Interview with YouAppi: Native Advertising Mobile App


We would like to acquaint you with YouAppi, a unique global startup headquartered and based in San Francisco. YouAppi delivers a platform that helps other businesses evaluate their mobile customers and concentrate on the most profitable and prospective users. We took the opportunity to learn more about the history, main challenges and future plans for YouAppi by interviewing the co-founders of this impressive platform.

Interview with Co-Founders of AdTech Company YouAppi from San Francisco

Management Team of YouAppi

  • What challenges does your company solve?

“With a thousand new apps uploaded to the various app stores daily in 2012, I realized that people would need a way to find relevant and interesting apps to install, and that app developers and marketers would need a way to find the best, most profitable users,” said YouAppi CEO & co-founder Moshe Vaknin. “We founded YouAppi to solve this challenge.”

  • What is the uniqueness about your startup/company?

For years, app marketing solutions promised their clients more downloads. Downloads are a start, but what app marketers need are profitable users. YouAppi’s OneRun platform and proprietary technology was developed in order to find valuable users by analyzing the Post-Install Events of the most profitable users. Depending on the app, Post-Install Events can include time spent, pages visited, items placed in shopping cart and / or purchased, articles read, etc. And now, based on years of experience working with clients who have had millions of apps installed, YouAppi’s algorithms and predictive analytics technology is able to find the most profitable users for every app.

  • What were some of your concerns during the decision making process for finding a vendor for MVP development?

Having worked in digital and mobile marketing for a number of years before founding YouAppi, our team had both a strong understanding of what the market needed, as well as access to a pool of developers to work with. Furthermore, our founding team is very technical. As the CEO, I am responsible for the business side, even though I’m an engineer by education and experience.

  • What main tech issues did you face during the development of your product/services?

With technologies and markets moving faster and faster, the main challenge is to keep up with the market without investing resources in a new technology or solution which fails to get adopted by the market. At YouAppi, we have our finger on the market’s pulse and have been fortunate to enjoy exponential growth in 2016 and 2017 by offering the right mix of technology-driven solutions for the app market.

  • Do you plan any future releases for your consumers?

Though YouAppi’s initial solution was developed for consumers interested in finding the right apps, we’re now a B2B company developing solutions for app marketers, developers, agencies and publishers.

The Tendency of the 21st Century

MarTech and AdTech are not just new fields in the technology sector. They are among the best and most rapidly developed markets as the demand for such solutions is growing. Nowadays more and more companies are looking to find the right partners who deliver new and unique solutions in order to improve their services and products while delivering better value to their customers. Time shows that being alone one can do very little, but having united with other businesses and having worked out the solutions that make the lives of their customers easier, is the right way and strategy to follow in the 21st century.

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