How To Change My Website URL

Every now and then, you might think about changing the URL of your WordPress website. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as building a new version of your site in a subfolder and then moving it into your root directory. This is because WordPress relies on its URL settings to actually work! Moving your files and database will land you with a broken website. Oops! So if you’re looking to change website URL, here’s how to do it properly in a few easy ways:

Change Website URL – Edit wp-config.php

You can set your URL manually in your wp-config.php file. By adding the following two lines to your wp-config.php, your URL can easily and quickly be changed:


As an aside, this is not the best way to fix the URL – but it’s easy, and it does the job.

Edit Website URL – Edit functions.php

If you use FTP to access your site, this method is a quick way of getting your website back up to speed. First, FTP to the site and get a copy of the theme’s functions.php file. What you will be doing is editing in a text editor before uploading it back to the site. Add the following lines to your site:


Then, upload the file (in the same location) back to your site. Finally, you can load the login page a few times and eventually your site will appear.

change website url

Change WordPress URL Directly In The Databse

Here is another way to change WordPress URL:

  • First, backup your database.
  • Then login to phpMyAdmin and head over to your Databases. Here, you will see a list of your databases. You need to select your WordPress database.
  • You will now see the tables in your database. Find wp_options and click on “Browse.”
  • A screen will open, and you need to look for the field option_name. Scroll down and find site url.
  • Select the “Edit Field” tab and then change your URL to the new address in the option_value box.
  • Click “Go”, which saves your information.
  • You will now be back at your wp_options table. Click “Edit Field” and then change your URL information in the option_value box.
  • Finally, click “Go” to save.

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How JavaScript Developers Can Help You

Too many website issues? Bugs keep piling up with your website? A developer would be a great help in addressing these issues. There are a lot of developers available, however, JavaScript developers are equipped with dealing with multiple website issues, including website URL changes. Hiring JavaScript developers provides you the freedom from getting bogged down with researching the many “how to fix” and “best way to deal” ideas and troubleshooting them.

Need a JavaScript developer but don’t have time to personally sit and discuss your issues? Hire a remote JavaScript developer! Remote JavaScript developers offer the same level of expertise as one you would personally hire, just a lot more convenient.

If you’re looking for remote JavaScript developers to help you solve these problems, Mobilunity has dedicated JavaScript developers, who are skilled and experienced. The company offers remote staffing services and has a pool of talented and experienced JavaScript developers, who are ready to address these types of problems.

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