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August 11, 2016 - Cathy

List of 80 Startup Accelerators You Should Follow on Twitter

Success of any startup depends much on the business ability to keep abreast of the latest trends in business, financial and marketing spheres. Being a part of startup community, regularly attending industry events, reading and analyzing weekly newsletters are the steps that any entrepreneur should undertake towards building a successful startup. But the most rapid updates of course come from social media. So today we’ve prepared a list of top 80 Twitter accounts your startup company should follow in order to get all important latest news delivered promptly to your inbox.

Top 80 Twitter Accounts for Startups

We divided all accounts by the scope they work in, so feel free to pick those that are closest to your business and start following the key experts for your own benefit. We highly recommend to spend a while and add all accounts to your Twitter – and no more industry newsletters would be needed.

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Top 10 Startup Accelerators

These coaches and startup consulting services provide awesome mentorship in addition to updating their Twitter feeds with useful tips and news:

  • Apex Systems CIE
  • MassChallenge
  • Dreamit
  • MentorDay
  • Accelerate with Google
  • DodgersAccel
  • Boomtown Accelerator
  • Ignite Accelerator
  • ReBoot Accelerator
  • Accelerator Centre

Top 15 Accounts for Business Development Ideas

These 15 Twitter accounts are absolutely must to follow if you are looking for regular updates on how to develop your startup, organize internal processes and optimize performance:

  • StartupSocials
  • Startup Theory
  • EM3 Growth Hub
  • GrowthHackers
  • Strong Social
  • Culture Shift Labs
  • Startup Stir
  • UPComingVC
  • Global Invest Her
  • Swabbl
  • _Underscore.VC
  • Farland Group
  • Cirrus Identity
  • MentorCloud
  • Lean Startup Co.

Top 5 Startup Events Accounts

If you are looking for daily updates on interesting startup events, then these profiles are absolutely must to be followed:

  • Eventbrite
  • EventPriemier
  • Startup Events
  • Startup Calendar
  • StartUp Events


Top 5 Finance Consultancies

Funding questions are crucially important for startups, so your business should be in a loop. Follow these profiles to get instant updates on financial questions and trends:

  • BizGees
  • Startups OnTap
  • SHEN GEN Accounting
  • Spark Capital

Top 20 Startup Coaches

Getting professional advice from top business consultants is not a privilege you should be necessary paying for – just add these startup experts and mentors to your Twitter:

  • Jason Quach
  • Keysha Bass
  • Jean-Charles Neau
  • Kristine Marzolf
  • Pablo Garrido
  • Barnaby Lashbrooke
  • Mariano SuarezBattan
  • Paulina Szyrmer
  • Kenneth Manesse Sr.
  • Attila Nyeki
  • Kim Frazier
  • Tatjana de Kerros
  • Craig Shimasaki
  • Eduardo Alvarez
  • Mark
  • Maxime_Dahan
  • Rick Palmer
  • Burton Lee
  • Wil Schroter
  • Patty White

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Top 10 Local Accounts

Each business has its own local specifics, so we picked top accounts, which update on local startup news daily. Follow them according to your location:

  • Startup Ireland
  • Startup India
  • Startup Muster
  • iEER
  • Vital Corp Solutions
  • IDA Ireland ‏
  • Startup Montreal
  • Startup Engine
  • MSFT Accelerator UK

Top 5 Startup Marketing Profiles

If you are looking for a quick marketing advice, start following these SEO and marketing experts and professional services. They share awesome tips on how to improve your online business presence:

  • Our Marketing Guys
  • No CMO
  • MailChimp
  • SendinBlue
  • Shauna Causey

Top 5 Startup News Accounts

To keep yourself informed about top business updates, follow these general streams for startups and business owners. With these big brands you won’t miss anything important:

  • 500 Startups
  • Entrepreneur
  • IcoNYC Trade Brands
  • New Founders News
  • Mashable – Startups

Top 5 Technology Profiles

Implementing latest technologies in your startup is one of the key reasons of your business success. Don’t miss IT trends and start following such accounts:

  • techstars
  • TechCrunch
  • the Startup IT Guy
  • Technical Talents

Building and developing a flourishing startup is not an easy thing, but with wise coaches by your side you will be always on the right track. And these consultants are so close to you now – just in your Twitter.

Do you know a great Twitter account we’ve missed? Add your suggestion in comments!

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