Is It Worth Working with Web Agency?

In the modern world, everything is developing fast. Sometimes a person can not even live a short time in a routine. Mostly this happens because of the rapid development of technologies in all spheres of human activity. Computer technologies and Internet played a major role in such rapid advancement.

The Internet and web technologies have opened new horizons for the exchange of information between people, opportunities for free contact from virtually anywhere in the world, as well as new boundaries for business. There was a huge demand and a lot of proposals for web development around the world.

Web studio have began to appear with a staff of different web app developers. The main occupations of such studios are website development, application design, marketing, SEO, etc. Often the scenario of the birth of such studios is simple.

A group of developers, perhaps freelancers, were going to start their own business, what they are good at. Later, the studios grew into something more, a new term web agency has appeared. Often, those who do not work in the sphere believe that there is no difference between web development studio and web development agency, but it is not true. Now I’ll try to explain you more.

The Differences Between Web Studio and Web Agency

As it became clear, there is a difference between these concepts. First of all, you should understand that web agencies have not replaced a web studio. Rather, they exist in tandem and everyone can work with software service companies, with different manufacturers, film companies, computer software firms, help different events and projects to achieve their goals.

web development studio vs web agency

Strategic Difference

The task of the web agency is to develop and achieve a plan for a long period. For example, the agency can develop sites, or mobile applications in the framework of a promotional campaign, engage in an advertising web-campaign, the creation and development of communities in social networks. On the contrary, Web studio has short-term goals. After doing some work, the product passes into the hands of the client and customer decides what to do with it.

Difference in Employment

Web agency may consist of several departments. This allows the company to engage in multiple projects simultaneously. As mentioned earlier, the web studio is aimed most of all at single project, after which studio will take up another task, possibly even from another customer.

Project Management

Web design and development agency during the execution of any order, takes over part of the customer’s work processes. Also, the agency can take part of the product development, if the parties agreed on this. A studio, unlike the agency, manages the work processes of its own developers only. Roughly speaking, it only performs the development of what was ordered by the customer.

Development Staff

The studio, if it’s a good studio, always has developers in its staff to create a quality web product. Web studio is created by enthusiasts and specialists of their business. The agency, in turn, will not necessarily have in its staff developers of all kinds. The main thing for the agency is to establish good working processes with the studio so that the client does not feel any discomfort.

Worrying Concerning Customer Lost

Web agencies worry about their customers and try to provide them with the best services. After losing a client, the agency will lose long-term cooperation and its benefits. Consequently, the client will lose the contractor who is worried about his customers. The studios often have short-term orders. The loss of one client will not bring any serious losses for web studio as they easily find another customer.

Professional digital agencies are not limited only to the creation of sites. They work in complex to create and strengthen the customer’s name on the market, its promotion in the media, forums, websites, various portals, social networks, Instagram and even on radio and television. Representatives of such a company can for years continue to develop the project, promote it in the media, trying to maximize its recognition and customer loyalty.

Main Pros and Cons Working With Web Agencies

Collaborating with web agencies, you get a product and services of high quality for a lower cost. Agencies work on the principle of a conveyor. The advantages of such cooperation are obvious. The agencies are highly qualified in their field of activity. In view of the high number of works, there is a good track record.

pros and cons working with web agency

You can easily cooperate with offshore web agencies

One of main advantage is offshore cooperation. For example, to implement an urgent task, or an important project, you do not need to spend time and resources of your company to find necessary personnel. Web agency has already done this work for you. By signing a contract with a web agency, you get a new staff, who are very familiar with the web development and promotion business.

It is cheaper

The cost of the final product is reduced due to the decrease in the cost of workplaces. At the same time, there is no need to hire and fire employees. And again, you will not need to spend resources on arranging jobs, paying sick leave, vacation, no need to worry about the distribution of bonuses, etc.

The best benefit

Since web agencies are focused on long-term cooperation, the management of such agencies will carefully monitor the quality of your project. Surely the development team from the agency will appreciate you more than you do. As a result, you get high-quality custom software developers, highly qualified customer support, agency concern for your product and your company.

hire custom software developers


Web Development Agency in Ukraine

In the whole world there are many different web agencies. From the United States to Asia, you can find an uncountable number of offers from various web agencies.

Of course, they all differ in the cost of development and its quality. For example, the United States is considered the progenitor of programming in the form in which we see it now.

It will be unmistakable to believe that there are many intelligent developers in the US. At the same time, expensive developers. For instance, the New York web development agency pays its developers a year’s salary of about $85,000. However, there are alternatives.

Already for about 5 years, Ukraine, namely Kiev, the capital of the country, is considered to be the second Silicon Valley. This European web development and programming center is famous for its quality and, importantly for investors, low developer cost. The annual salary of a web developer in Ukraine is on average $30,000.

High quality of development and low price is very attractive for foreign investors. In Ukraine, there are also many qualified web agencies. One such company is Mobilunity, which has been working with its Western customers for many years.

best web development agency

The Best Alternative for Customer

Web agencies’ products and services are considered to be in high demand nowadays. For any business it is much easier to order services in such agencies. It will save time and sometimes huge costs amount. Especially, as it was mentioned above, you would better consider to order a services in offshore companies such as Mobilunity, which is best web development agency in Ukraine and, maybe, in whole Europe.

If you are looking for modern and qualified web agency for your type of business – hire dedicated team of developers from Mobilunity.

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