How to Visualize Data with D3.js Developer

The buzz about D3 JS began around 2011 when the unique JavaScript library emerged in the development world. D3.js, also referred to as D3, is a library that JavaScript developers use to produce dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers. While many other libraries limit control over the final visualizations, D3 JS visualization allows developers the opposite. This is the leading attribute that contributed to the rise in popularity of this unique library.

D3.js Developers and Their Demand

The increased control on final visualizations that is offered to a D3 JS developer when using the library has certainly added to the rise of its popularity since it became available. Used in hundreds of thousands of websites, D3 can help create interactive graphics for a variety of needs. From online news websites to maps and data viewing dashboards, D3 JS charts are the top choice for the imperative approach to data visualization.

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The D3 programmer uses the control of D3.js to construct SVG objects and extract them as they see fit. When a charting library cannot appropriately deliver the visual aspect of data that is needed, D3.js is the solution. The D3 JS chart library allows developers to take their visualizations and create graphics that are interactive and animated. Mike Bostock, the creator of D3.js, used the JavaScript library to create some very well-known infographics for popular news websites like the New York Times. His interactive and animated graphic for the 2012 “512 Paths to the White House” shows just how might the library can be.

Another reason the D3.js library is so popular amongst D3.js consultants is because of the years of work spent trying to bring data visualization to web browsers. Prefuse, Flare, and Protovis toolkits are all considered the predecessors of D3.js. Mike Bostock was involved with all three of these tools. Using his experience from these JavaScript libraries, Bostock set out to develop the D3.js framework to create a more expressive option that provided improved performance for developers.

All About D3.js

D3.js is a JavaScript library that manipulates documents based on data. Developers can bring their data to life by entering code that executes their data step-by-step. Using HTML, SVG, and CSS, D3 can fix random data to a Document Object Model, or DOM. Data can then be arranged into interactive charts that offer a dynamic experience to those viewing the data. The open source library offers an assorted collection of official and community-developed modules.

While there are many pros listed for using D3.js, there has yet to be seen any disadvantages of using the library. In addition to being extremely fast and capable of supporting huge datasets and dynamic behaviors for interactions and animations, the pros of D3.js include:

advantages of d3 js visualization

Many developers choose to build complex visualizations. When doing so, they combine different technologies for a multipart outcome. It is important to note, not all technologies work together. And some may work together, but not be the most effective solution for executing the data visualization. As D3.js became popular, developers started to work to see what technologies would work best with the JavaScript library. Two of the most popular technologies combined with D3.js are React and TypeScript. While D3 React JS can be an extremely powerful tool, there are many challenges that lie in combining the two. Still, they work together very well.

When developers decide who own which parts of the DOM, they can successfully combine React with D3. The decision depends on what you are trying to build and developer preference. And, many developers have chosen to use a hybrid approach where they use the strengths of each framework to manage the DOM.

In some cases, D3 is also used with Node for server-side data visualizations. Because D3 can be used to generate static data visualizations as well, some developers choose to combine the technologies of D3 and Node to execute CSS styling and stylesheets. D3 Node JS can allow developers to output an SVG from a JS source file, your data, and the command line. A D3 Node JS example uses D3 on both front end and server to generate images with Node.js.

Popular Projects Made with D3.js

There are many companies currently using D3.js. To name a few, these include:

cmpanies using d3 js



This website is a data visualization experiment that displays restaurant sanitation inspection data for restaurants in New York City.

  • Brand Love Score

Brand Love Score

This website displays social sentiment, audience insights, and fan content through data visualization during Black Friday. It gives consumers a unique perspective on a variety of brands.

  • Nike


The company has celebrated fifteen years of the SB Dunk design. The visualization shares information on the most iconic designs to hit the market since 2002.

  • Hello Sun

Hello Sun

Hello sun provides data visualization to help viewers visualize the paths of the sun and moon across different time zones throughout the world.

  • Taptaro


Taptaro is an audio phrasebook with words and phrases translated and recorded by native Japanese speakers. It uses D3 to help educate about the Japanese culture and increase communication.

  • District Mobility

District Mobility

The tool provides mobility options for citizens of DC.

There are also many graphics created throughout various websites that put D3 into practice. Besides the New York Times, the popular news network CNN uses D3 to create animated graphics for many of their online news articles. “Beer Tax in Your State”, for example, uses D3 to create an interactive data visualization of the amount of tax patrons pay on beer in each state throughout the US. Inspired by the popular Ted Talk, “The Wealth of Tech Companies” uses D3.js to create a motion chart displaying annual income and revenue of popular technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. Developers can even create dragging maps that allow you to navigate across multiple areas like the popular Pixymaps. With D3, the opportunity for interactive, dynamic charts are endless and many popular companies and developers use the JavaScript library in their D3 projects.

The Future of D3 Development

The future of D3 for developers skilled in it looks bright. As Artificial Intelligence continues to gain popularity, D3 is an influential part of engaging dialogues with viewers around AI. There are many reasons developers should learn D3 as we head into 2018. In addition to the demand for interactive graphics on the web today, those skilled in D3 are often more hirable. They have a multitude of skills across the board from their experience with D3.

While the demand for D3 developers in place like England, Scotland, and Yorkshire has seen a decline, many other countries have seen a rise in demand. The South East and the UK excluding London, for example, have seen a significant rise in demand. When combined with multiple skills with libraries and framework, D3 developers in the US see a range in salary depending on the job title they hold.

What Is the Salary of a D3 Developer?

According to PayScale, D3 developer salary in the US can bring in an average of $87,600 a year as a Software Engineer. Additionally, Data Scientists skilled in D3 average $98,900. And, Programmers who have D3 skills can see a whopping $104,100 as an annual salary. The salary of a D3 developer can range based on location.

If you are looking to hire a qualified and professional D3 developer who possesses the skills to create captivating, dynamic graphics and dashboards using D3, outsourcing may be the right avenue. You can find frontend developer who create interactive libraries in D3.js online. To talk to an expert developer who is skilled in D3, contact Mobilunity. You will be paired with a professional who has the experience needed to deliver quality development at the most affordable rates.

d3.js developer salary in different countries

The Experience Of Our Developers With D3.js

As for Mobilunity’s developers, we have a whole group of experts with the knowledge and experience of D3 library. Some of our clients hiring dedicated developers specifically pointed out in their recruiting requirements the proficiency in D3.js for their future employees. That wasn’t very hard to find skilled D3.js experts, as the Ukrainian pool of programmers is very diverse. As for now, we have 3 remote programmers working on Swiss and German projects using D3 JS.

Talk to a skilled professional D3 developer today! At Mobilunity, you will find expert D3 developers who work hard to deliver quality results.

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