How to Hire Node JS Developer With Extensive Experience in 3 Weeks?

Hiring experienced talent pool for projects or startups is a challenge most IT companies are well familiar with. This implies dealing not only with qualifications, lack of necessary talent in the area, but also with Node.js team salary, insurance etc.

The popularity of JavaScript apps has been skyrocketing within the last couple of years, with Node.js being in the top. According to, Node packages are growing faster than Python, Java, and Ruby combined.

Node.js is designed on the basis of Chrome V8 engine and is the a JavaScript runtime. As it relies on the on-blocking I/O model, unlike other technologies, Node.js is scalable. Basically Node is JavaScript plus a bunch of C/C++ plus useful features like starting up HTTP or TCP servers, interacting with the file system etc.

Most of the front-end JavaScript functions, objects, and methods are available in Node.js. Its package ecosystem is called NPM and is in fact the biggest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world. This makes Node JS projects even more accessible. Node was created to build scalable network apps and is single-threaded. This is system is unlike the most common concurrency models that use OS threads, as networking is very difficult to use and quite inefficient. Node JS app development uses a concurrency model based on an event loop.

Node.js uses no blocks, so its users are free from the dead-locking risks during the process and the program doesn’t have to wait, but registers a callback and so the program is free to continue. In other words, Node.js allows program to handle concurrent operations without multiple threads of execution. That is why it is very easy to develop scalable systems in Node. Besides, Node programming implies HTTP that makes Node well suited for the foundation of a framework or web library.

I think Node is not the best system to build a massive server web. I would use Go for that. And honestly, that’s the reason why I left Node. It was the realization that: oh, actually, this is not the best server-side system ever
Ryan Dahl,
Author of Node.js

Popularity of Node JS Technology and Node JS Developers

When you ask why Node.js is so popular nowadays and why everybody wants to create website with Node JS, here are a few things for you to consider.

Node doesn’t require coders to learn another programming language, as it uses JavaScript both on the server and client side. Spring or ASP.NET require programmers to know another language like C#, Java, VB.NET, to write code on the server-side. As almost all coders are familiar with JavaScript, transition from any other language to Node.js is painless and quick. As we’ve mentioned above, Node.js is very lightweight, as it uses an event-driven architecture and runs on a single thread, unlike other web technologies. Node implies support of other object databases such as MongoDB. Contrary to traditional SQL databases that use relational model (tables), Node uses a document-based model (objects resembling JSON). It also has support for code editors like Sublime Text and Notepad, as well as IDEs like Eclipse and Visual Studio.Node.js can be hosted basically anywhere due to a number of cloud-based hosting providers and web servers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft IIS, Heroku etc.

What is Node JS used for besides building web applications? With arrival of blockchain technologies, Node is widely used in this sphere as well for building. This is another reason for its rising popularity.

hire node js developer at Mobilunity

Node JS Developer: Who, How and Where

Launching a project that implies a lot of Node.js development means you’ll be looking to hire Node JS developer or even a dedicated team of Node JS remote experts. Finding the best match is quite a challenge, because, first of all, you might not be able to find the right Node.js developer onsite, you might find a freelancer, but there will be no guarantees. Here are a couple of key issues you should pay specific attention to when hire Node JS developer.

A Node.js specialist is mainly responsible for building the logic of server-side web apps in JavaScript or its variants. Node.js programmer are engaged in back-end development and are working on the design and scaling its components and connection of the application with other web services. Moreover, they usually support front-end programmers and integrate their projects with the Node.js app.

In the resumes, pay attention to years of experience. We advise you to ignore those with less than 3 years of work with Node JS. As Node.js uses the same technologies and languages used in front-end, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, etc must be present in the candidate’s resume. Check his knowledge of frameworks for Node.js like StrongLoop, Express, StrongLoop, etc.

Hire Node JS Developer on Freelance without Getting Pig in a Poke

Freelancers are great for small projects, and they can do their job really well. However, companies that hire freelancers take immense risk not only in terms of quality and deadlines, but also with regard to security and data leaks. It’s like getting a pig in a poke in fact. You’ll never know whether you’ll encounter problems or not. Here’s a pros and cons short list of hiring a freelancer:

node programming for freelancers


  • Low rates. Freelancers are cheap, not all of course, but the majority of those you find on freelance job boards offer their services at low rates.
  • Access to talent pool. You can reach any freelancer in any part of the globe, as you are no limited to your country or city only.


  • Hiring a freelancer is like getting a cat in a bag: you’ll never know how skilled he is and how fast he’ll do the job.
  • Lack of dedication. Freelancer is just a services provider, like he is for many other projects at once, so if you expect dedication from a freelance Node JS developer, hire an office worker.

Why Node JS Remote Programmer Is the Best Option for Extension of Your Team

Team extension of a dedicated team of developers is often made on demand and must be quick and painless for HR managers, company budget and the team itself. This means you should find the best match person quickly at reasonable costs and the person should have the right qualification as well as skills of cooperation in the team. Remote Node JS coder is the best option for companies to extend their existing teams. First of all, they don’t require time for long onboarding and extra place in the office. Remote worker knows how to meet the deadline and uses a variety of communication tools to ensure effective communication channels. He won’t cost you a fortune, as we offer services of the best talented programmers at a reasonable costs, it’ll be definitely cheaper than hiring locally. Unlike with freelancers, your data and confidentiality will be secured, as remote developers will sign the confidentiality agreement upon your demand.

Why Ukraine is Top Destination to Hire Node JS Developer

Node.js services cost different in various countries. The same with the quality, as Asian countries tend to have the lowest rates, they do not guarantee quality compliant with the requirements of the Western market.

Here’s a short salary comparison of React JS devs based on PayScale:

node js developers rates

The charts demonstrates the rates of JavaScript experts who use Node JS programming language. In Ukraine, Node.js developer salary is the lowest among the Eastern and Western European countries. Well-known for providing the best quality of the services, today Ukrainian Node.js programmers are of high demand.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Node.js at Mobilunity

Hiring Node.js developers from Mobilunity implies the following advantages over its competitors:

benefits to hire coders for node js projects at Mobilunity

 Contact Mobilunity to get access to the best talent pool of Node JS developer. We’ll find the perfect match to join your dedicated developer team to work for better results.

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