Implementing Invisible CAPTCHA To Your WordPress Website

Last time we were speaking about other form spam protection types you can use on your website for the purpose of protection from spam-bots. Today we will look deeper into the implementation of invisible captcha to the WordPress website. Our choice fell on this one, because html CAPTCHA is quite vulnerable. Akismet – one of our recommended WP plugins for any website, is an anti-spam service aimed at fighting the latest tactics embraced by the world’s most proficient spammers. It has invisibility factor, which makes user experience better: people don’t have to fill in the visible form with CAPTCHA every time they want to make a comment. Akismet doesn’t require inserting CAPTCHA into form, plugin works in a totally different way. Once installed, it monitors millions of blogs and forums to learn all possible algorithms, that spam-bots use to embed their info. Then plugin runs hundreds of tests on the comment, based on the obtained knowledge, and then gives it a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ rating. Akismet can be installed on the website running on WP as well as on CMS like Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3, Magento, OpenCart and others. If you’d like to build your own plugin and are looking for additional info on this topic, check out our article about plugin development WordPress.

insert captcha

Installation of Akismet Plugin on Your WordPress Website

Note: If you’d like to insert CAPTCHA only to the contact form, use Jetpack. In order to make it work with comments, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Plugins>Add New.
  • Type Akismet in the search box and click Enter.
  • Find the needed plugin (make sure it’s made by Automattic) and click to Install now.

If you already have this plugin installed, you won’t see the Install Now button and good for you, it means you are already combating spammers with Akismet.

  • After Installation you need to go to Plugins, find Akismet on the list and click Activate.

You will be taken through the process of getting your your API key.

  • Click on Activate your Akismet account.
  • Manually enter the API key if you already have one.
  • Otherwise, click on the Get your API key button. You will be guided through the process of getting it in a new window.

That’s it! You’re now combating spam with Akismet. We also have this installation tutorial recorded, check it out!

Install Akismet on Other CMS

In case you are not using WP for your website, it doesn’t mean you can’t implement Akismet. Many people are using it for other platforms and systems. Here are two examples of well-known ones:

  • Drupal. Go to this link and choose Akismet in the list
  • Joomla. This CMS offers you the ZOO application, which has Akismet already implemented in it. Click Get this button to install the pack

setting up a form with captcha


Implementing Akismet to Your Own Application

Mobilunity works on diverse projects and they all need to be protected with the help of security tools. Invisible captcha is one of them, when it comes to enhancing user experience. We are developing unique solutions for every project to make sure that the level of protection is high. Akismet can be integrated with PHP, Python, Ruby languages and even more. If you are developing your own app or CMS and wish to use this service for spam protection purposes, you need to get the Developer key. After getting it, you can make calls to Akismet to integrate it with your website. Click here to read the further guidelines.

Do you face any issues with installing invisible CAPTCHA to your website? Contact our team and we will gladly solve them.


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