How to Find the Best IT Software Development Company in Canada

Popularity of Software Industry in Canada

Depending on the Canadian city or town you are in, you can most likely find a software development company around you, but getting the best deal is a different matter. This is because the best Canadian software development companies tend to cluster in the major tech centers around the country. Still more, there are opportunities nowadays of finding your software development team, for Canadian clients, remotely. Nearshore software development opens up the talent of the world to you.

Major Cities to Find IT Software Companies in Canada

Canada is no less a pioneer in software and tech than its great neighbor to the South, despite the media’s much larger focus on the American market. Indeed, software development is a highly popular industry in this North American country. Workopolis, a Canadian jobs site, recognizes major tech centers now emerging across the provinces of Canada, including:


This progressive, ultra-modern city has much in common with San Francisco and its Silicon Valley across the Canadian border. Boasting a hip and upscale demographic, the city is flush with wealth and VC funding. As much as 40% of its real estate houses startups. If you have the budget, this is one place to begin looking for the best developers in Canada.


This city is the home of many video game programming companies and studios in Canada. Ubisoft, one of the most successful game programming studios in the world, is based here. Many others are there as well. If you are looking for game developers or other related skill, Montreal is a great place to look.


This unlikely tech center has now emerged as a real force in the Canadian software development industry due to being host to a growing number of Canadian startups. These include 7shifts, makers of a well-received scheduling app, Noodlecake, and Vendasta, all based in the province of Saskatchewan. While you might not have an easy time finding a business software Canada development company here for contract work, you will find a growing community of developers.

Finding Software Development Companies in Toronto

Besides these emerging tech centers, there’s the capital, Toronto, home to the country’s financial services and major tech companies. Toronto, and the province it is in, Ontario, has historically had the highest demand for tech product development, including software. Randstad noted early in 2018 that Toronto was among the cities that led in Canada’s booming technology industry. A number of factors were responsible for powering Canadian cities’ popularity with tech companies and talent:

  • Immigration tension in the US – This has led many US-based companies to consider Canada. Canadian policy stability is attracting international talent at a time when US policy remains uncertain.
  • Government leadership – The Canadian government is determined to grow Canada’s potential as a tech powerhouse.

Given its role as the leading tech center in Canada, Toronto is probably the best place to look if you are in need of a software development company in the region.

Growth of Software Development Canada Provides

In 2017, TechCrunch lifted the lid on the growing popularity of software development and tech startups in Canada. In its report, the leading tech blog revealed that Canada had become North America’s up-and-coming tech center. It noted that Canada had one of the most consistent and progressive efforts at fostering a high tech culture of any nation in the world.

The vibrancy of the Canadian tech scene is at once blessing and curse for Canadian companies that need software application development. Salaries are rising across all kinds of companies and web development software roles.

Rising Salaries and Growing Competition

Canada has long had a high forecasted deficit of software developers and technology workers. Interviewed by The Star a couple of years ago, Matt Mickiewicz, co-founder of hiring service Hired, said, “There is a huge talent shortage within Canada.”

The paper noted that there would be a shortage of 218,000 IT workers in the country by 2019. The supply of tech workers, especially developers and other highly skilled talent, was not able to keep up with the burgeoning demand.

Many of the country’s top graduates from universities like the University of Waterloo find their way down South to Silicon Valley instead. Canadian tech businesses are in an intense fight for talent with American tech companies and with each other.

Why Ukrainian Remote Developers Are the Best Solution

In pressing times, we turn to innovation to solve intractable problems. Fortunately, one great solution already exists if your firm is hard-pressed to hire a web software developer in Canada.

With remote collaboration tools, you can hire a software outsourcing company from Ukraine, which has risen over the last decade into one of the world’s premier sources of talent for tech companies worldwide.
Ukraine has overall lower cost of living than both Canada and the US. This has resulted in lower costs for software and web development as well. According to Expatistan, Ukraine’s cost of living is 55% lower than that of Canada. A comparison of cost of essentials between the two countries is given below, based on data from NationMaster.

Cost of Living: Ukraine vs Canada

You might have many questions surrounding the viability of developing with Ukrainian remote teams. Here are some of the very real benefits these developers will bring to your custom software development project :

  • Lower development and R&D costs – Ukraine has a large population of developers and other tech workers. Salaries for developers are more affordable than in Canada. As Randstad shows, Canadian costs will be even higher in competitive tech centers like Toronto. Given the cost differences, it’s possible for companies to save on costs by hiring Ukrainian teams.
  • Highly experienced developers – Ukrainian developers have high standards of education and programming skill. These attributes make them a compelling proposition for any highly-sophisticated software development project.

This combination of lower costs and expert talent has helped many large companies, including Fortune 500 companies, do much of their R&D in Ukraine.

Cost of Hiring Developers in Canada vs Ukraine

According to Payscale, the average software engineer salary is $24,232 in Ukraine versus $54,509 in Canada. Salaries for the job title of software developer showed a similar pattern, with $24,824 in Ukraine, and $48,076 for Canada.

Given the lower costs Ukraine development requires, even Canadian startups can work very successfully with Ukrainian software development companies.

How Mobilunity Helps

Mobilunity is one of Ukraine’ renowned software development companies. With a highly expert team, it consistently delivers amazing results for clients. Here are a few reasons to go with Mobilunity:

  • Rapid development turnaround – With Mobilunity, everything from putting your team together to breaking new ground on your project can start in next to no time. The result is that your project will be complete and ready ahead of your competition.
  • Excellent client support – Mobilunity places great importance on delivering the best experience for customers. You will have 24/7 support and insight into your project’s progress.
  • Expert at the language that matters most for you – Besides their knowledge of standard programming languages, Mobilunity developers are highly skilled at English. Working with English-fluent developers gives you advantages in team communication that you can’t always get in other parts of the world.

If the challenges of hiring a software development company Canada possesses have put you off, you still have plenty of options. As you can see, working with a Mobilunity dedicated team could be your secret to software development success. Besides lower costs, clients typically see vast improvements in both software quality and time to completion. With such options available, a Canadian company of any budget can now compete, and win, in tech.

Can’t find any good custom software development company in Canada? Hire real Ukrainian pros from Mobilunity!

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