for different mobile devices like Smartphone, tablets, PDAs, and smartwatches for different operating platforms running behind those devices. The app development is largely done by the application development company powered by the teams of mobile application developers.

An app developer agency is a type of mobile app development agency that offers the services of custom apps development for different mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and others. Thousands of app development agencies are operating their businesses from almost all important countries of the world.

The most important countries that offer high quality custom app development services to their clients include Ukraine, India, Russia, Estonia, Slovenia, and other Eastern European countries. These countries produce highly qualified and skilled software application developers at a large scale and offer development services at very low prices as compared to many other countries in the world.

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Popularity and Demand

According to the Market Research Future predictions, the total size of the application development market will reach $100 billion by 2022 with over 14% of compound annual growth rate CAGR during the 2015 and 2022. Many other research reports have already anticipated whopping multi-trillions spending in the domain of app development business in the future.

To materialize this huge potential of the software industry, the role of an app development firm is extremely critical. The demand of the application development firms will continue to increase for many years to come. According to the Smashing Magazine report, the in-app purchases and in-app ads and marketing are the most powerful driver to boost the demand of the application development market globally.

The growth in application development will continue even more aggressively. According to the Tech Crunch Report, the number of smartphone users will reach 6.1 billion by 2020. The developing countries, where the use of smartphones is increasing tremendously will lead to the development of new mobile applications in the marketplace.

So, the demand of application developers and app development agencies will continue increasing for many years to come.

Major Benefits of Using App Development Agency

The development of mobile apps can be accomplished by using the services of individual app developers, outsourcing the complete project or by using the app development agencies. Using the service of app development agencies has numerous benefits as described below.

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#1 Specialized Knowledge Based Services

App development agencies offer specialized services of application development, which is fully focused and professional service to develop a highly professional grade mobile application. You cannot get that level of specialized development service by using individual developers.

#2 Qualified, Skilled and Experienced Team of Developers

Application development agencies are known for their highly skilled, qualified and experienced team of developers. They hire professionals with the most relevant experiences and skills so that the latest trends of app development are maintained effectively.

#3 Offer Fixed Cost Contracts

The app development agencies offer the fixed price contract for the successful completion of an app development project. They complete it without any additional charges and as per the agreed requirements in the contracts.

#4 Fully Managed Development Services

The application development by the agencies is fully managed development service, which includes the provisioning of development infrastructure, office management and administration, project management and development. So, the client has nothing to worry about the successful completion of an application development project.

#5 Support and Future Relationship

You get great customer support from the app development agencies and establish a customer relationship for the future development projects with the company. Thus, you save substantial time and money in searching, negotiating and contracting with the agencies for the future work. You also get well established and reliable relationship with the companies that you worked with.

Who Can Benefit the Most from App Development Agency?

Application development agencies are good for all kinds of companies and startups. The small and medium sized companies that have limited resources, budgets and expertise can benefit the most from the services of app development agencies.

Larger organizations and corporations have their own in-house or remote development teams, which are powered by their high level of management teams and many resources required for the software development. But, the startups and SMEs don’t have all those costly resources; so they can benefit the most from the services of custom app development agencies.

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Why to Choose a Ukrainian App Development Agency?

Thousands of app development agencies are operating from all over the world. Using the services of every app development agency has its own advantages and disadvantages. The cost and quality of the development are two major factors that make the difference.

The Ukrainian app development companies are known for the provisioning of the high quality application development services at very reasonable prices all over the world. The other advantages of using the services of Ukrainian development companies include:

  • Highly talented pool of developers with a large number of computer graduates
  • Among the top 25 IT exporter countries as per PwC analysis report
  • Lower cost of app development as compared to many other countries
  • Central geographical location for the Europe, North America and Asia Pacific regions
  • Follow European quality and management standards
  • Highly professional grade services with perfect commitment

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What You Get from Mobilunity App Development Services?

The Mobilunity app development agency is a Ukrainian app development firm that offers highly professional level services for the custom mobile application development at very low price. The main advantages offered by the Mobilunity app development services include the following:

  • Dedicated team of mobile application developers
  • Highly skilled, qualified and experienced team
  • Powered by the visionary management team
  • Access to the latest technologies, development resources and infrastructure
  • Highly professional work environment
  • Offers 100% test coverage for the development code
  • Fixed price contract without any hidden charges at all
  • Full control over the development teams and processes
  • Professional grade customer support and communication
  • High quality mobile applications
  • 100% ratio of project success

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