How Hiring Odoo Developer Can Enhance Traditional Business Processes [Case Study]

Business processes are what links together ideas, resources, products, and consumers in a company. And just like any interconnected system, improving business processes can only produce better results. In order to improve, the first step is to affirm that there is a need to improve. Case in hand a company manufacturing sugar products in Ukraine, X Company. X company have had challenges with their siloed and disconnected business processes and, in recognizing the problem, decided to implement Odoo open source ERP to improve and centralize their business processes.

Odoo developer delves on odoo case study

Improving Odoo System With Odoo Developers

X company have had a problem with decentralized and unstandardized internal systems and processes in the company. The following are examples of what has been impacting the company:

  • Sales department following their own e-document system.
  • Simple spreadsheets are used by Stock and Purchasing departments to report directly to the owner.
  • Accounting and HR employing separate accounting systems for their internal processes.
  • Manufacturing is handled separately from the rest of the departments.
  • A self-developed software is being used internally by Logistics.
  • Manufacturing Engineering relies solely on monthly plans and printed stock reports to create products for the company.

To help improve company processes, Company X has decided to customize and develop an Odoo system for their business. With the Project Manager as lead developer and the aid of a consultant, the Odoo system that will be developed will function as a centralized system of business processes that will consolidate and streamline information collection, processing, and dissemination among the different departments. Through this system, Accounting will have up-to-date information on Sales, Purchasing, and Inventory, and vice versa. Sales will also have accurate data on inventory and produced goods, and Manufacturing Engineering will be able to produce according to work orders generated by Sales.

Defining the Steps of Odoo Programmer Towards Improvement

To start, an analysis of the compatibility of the current Odoo applications and the needs of the company was conducted. From the analysis, it was found that the main development goal is the integration of current software and processes used in the Odoo system, which would require additional development and customization of current features. With the technical requirements handled by the company and minimal frontend development required, the Odoo developer and consultant were able to focus on the following:

  1. Configuring Odoo to fit the business needs of the company
  2. Building the capacity of the company employees on the concepts and functionality
  3. Integrating reporting and data collection processes, with bank client software and sales processing
  4. Data Migration
  5. Testing and Troubleshooting

Overcoming Barriers to Success

Despite the goal being identified, the development still encountered some roadblocks. Below are some of the main challenges that were encountered by the Odoo developers, and how they were overcome, during the project development:

  • The disorganized data made data migration a very long and difficult aspect of the project to complete.
  • User intolerance; employees had a negative first impression of the system being developed, which led to the developers building the new system a similar interface to that of the old. This feature made the transition smoother for the employees.
  • Incompatibility issues between the old Logistics system and the new Logistics module. The development team made adjustments to the code and customized the features to fit the needed functions by the client.
  • ComarchEDI integration; client was too used to the old system that the developers had to build interim links to the old system in order to transition to the new Odoo system.

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