How to Hire С# Developer And Don’t Get a Pig in a Poke

Your Options to Hire C# Developer

When you hire C# programmer, as well as hire C developers for your team enables you to implement highly technical software development projects rapidly and with bug-free code. Your options have expanded like never before, thanks to highly experienced C# developers in emerging tech centers such as Kiev in Ukraine, and others worldwide. Casting your net wide in the search for talent will enable you to find the right mix of developer skills and C# programmer salary.

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Why C# Should Be Your Language of Choice

When asked which programming languages he thought were the most important, Bjarne Stroustrup, Danish computer scientist and famed creator of C++, had some exciting insights. Talking to Big Think, a technology show, Stroustrup recommended a number of programming languages, including, pointedly, his own C++, along with Microsoft’s C#, the open-source Java, widely used by Google and others, as well as Python, because of sometimes it’s a good choice – hire Python programmer.

C# Programming Language Features

Languages like C# and C++ are regarded as “general purpose programming languages.” The recommendation for C# shows its ability to accomplish a range of the most important programming tasks and do so effectively. C# development teams have one of the most modern and feature-complete programming languages for accomplishing any technical task.

Here are some features of C# that make it one of the best programming languages in the world right now:

reasons to learn c# programming language

  • Programmer-friendly – It combines the ease of use of Visual Basic with the power of Java or C.
  • Object-oriented – The language makes it easy to work with objects, classes, and inheritance. These features make composing large programs out of smaller modules easy to do. It also enables code reuse.
  • Statically-typed – Static typing enables you to catch errors at compilation time.
  • C-style syntax – The syntax of the language is simple to understand. It resembles that of languages such as C, Java, and others. This makes it easier for programmers to learn.
  • .NET interoperability – The programming language interoperates with others on the .NET platform, making it possible to access libraries and code written in other languages.
  • Visual Studio integration – C# is tightly integrated into Microsoft’s Visual Studio, which makes programming C# a breeze due to its advanced intellisense and code completion.

Popular Applications Built by C# Development Teams

C# is the language of choice for many enterprise software development shops. As such, you will find it well-represented across the field of business software for enterprises or developed by enterprises. Some of the well-known applications in this field, built on C#, are:

  • Microsoft Azure – Cloud computing and software deployment platform.
  • PowerShell – Command-line shell for programmers and system administrators.
  • Visual Studio – One of the most popular programming IDEs (integrated development environments), Visual Studio uses C# in combination with some low-level code to perfect the programmer’s coding experience.

Games with C# Android Development and C# iOS Development

In addition, C# is a mainstay in the game development field. Games for platforms like XBox, as well as iOS and Android, can be developed easily with C# game development tools. Some notable C# game-related applications include:

  • Bastion – highly-rated action RPG game available on Steam and Xbox, also playable on Mac, Windows, Linux.
  • Sol Survivor – 3D turret defense game.
  • Unity – A leading, multi-purpose game engine and development platform.
  • Weapon of Choice – award-winning Indie game.
  • Auran’s Trainz – cross-platform train simulator game.

projects developed by C# development team

C# Network Programming, Banks, Web Apps and Startups

Many banks and financial services firms run on .NET and, thus, rely on C#. In the financial sector, C# is used for everything including trading systems, brokerage software, and web applications.

While the picture so far might make you think that C# is only suitable for very large teams, the reality is not so one-sided. Rather, C# is also effective even if you have a small team. Many startups use C#, or have used C# in the early life of their software products. Some startups that have made use of C# include the following:

  • StackOverflow – one of the most hip startups making software for programmer discussions, it uses .NET for its stack.
  • Skype – communication platform that uses VOIP technology.

Experience to Look for When Hiring C# Developers

A good C# developer will typically show years of programming experience on teams where he or she had plenty of development responsibilities. The developer will need a mix of the following:

how to choose the right remote c# developer

C# Programmer Salary Comparison Worldwide

With their skills highly needed by technical teams in a variety of domains, C# developers around the world enjoy high salary levels.

c# programmer salary

In the U.S., for example, experienced C# developers can earn over $100,000 C# salary in some locations. Locations close to Silicon Valley and other tech clusters tend to have the highest salaries for C# and other developers. Average salary for C# is given at $88,872 by the job site Indeed.

Western Europe C# Salaries

U.K developers specializing in C# also enjoy high salary levels. Data from ITJobsWatch lists the average at GBP 45,000. While fluctuating based on the exchange rate, this is around USD 64,000.

According to PayScale, in the Netherlands, salaries for C# developers average Euro 40,119, which is around USD 49,500. In comparison, Germany has average C# developer salary at Euro 41,213, or USD 50,800.

Eastern Europe C# Costs

While Western Europe developer costs for C# are somewhat lower than the American averages, for many teams, these are still high costs. If you are looking to hire C# developer talent, chances are, you are faced with some tough trade offs due to the high costs of development. As a compromise, you might be considering hiring interns or less skilled, entry-level developers.

The elegant solution to this dilemma is to look abroad, particularly at Eastern Europe in general, and countries like Ukraine. Eastern Europe has highly skilled workforces with expertise in technical areas such as software development. A number of countries in the region have highly developed information technology industries, including:

  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • Romania
  • Estonia
  • Hungary

The Next Web reports that Eastern European companies are increasingly taking the lead in the fourth industrial revolution. I.T. development is a major part of this progress.

Ukraine and Poland C# Salaries

Hiring C# developers in Eastern Europe generally costs less than in the West, and brings additional advantages such as improvement in the average skill level you can hire. In Ukraine, for example, C# developer salary is around $27,464, according to PayScale. In Poland, PayScale lists an average $24,691 salary for a C# .NET developer.

As you can see, your hiring costs in Ukraine and Eastern Europe will be less than in other technically advanced locations in Western Europe and North America.

Interview with C# Developer

To give you more information about C# programming language we have asked Maxim – our C# developer tell us more about it. Through this interview, you may learn more about C# Developer roles and responsibilities.

What is C# used for? When is it the better choice for development?

Unity developerC# is an object-oriented language, commonly used in the development of the applications that run on the .NET Framework. C# can be used to create Windows client applications, Web services, client-server applications and database applications. .NET supplied with Visual Studio – an advanced code editor with convenient interface design, integrated debug tools and a bunch of other features that make application development easier. C# .Net is a good choice for enterprise-level technologies. It works well with high-load systems, complex architectures, and big data applications. .NET Framework is the scalable and reliable solution for large-scale projects.

Web applications are using ASP.NET Framework. An even Facebook website was developed by using C# language.

Here are examples of Windows Applications written in C#:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and so on)
  • Skype
  • Photoshop
  • SQL Server
  • Paint

Which C# opportunities attracted you to study it?

Unity developerSince C# supports the wide range of the object-oriented programming approaches such as inheritance, interface implementation, and encapsulation, it gives developers a lot of abilities to build flexible systems with complicated dependencies inside. For example, the well-designed project that contains various subsystems such as graphics UI, audio manager, event manager etc, can be built based on architecture patterns and can be easily configured by replacing these subsystems with their various implementations. This makes debugging, prototyping and improving much easier and faster; simplifies project support over the time. Also, C# allows working with files which are very useful in case of storing user data in the local storage. For the big amount of data, the project may use a MySQL database which is compatible with C#. Memory access gives an opportunity to optimize performance. This is important for the applications with the high amount of real-time calculations.

As a C# Programmer can you compare Java vs C#? Which opportunities can you pick up in each?

Unity developerBoth C# and Java are object-oriented languages. Java is similar to C# in many other aspects as well. However, there are also a lot of differences between them. For example, they are only Visual Studio as an IDE for building .NET projects, while Java is supported by at least four IDEs: NetBeans, Eclipse, JDeveloper and IntelliJ IDEA. Also, Java is compatible with multiple other languages such as Kotlin, Clojure, Groovy and Scala. Unlike the Java developers, .NET users can choose between F# and Visual Basic besides the C#. C# is suitable for software or web application that is built for Windows. In case if the project must be developed for platforms different from the Microsoft platform, like Unix or Linux, Java is the better choice because it is supported by the large open-source ecosystem.

Can you tell us more about projects you working with?

Unity developerMostly I am working on casual 2D Android games. Last serious project was a mobile puzzle game for Android and iOS. For this project, we’ve developed a flexible UI system based on C# Reflections. It was made for designer could set up scenes without programming. User data declared in special classes was accessible from the Unity Editor Inspector as a list of properties. This was achieved by combining C# feature and extending Unity Editor by custom C# scripts. Another project I was working on was a real-time multiplayer game with physics simulations. To provide smooth and relevant synchronization between players, there were two applications made by Unity. First was the client application and the second one – is game server instance that was processing all physics calculations within the game. This is common and the most reliable solution for this kind of projects and this helped our team to provide the stable game with relevant game objects behavior.

Which technologies, in your opinion, can compete with C#?

Unity developerIn the context of Unity, C# is the most efficient programming language of support. However, speaking about C3 Unity development productivity in general – not only code execution performance – Javascript may be a good alternative.


How to Find Experienced C# Developers at Reasonable Price Quickly

In Ukraine, Mobilunity has gained a reputation as a leading software development partner with expertise in modern C# and .NET technologies. The company’s array of services encompasses C# along with other technologies such as Java, PHP, databases, and related technology. Mobilunity has delivered outstanding C# projects for leading organizations based in Western Europe, the U.S., as well as other locations.

Here are 4 major benefits that make Mobilunity one of your best options if you are looking to hire C# developer:

benefits to hire c# programmer

1. Keep Costs Manageable

Mobilunity remote development and hiring remote C# developer costs less than hiring a comparable C# development team for onsite development in your office. Mobilunity developers have several years of experience, and work with highly skilled project managers to complete all projects on time.

2. Unparalleled Expertise

The company’s developers are highly adept at C# with all the latest standards. Whether you are using C# version 7 or earlier C# versions, Mobilunity’s developers are highly skilled with all features of the language including lambdas, query expressions, asynchronous execution, dynamic binding, and generic programming. Looking to the feature, Mobilunity will continue to make investments in adopting the latest C# and looks forward to the release of C# version 8.

3. Projects Just Like Yours

Whereas your C# development team might not have developed an application of the kind you want, Mobilunity’s developers have worked with teams from all around the world. The collaborations span every kind of industry imaginable, from retail and social media apps, all the way to finance and healthcare. You can be confident your project will be done right and on time since other just like you have experienced great success with Mobilunity. Eliminate technical uncertainties by leveraging a proven team.

4. Fast Access to Talent

Working with Mobilunity lets you access great talent on short notice. The company has teams of experts available to work with you right away, letting you kick off a C# .NET project rapidly. This reduces the personnel risk that can delay your software projects for lack of software engineers with the right skills. If you are a startup looking to innovate, you don’t want to be held back by challenges with recruiting engineers.

Your Best Path Forward With C#

Hiring C# developers for your team seems daunting at first, but, as we outlined in this article, you have some very good options. You can find talent locally with knowledge of C#, .NET, SQL Server and related skill sets.

Beyond your local area, you can go remote and hire C# programmer teams from Ukraine or other areas in Eastern Europe. With companies like Mobilunity partnering with you, remote C# developer teams are much easier and more predictable to manage. Now, that’s what we call a major advantage.

Experience the advantage of remote C# developer with Mobilunity!

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