How to Fix Issues with Website Indexing

Why is website indexing important?

If your website is indexed it is listed within the search engines and it can be found through a search. This is important if you are looking for organic search traffic through the search engines such as Google. If your page is not indexed then it cannot receive search traffic as the search engines do not know that it exists. So it is vital that you know how to ensure that your website loads fast and individual pages are indexed within the search engines so that they can be found and traffic can be sent to them for the relevant keywords that you are targeting. It’s not good for your businee to have a slow website, so try fixing this issue.

How do I index my website?

If your website not in Google then there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your site is found by Google and by the other search engines:Website Indexing

Google and the other search engines constantly crawl the internet looking for new content that needs to be indexed. They do this by following the links that exist between different sites, so if you share your website on Twitter for instance the “Google Bot” will eventually see that link and will follow it to your site. It will then follow all of the links that exist on your site from your home page through categories and other internal links to index your site. So sharing links will often get your website indexed, through sites such as Twitter this can take just a few minutes depending on how frequently you tweet and if you have many followers and if your content is re-tweeted.

Submit Website to Google Webmaster ToolsYou could also submit individual pages for your site for indexing through the Google Webmaster Tools. Just go to the relevant page in the tools and input your URL and the search engine will index your page within a few hours. In the same way you may remove the content from Google. We’ve faced an issue when pages that were deleted long time ago were still indexed by Google and shown in search results.

To remove pages from google index, just submit their URLs via Google Webmaster Tools console and watch the status changed. It may take up to 24 hours.

Create Website SitemapYou could also submit a map of your website to the search engines. Again this is done through the Webmaster Tools and you can create a Sitemap through a WordPress plugin such as Google XML Sitemaps. This sitemap can be submitted to Google, Bing and other search engines that you want to be indexed in. Plugin will ping your website for new updates daily and submit updated sitemap to search engines.

Having such a plugin installed on your WordPress website is a great way to ensure all new content will be indexed.


Your website indexing still not done?

Sometimes we find that our pages are still not indexed. Often this is because we have for some reason told the search engines not to index the page through something called the Robots.txt file. This is the file that the spider (the program that will crawl through your site sent by the search engine) will read for instructions about indexing your site. Often we have inadvertently told the search engine to “noindex” pages within our site. There are options when posting a page or post within WordPress which allow you to noindex a page. There are also settings that can ensure that category pages are not indexed. Correcting these selections or editing the robots.txt file directly can remove the noindex tag and allow your page to be indexed.

website indexing

However website indexing should only cover the pages that you want the websites to see. Some pages such as category pages you may not want to index, after all you will want the search engines to send the traffic direct to the post not the category page.

If you are still facing the issue with bad website indexing, post a comment below, and we will help you out!

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