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As an active member of the European startup ecosystem, providing whole range of services to startups, our business analysts are constantly asked on the exact factors, that can contribute to an app’s success and in-demand by users. Of course, there is no single solution that can ensure 100% success for an app or device to achieve solid, ongoing engagement and revenue. This success relies on a combination of many factors such as: the unique idea behind the startup, the business strategy, app’s functionality, UI and UX design, and many more.

Recently we got acquainted with one Israeli company that provides custom, innovative, and interactive mass-market solutions for mobile operators, media companies, device manufacturers and app developers helping them to engage intelligently with their users while monetizing on the medium. Meet Celltick, a global company with eight international branches providing solutions for mobile operators, device manufactures and app developers such as America-Movil, T-mobile, iWireless, Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi, TCL and more.

Shirit FliderHere’s our interview with Celltick’s Director of Marketing Shirit Flider, where we learn more about the company, their current products and future plans.

Interview with Shirit Flider, Director of Marketing for Celltick

1. Please tell us about the founders of your company.

Ronen Daniel, CEO, has over 25 years of experience in the high-tech industry, especially in the area of mobile technologies and media. Prior to founding Celltick, Ronen was an avionics expert at Israel Aircraft Industries. Ronen is the inventor of several patents, including the primary Celltick patent.

2. Can you provide brief information on your service/product offerings and how does it benefit your clients?

As a global leader in mobile discovery and engagement, we develop innovative mobile products with outstanding visibility, engagement and monetization capabilities. These solutions can be leveraged by mobile operators, OEMs-ODMs and app developers to get their content found and used, while in the process they monetize on the medium.

We license premium global and local content from leading content providers around the globe, such as Reuter, BBC, TASS, AFP and many more, reconstruct it in adjustable digital formats making it unique to any user, based on specific audience demographics. This allows us to convert our substantial user traffic into rapidly growing revenues, which we share with our distribution partners.

3. What is the uniqueness about your product/service?

As we’ve seen firsthand the challenges faced by operators, device manufacturers and app developers to engage users while monetizing the experience, we have recently launched Start Magazine, a Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform.

Start Magazine provides a wide variety of contents to users in over 100 countries- in any language and any category. It can be leveraged by our clients via an open and a simple implementation method. The content can also be integrated with appropriate ads, relevant to the geography and language.

Start Magazine has been an exciting, immediate success, adopted by well-known applications like Tencent and Baidu and leading device manufacturers like Xiaomi and TCL. By utilizing the content available in the Magazine to localize their devices, we helped them create distinctive products that stand out in a competitive market.

Integrating content into such applications had an immediate impact. App developers and device manufactures reported successful KPIs that proves that “content is king” and can become a real game changer. Our partners reported a 50% higher opening rate and 70% higher sessions duration within the applications.

Start Magazine generates today more than 500M monthly page views, ranking among the top 40 publishers worldwide – and it continuous to grow rapidly, thanks to our growing community of publishers.

Developers can easily get a taste of how their unique magazine will look, by visiting

4. What main tech issues did you face during the development of your product/services?

As a global developer of mass market products and solutions, we must ensure that our product portfolio and technologies support every device on the market – from Galaxy S8 to feature phones. Even more, we need to stay prepared as new devices periodically emerge in the market. That takes a lot of manpower and attention to details.

Because they are distributed and used globally, our products need to offer interesting and valuable content in every language. This fact required us to sign contracts with over 100 premium content providers, and to be able to create and use a single API that on the one hand “talks” to all these content providers and meet their technical requirements, while at the same time remain accessible and simple to implement by our partners: operators, device manufacturers and app developers.

5. Do you plan any future releases for your consumers?

Looking forward we continue to sign contracts with premium global and local content providers and publishers to expand our content portfolio and offer end users the most interesting, trending and innovative content experience in their language. We are also working on providing our partners with enhanced BI and analytics tools to create more targeted engagements while monetizing on the medium.

The solutions this company offers are quite interesting and very creative. Thus, they are suitable and could be considered by startup owners for their MVP development.

If you are a startup and looking for some unique solutions for your MVP, we can easily help you develop an MVP implementing the extensions and products developed by Celltick or provide the team of dedicated developers who will work on your project.

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