How Can You Do Cron Job Scheduling? Main Issues and Cron Events Overview.

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Do you need to set a task at midnight when the system is not overloaded, but can’t wake up and work at night? Do you have server-related tasks that have to be done daily or weekly, but you lack people who could check 100 systems/servers at a time? What is it for? The life is much easier as it may seem!

The solution was offered by automating the process of setting and checking such tasks with the help of Cron Jobs Scheduler. In this article we will dwell upon what cron events are, what websites those are used for, and will share our experience about using and setting cron events for our clients.

The Acquaintance with a Mysterious World of Cron Jobs Scheduling

What are cron events? It is a task planner/scheduler that is used for periodic or regular tasks/checks fulfillment at a certain time. Scheduling a command on your server you make the program to run automatically at a specified time and date and check everything you need on time. There are 2 different types of cron events: server-based (back-end) and the ones integrated into a certain CMS. The first type is set and enabled on web hosting servers, the second one is developed by CMS systems for their users. As far as Mobilunity website developers work mainly with WP CMS and use numerous WordPress plugins for improving website security or fixing its vulnerability. They also use WordPress cronjob events for setting and checking different regular tasks as there may be numerous WordPress bugs and mistakes on the website.

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On What Websites Can You Create Cron Job Event?

Setting cron events doesn’t depend on the operating system of your computer, but either on the server/hosting used or on the CMS itself. Good reliable web hosts/servers have cron jobs scheduling by default. The cron event task consists of the time tag and command itself. The most important thing is to indicate the proper way to script interpreter and files embedded to it.

The process of setting cron events begins at the stage of website development. The WordPress website developers add cron job event by choosing the time tags and setting appropriate commands for checking the needed information. During the quality assurance process the functionality is  tested in order it could be implemented properly after website launch. As a result you get proper and timely inspections of certain essential tasks that need regular checks.

WordPress Cron Jobs Scheduling in Use

Our team of WordPress website developers usually use WordPress Cronjob Scheduler for checking and monitoring the events and planned tasks for numerous systems and servers of our clients. As it was promised by us, we would like to share some practical cases on what tasks may be automated by WordPress cron events usage based on our experience.

add cron job

One of the projects where we had to apply WordPress cron events functionality was eCommerce website platform for selling and buying different goods. The platform was the prototype of OLX platform and was offering advertising on their website. Our task was to set the cron events for them to run the daily checks (later we have changed them to every 5 minutes checks) of the ads and their posting dates on the website and remove them on the certain expiry dates.

unlock phone website

During the development of Unlock Codes Generator, we have faced another challenge of applying WordPress cron jobs scheduling. Our main task was to move the custom PHP website to WordPress CMS platform and make sure that the orders received on the website are properly forwarded to external server. In order to check the statuses of the orders forwarded to external IP, we had to set  WordPress cron events for regular and daily checks of orders statuses and to check whether the orders are forwarded properly.

To sum up, Cron Jobs Scheduler is the scheduling program set on web hosting server or CMS aimed at running the scripts, programs, and other commands, at a certain time.

Do you still have any questions on setting Cron Jobs Scheduling properly on your website or do you want our tech specialist to consult you on your website tasks automation? Get in touch with our team to find the tech assistance!

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