Interview with a Dedicated Angular Developer

Angular and React are the most popular JS technologies for front-end development. Among all the others (there are many of them), these two somehow are the best. We now want to talk more about Angular and we can hear the answers from experienced front-end developer Roman, who is currently using Angular on a Canadian project. So, let’s check out what our dedicated Angular.js developer can tell us about this popular JavaScript framework and maybe hear some predictions and tips that might help us do the choice. After all, the world of web development has developed a lot and the choice is more complicated than ever with the wide range of the options available.

Interview with a Front-End Developer Roman

Why did you choose Angular?

Angular developer RomanWell, I chose Angular because it’s one of the best UI frameworks. It got a lot different since Angular 2 was released.  There’s a lot of improvements which make the framework much better. Actually, under the hood, this is a totally new framework. Firstly, it is how Angular 2 works with DOM. It uses unidirectional data flow and runs change detection on the model only. If it detects changes, it causes the DOM to be updated by updating the bindings and makes the structural directives like *ngFor, *ngIf, … update the DOM. Therefore, the DOM is only updated when the model is actually changed. Secondly, TypeScript.  Now Angular uses the language TypeScript by default which is the strong typing superset of JavaScript. TypeScript allows avoiding a lot of mistakes during the development process. Thirdly, restructured approach to the component communication and improved dependency injection.

People are actively discussing release of Angular 5 now, did you have a chance to test it already?

Angular developer RomanYes, I took a look at the new 5th version of Angular. It includes a bunch of new features:  AOT set as a compilation by default, added an Event Tracking Activation of Individual Routes, added new life circle events and other improvements. In addition to that, in Angular 5, Google shows strong intentions to make progressive web apps support easier. In general, Angular 5 is a logical continuation of Angular 4 and Angular’s guys said they are going to improve the framework further. Just after the release of Angular 5, Google announced the release date of Angular 6.  According to the plan, Angular 6 has to be released by March or April 2018.

Angular and React are the biggest players, who is winning the game and how do you choose between them?

Angular developer RomanTotally, agree. Angular and React are the most popular front-end technologies. It’s hard to say which one is the winner.  I don’t want to back a Holy War between Angular’s and React’s guys because both are great. First of all, comparison of Angular2 vs React is senseless. It’s like comparing oranges and apples. Angular is a framework, whereas React is a library. Both are front-end UI designing technologies that have their own pros & cons and independently work with their own approaches. The strongest feature of React is flexibility. Combined with other libraries and frameworks, such as Redux, Flux, or InmutableJS, among others, we can create a technological stack that allows us to develop web applications of any type. The strongest side of Angular is its perfect structuredness which allows to scale and support web applications in the easiest way. So, in my opinion, React is the best for small and middle size projects but Angular is the best for big and fast-growing projects.

What technologies are the best to use with Angular?

Angular developer RomanAngular 2 is only a front-end framework for building applications. It is not the right determinant for what backend you should use for your application. In fact, there is no relation with what choice of back-end technology you make. On the back-end you can use any language suitable for your projects: Java, C#, C++, Go, Python, NodeJs, PHP, etc. However, if you want the most convenient option, I would say – run a Node.js server and use MongoDB for your database. This is because you’ll have the ease of writing both, front-end and back-end code in JavaScript.

Can you tell us more about the project you are currently working on? What challenges are you facing there?

Angular developer RomanMy current project is an online service which provides an ability to manage and supervision branded social media accounts across all the major social networks. Reviewing and approving content, scoring or ranking content based on your business rules and a lot of really useful features for social media marketing and reputation management. On this project, we use Angular for creating the UI part of web-application. It’s a big and complicated real-time application which collects a lot of data from a broad range of social networks. Anyways, the user doesn’t have to think how complicated is this service and how many processes run under the hood. A user just wants to use it smoothly and comfortably. So the main challenge is to optimise UI and use the framework in the most efficient way.

Can you give your predictions for Angular development in the next 5 years? Do you forecast any new vectors?

Angular developer RomanMy prediction is that Angular will grow in popularity. Google will support and improve this framework, make it faster and add new features and a lot of new web-applications will be made on Angular. As we are talking about forecasts, I hope that Google will make a new framework to create mobile applications at the heart of which will be an Angular framework and it will compile directly into mobile platform native code (without Cordova layer like in Ionic). That would be great.

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