Things You Still Didn’t Know About Angular [Interviewing Our Dedicated Angular Developer]

Mobilunity is here to open your mind about Angular. We have taken all the frequently asked questions which concern Angular and asked our dedicated Angular developer Sergiy. Let’s see what he has prepared for us.

Q #1: What are the reasons you chose Angular in your project?

Angular DeveloperIn short, with Angular, we can build an easily scalable and maintainable application. I know that other framework fans could have some arguments, but still, in my opinion for most kind of tasks Angular is a great choice. I like the way of building applications that Angular offers. I think most separate parts of the logic in their own places very friendly for developing. Of course, working with Angular may require more effort because of TypeScript, but this will allow to have more control on the application in the future.

Q #2 What do you like about working with Angular?

Angular DeveloperFirst of all, it’s TypeScript. At the start of my career as a web developer in Kyiv, I was searching through frameworks and at some point, there were rumors that the next Angular would be on TypeScript. And this fact had the most influence in my decision to pick up this framework.

Angular includes all useful modules that required in most use-cases and official components library. Also, you can find other libraries from well-known companies.

Q #3 How do you keep your Angular code more readable and maintainable?

Angular DeveloperIt starts with the folders structure, which needs to be not very deep and allow to find something quickly. In other cases you need to build your structure the way, so you can easily move parts of your project without breaking a lot of code. And when it breaks, you are able to locate and fix that problem, so your methods and variables show what they are for so you can trace the way.

Q #4 What does testable and reusable code mean to you in context of Angular?

Angular DeveloperIn the context of Angular, it means, that we can easily take some component and move it from one module to another or use it in all modules and it will work as we expect so. Angular’s project structure makes this kind of changes easy to implement. And to do so, you need to keep your code clean enough, to reconnect it somewhere or test it. So testable code is the one, you can reproduce elsewhere without dependency hell.

Q #5 What’s so good about Angular 6? What advantages does it have over Angular 5?

The sixth version of Angular is a direct continuation of the 5th with minor improvements and changes. In comparison with the previous version, the rendering mechanism has changed, which will reduce the size of the final application.

Q #6 How can I convert my Angular 5 app to Angular 6?

To do this, just use the site, select the appropriate versions and follow the instructions.

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Q #7 Is it true that Angular is dying?

Angular DeveloperThis is not true. Since second release Angular has become a powerful tool for developing complex applications with a consistent logic that could be placed on considered abstract level. Anyway, there are still many projects built with the first Angular. Some of them just do what they were made for and others are waiting for it’s time to be refactored using Angular 2+.

Q #8 If you could decide on a new feature for Angular, what would it be?

Angular DeveloperAngular already has a lot of great features, but it would be great to see Angular Elements, that will allow creating custom elements with their own logic, based on Angular and at the same time they could interact with another element, built with another framework.

Having more questions about Angular? Ask us now and we will be gladly answering ASAP!

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