How to Convert the Website from osCommerce to Magento 2?

Trying to upgrade your shop? Want the sales to go up on your site?

The modern society does not stand still and with a variety of possibilities offered to the sellers, how to choose the correct one, especially if you are in eCommerce full of bright offers? There are a lot of platforms allowing you to create an outstanding online shop, but how to find the most suitable? If you are reading this post you have looked up one of the first platforms osCommerce and its renewed and customized rival sibling Magento 2.

Magento 2 developers consider platform a complex system but easy for developers to get acquainted with, though osCommerce development is familiar and well known nothing makes you feel better than a little challenge that turns into a profit and gives satisfying results for business of any size all over the world.

Magento 2 Developers

Trends in Magento 2 Development

Every year the share of eCommerce in the global economy increases in numbers and influence, if only mobile sales revenues may exceed 30 billion dollars this year according to Taking that into account, you can see the demand and probably ask yourself, what you can offer to be the brightest star in that variety of shops and sea of customers growing more and more demanding each year.

This is exactly what we can help you with, converting to a new platform could be a perfect solution for eCommerce and your business.

You might wonder why any changes are needed and what Magento 2 development has to offer that osCommerce doesn’t. Next-generation architecture of the platform gives you an access to:

  • affordable mechanism
  • deployment flexibility
  • effortless and eCommerce landing page design and extended customization (we all know individuality nowadays is everything)
  • easy management of the site
  • fast-performing pages

Due to the growing popularity of the platform we received the request to perform transition of the website from osCommerce to Magento 2. If you wish to hire an oscommerce developer for your project, our experts are here to help you.

OsCommerce Development From Experts

How Our Magento 2 Developers Work

Magento 2 is the easy way for developers to create an eCommerce website in a short time, customizing it to the clients taking into account all their specific requests. It is a great way out if you decided to use it instead of PHP eCommerce solutions as well.

It has several versions so you can choose the one more suitable for your particular business. Magento 2 was developed to heighten user engagement, smooth navigation, conversion rates and overall revenue generation so now it considers to be a fast and easy to use, secure system.

According to Mobilunity Magento experts, “It is one of the best eCommerce platforms, it is configurable, customizable and scalable for your any need.”

The work on the osCommerce to Magento transition will include the following steps:

  • Backend: Magento 2 extension deployment
  • Frontend: Creating a theme for Magento 2 from scratch based on existing design & html
  • Design: Design edits in Photoshop

The mentioned above endeavour will be needed in order to fulfill multifunctionality of the site such as:

  • multilingual option, so that the page were translatable to other languages that consequently will enlarge the target audience
  • incorporation of effective and fast search engine and search filter (by brand or any other applicable category)
  • set up of multishop system and Wheels configurator (selection by database fields)
  • incorporation of the original SEO url’s to new site and Kiyoh reviews
  • development of Excel import module for products and make offers selected by manufacturer or categories
  • conversion of all information pages as they are presented at the moment.

Also though only one integration needs to be performed, it will be made on payment modules, that will enable the customers to use different billing operators that will be more convenient and customer friendly that statistically will enlarge the customer base. That means involvement of the following people would be required:

  • Designers
  • Magento Backend and Frontend Developers
  • QA Engineers
  • Project Manager.

Thus, we can offer following estimation of the convert that will include all of the above mentioned Magento 2 development:

  • Design: 10 hours
  • Frontend Development: 60 hours
  • Backend Development: 80 hours
  • QA: 22 hours
  • PM: 15 hours
  • Total: 187 hours

Additionally you can learn about PHP eCommerce development in comparison to Magento 2 and osCommerce development.

Comparison of osCommerce and Magento 2 Development

So why should you drag behind, if you could be racing for the leadership?

All the statistics and professional opinions are stating that the future belongs to the flexible systems that can be easily customized and used on all kinds of devices with no glitches. In any case if any issues arise, you can easily hire dedicated Magento development team to fix all the bugs.

Choose the future, make a step forward with Magento 2!

Are you looking for help with converting any osCommerce website to Magento 2? We have enough resources to assist you! Get in touch!

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