How to Comment on Blogs and Gain Traffic: Practical Guide

If you stopped by this article, then you are trying to get on top 10 of the latest search trends and you’re lucky to have found this piece of advice.

After having read this article you will know:

  • Top commenting systems you should use for discussions  TODAY
  • Effective ways to find and choose relevant niche blogs
  • Exact step-by-step guide on how to post a comment with link without a risk being deleted

Relevant blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website. Correct blog commenting strategy will contribute to your traffic increase and site rankings.

According to our internal study, the most commonly used 3rd party commenting platforms include:

Blogging Search Engine Optimization

Read these 5 little-known but essential rules before starting blog commenting (….otherwise you risk to get banned )

  1. Choose only niche-related blogs
  2. Don’t make blog commenting as your single backlink source
  3. Look natural! Comment regularly but don’t misuse.
  4. Try to be the first to comment
  5. Write a valuable message

Benefits from blogging search engine optimization are obvious:

traffic increase from blog commentingNoticeable traffic increase

google-friendly link profile with blog comments for seoDiverse and google-friendly link profile

Blogging Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization

how to comment on blogs to gain connectionsConnections

blog commenting tips

But how to find relevant blogs?

If you want to get tons of results at once, you must definitely know these google search magic formulas:

  • Keyword +
  • Keyword +
  • Keyword +
  • Keyword +
  • Keyword +
  • Keyword + intext:”powered by wordpress”
  • Keyword + intext:”powered by typepad”
  • Keyword + “add comment”
  • Keyword + “add reply”
  • Keyword + “leave comment”
  • Keyword + “powered by Disqus/Wordpress/etc”

If you’re lazy or lack time, you need to try another simple-hack technique, which is…… lists of blogs.

Why is this so easy? Because someone did it for you.

But be careful! It is important to look when the list was published. Old list usually contains a lot of abandoned blogs. Also if the blog is good, it may have strict moderation, but i will speak on it later.

You may also be thinking to yourself:

“How to find such a list?”

  • Keyword + “top resources”
  • Keyword + ”top sites”
  • Keyword + ”top websites”
  • Keyword + “top blogs”
  • Keyword + “top web resources”
  • Keyword + “recommended sites”/”suggested sites”
  • Keyword + intitle:list

Want more tips? Awesome! Here you go:

Another way to search for relevant blogs is using specialized Blog Search Engine

It’s not advanced though as shows not always niche-relevant blogs, so you need to double-check beforehand.

And finally: how to post a comment with link?

(Just hold on, we’re almost done.)

seo website development

Blog commenting tips: Comment being published formula

  1. Find a relevant blog.
  2. Look through the posts and look for dates and comments. (сool if you are the first) 
  3. If the last post was published few week/month/year ago this resource may be abandoned.
    If there are no comments, they may be closed or fully moderated.
  4. Leave some good comments, showing that you are a ordinary user and testing the moderation system.
  5. Check what the moderation is (post a link to third party highly-reputable source  with certain keywords, but not to your website.)
  6. If not published – move along. No sense to waste time for this one
  7. Write comment corresponding to both (blog content and previous comments, including a link.
  8. Make sure your comment brings value, not too commercial and long enough
  9. Put a link inside of the comments text (make sure it naturally fits the content)
  10. Post a comment and track if it was published (.. it may take up to a week)

The above tricks can bring a lot of niche-relevant blogs and articles in front of you. But still if feel it’s too hard for you to use blog comments for seo, ask our Mobilunity SEO experts for help!

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