Kyiv Developers as the Key Benefit of Outsourcing to Ukraine

Kyiv as the Biggest Ukrainian IT Hub

Kyiv (also known as Kiev in Russian transliteration) is considered as a reliable and attractive destination for engineering outsourcing services among EE countries. Large enterprises, SMEs, and startups invest in the Ukrainian workforce and get quality services from dedicated development teams. Any software company in Kyiv will build your team from scratch and make sure successful and long-term cooperation.

The majority of Ukrainian developers are located in the biggest country’s cities, but the main concentration of engineers is located in software companies in Kyiv. They keep up with the latest technologies in Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C#, C++, and other popular programming languages. Graduated from powerful educational institutions such as Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kyiv National Shevchenko University, most of these graduates have specialization in STEM and other engineering-related fields.

Innovative implementations, smart costs, a big number of certified developers, and a good level of English are some of the characteristics describing Ukrainian developers. These days, the IT market has a huge number of specialists delivering their solid technical expertise to clients in the United States, West Europe, and Asian countries.

Ukrainian Software Developers Working for Widely Known Companies

Tech giants and startup businesses continue to see a great advantage of delegating their small and large projects to development teams in Kyiv. As an IT ecosystem is growing and expanding, Ukrainian coders and Kyiv developers in particular cover numerous services, including web and mobile development, integration, cloud computing and cloud security, migration, maintenance, support, and more.

  • CloudMade 

A London-based startup business that deals with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The central area of their services is design software for car manufacturing companies in Japan, the United States, North American countries, and Europe. Over 120 teams across the world implement innovative solutions to create digital experiences through Intelligent Apps and Software that considerably facilitates driving. A part of their operations has been delegated to Kyiv, Ukraine that includes QA engineers, project managers, and sales members; some of the Ukrainian representatives are included in the company’s Board of Directors.

  • Dacadoo

A technology company based in Switzerland that deals with the digitization of healthcare services delivery. Among 200 million people working for the company across the world, Dacadoo has around 40 people in the Kyiv-based IT software company. They deliver the expertise in DevOps, Java, Kotlin, CI\CD, as well as QA automation services.

  • DisclosureNet

A Canadian company specializing in cloud-based disclosure management. For 13 years operating on the market, they managed to gain recognition from the core world-known companies such as Deloitte, KPMG, Aon Hewitt, Duke Energy, and other clients. One of 5 global companies is located in Kyiv, with a team working for a variety of software projects.

  • esurance

A Fintech startup from Switzerland decided to extend its local team and hire dedicated developers from Ukraine. An online insurance broker these days has a dedicated team of highly skilled developers in Kyiv, including QA engineers, frontend and backend developers, CTO, and others. Ukraine development company managed to create long-term and successful cooperation by satisfying the technical needs of esurance thanks to amazing expertise of Ukrainian coders in diverse technologies, a strong sense of commitment and full devotion to the company’s goals.

List of Top Software Technologies to Outsource in Ukraine and Kyiv

Software outsourcing means to delegate a part or an entire project to the development team in another location. You can either choose nearshoring or offshoring, depending on your preferences, needs, and business goals. While the difference between these two models is inconsiderable, some companies find it more convenient to nearshore their operations. What it means is that a hired team is located in the same time zone, has a similar cultural background, and can be easily managed as the client has full control of all development processes during the project execution.

Not only the world introduces new technologies and programming languages, but also, every day, they release new versions and frameworks of existing coding languages to facilitate the process of development, add new features and decrease the time on the project execution. In February 2020, presented the results of the annual survey on the most used programming languages among Ukrainian developers so we may see what skills Ukrainian coders have and what top 10 languages programmers from Ukraine are using while working on their projects:

Programming Language% of Devs Leveraging Language for Their Work

Exploring the Best Software Development Companies Kyiv

In 2015, Ukraine was officially announced as #1 country for outsourcing software development services. Companies from the United States, Asia, and West Europe with world-known names set up their R&D centers to get the best out of Ukrainian powerful tech expertise. These include Google, ABBYY, Samsung, Huawei, and other global tech giants. 

Software services are exported to the world by over 100,000 dedicated and professional software engineers. A great percentage of developers in Ukraine work for outsourcing companies and deliver their services in numerous industries: cloud and gaming, healthcare, retail, travel, media, eCommerce.  

The growth of the IT market in Ukraine is actively supported by foreign investors. For instance, as they see an immense potential of the technical bubble, The BrainBasket Foundation revealed an interest in training Ukrainian developers by establishing over 100 new technical parks. This leads to a new generation of software developers, an increased number of startup businesses, and attracts companies in countries in the world to hire specialists in Kyiv. 

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Annual Salary Rates of Software Developers and Engineers in Kyiv

Depending on the skills, education, and experience of specialists, software developer salary in Kyiv differs. It is worth mentioning that Kyiv Ukraine software companies can hire as experienced developers as beginners. The latter means that the company is ready to put its efforts into their professional growth and education to make it a complete and unique team member. Let’s see the average monthly software developer salary Kyiv can offer based on Mobilunity’s Recruiting Team research over several local job portals for diverse technologies:

  • Full stack developer Kyiv salary is $3,100
  • Java programmer Kyiv makes $3,267 per month
  • JavaScript developer in Kyiv earns $2,867 per month
  • React.js developer average monthly salary is $3,200
  • Monthly net salary of iOS app developers Kyiv is $3,200
  • Net Salary of Ionic app developer is $3,133 per month
  • Net salary of Unity3D game developers Kyiv is $3,200 per month

Despite such low rates of software engineer salary in Kyiv, if compared to West European countries or the United States, most of the Ukrainian developers have a STEM degree or graduated from other technology-related faculties. Moreover, software and outsourcing companies usually reveal a great interest in providing their workforce with training courses to elevate their tech skills and expertise. They often give the opportunity to their employees to visit tech conferences where they get to know with the latest technologies and innovations.

Outstaffing and Outsourcing Kyiv Developers as a Distinctive Business Strategy

From large enterprises to startups in Western Europe, from long-term to short-term projects, from tech corporations to healthcare organizations – Kyiv has a holistic approach to meet the needs of any client. If you start typing frontend developer Kyiv, app developer Kyiv, fullstack web developer Kyiv, or web developers Kyiv the search engine will generate dozens of companies and developers’ profiles to choose from. Let’s define what benefits you can have from working with Ukrainian software engineers:

  • Excellent recruitment process

Recruiters in software companies are extremely accurate and attentive when it comes to searching for candidates. They properly analyze your requirements, needs, and business goals to find you the specialists. Moreover, based on your financial capacities, they will find you the ones to fit your budget and at the same time provide you with world-class tech expertise. 

  • Attractive tax regulations 

Besides covering the paychecks for developers, companies usually cover a certain amount of taxes. In the United States, the income tax varies from 18 to 40%, while Ukrainian developers pay a maximum of 20%

  • European quality standards 

Best software companies in Ukraine follow the regulations of software development standards to deliver high-quality services. In fact, the IT Ukraine Association constantly conducts numerous meetings and conferences on knowledge exchange to promote Ukrainian services and bring the best technical expertise to the country. 

  • Large talent pool

There are 184,700 software developers in Ukraine and a great number of these specialists are located in Kyiv. Ukrainian developers have been proved by global companies to have a proactive mindset, high level of responsibility, loyalty, and dedication. They are always striving to get new knowledge and implement it in practice. 

  • Affordable prices

Kyiv is attractive for startups to outsource software development as it allows them to save money being on a shoestring budget. On the other hand, high quality of services for lower prices grants large enterprises a competitive advantage. 

Mobilunity Among Trusted Dedicated Development Teams Providers

Founded in 2010, Mobilunity has been providing its dedicated development teams for over 9 years to companies in the United States, West Europe, and Asia. We started as a small company with a limited list of services and managed to gain local recognition by having over 40 clients from all over the world. The company’s Recruitment Team may find IT specialists with expertise in application and web development, software design, cloud computing, cloud security, and more. 

We are driving based on Western Management with Ukrainian Development for Global Delivery. We are striving to naturally extend your team without creating much of a gap in communication and culture. From frontend developer Kyiv to backend developer Kyiv, our recruitment team will build your team and take care of its retention. Here is a list of several reasons to hire developers at Mobilunity: 

  • Fast hiring process. Our Recruitment Team uses a custom approach to finding only talented, skilled and well-versed engineers so you get a shortlist of candidates shortly. After that, you are free to conduct personal interviews with the developers to find out more details as well as ask for a test assignment to access the technical skills.
  • Cultural similarities and a solid knowledge of English. Ukrainian developers share a similar culture with West European countries thus troublesome situations can be managed with ease. This aspect also adds to the desire to align with your business goals and objectives. Our developers not only listen but hear. They are willing to initiate changes and implementation to make the best out of your product. 
  • Smart costs. As claimed earlier, we will consider your budget to find the developers in a required quantity and within a specified price range. 
  • Staff retention isn’t your pain. Since one of our core values is Retention, we are willing to create a healthy environment to meet the personal and professional needs of your remote team.
  • Ability to work together. We encourage our clients to organize visits and work side by side with their development teams. This will bring some clarity in the development process as well as connect you for better understanding, hence successful cooperation. 

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