How To Become A Modern WordPress Development Specialist

How to be a WordPress developer – 5 Things You’ll need.

Previously we shared an article with some tips on how to become an advanced WordPress developer, but for this entry we thought it would be best to start with the basics.

It isn’t a secret anymore that developers earn a lot of money. The question is – what do you need to become one of them? Not as much as you may think to be honest.

modern wordpress development

Powerful Computer

modern wordpress developmentFirst and foremost  you need to have a  computer that will allow you to create software and applications. Sounds funny, you would think that would be common sense, but many just don’t understand that  having a pc worth $200 won’t really give you the tools that you need.

Fast Internet Connection

how to be a wordpress developerThe second thing that you’ll need to become a wordpress developer, really goes hand in hand with the first, and that’s a reliable internet connection. After all how do you expect to perform the necessary coding for proper  web development without internet? As we should  all know by now, not all internet connections are created equally.

Modern WordPress Development Education

modern wordpress development educationThe next thing you’ll need to begin the process of becoming a wordpress developer, is education. Whether it’s through formal means such as university courses or informal ones, such as educational “how to” books, articles, and other means. This way you’ll understand and will be able to deal with proper WordPress reinstall.

website development stages

Manage Your Time Wisely

modern wordpress development time managementWhat you’ll have to focus on next is time management. If you have a full-time job, one hour of reading a day would be a nice start for you, but if you don’t and are looking to make a quicker career change or need to develop new skills, you’ll have to manage your time accordingly. Spend your time wisely. In other words, cut out the TV Shows and try to minimize the amount of time you spend on games.We know that last part is difficult, but if it were easy, everyone would do it.

Modern WordPress Development Dedication

modern wordpress development dedicationThat brings us to our next tip, dedication. Dedication is what can take a novice programmer and transform him or her  into a successful, trustworthy developer. Again we know it isn’t easy, but like all things, if you want to excel, you must have the tools you need, the education on how to use those tools, and the dedication and work ethic to bring them all together.


Modern wordpress development communityBonus tip – This last thing you’ll need, is often overlooked, community.There is a saying – “If you lie down with dogs,you will get up with fleas”. That means that studying code is not everything you have to do. Hang out with the right crowd. There are a lot of  programmers out there that will gladly share their experience with you about how to be a PHP website developer, for instance.There are also plenty of communities dedicated to networking and sharing information. Don’t be shy, join some WordPress groups on Facebook, or find Devcamps in your town. In other words – be active and embrace the tech community, we’re sure that it will welcome you as a friend.

how to be a wordpress developer

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