Logentries Review – Effective Log Analytics

Logentries is a simple cloud based monitoring system which can be used to monitor several and rather complex projects. This system is rather commonly used and according to BuiltWith, top locations of businesses using Logentries are:

  • United States 391
  • Germany 15
  • United Kingdom 13

With its help you can easily build analytics and analyse your project’s statistics as it collects and analyzes logs across software stacks. Mobilunity PHP developers often use this tool to track logs of different applications we create, so we’ve prepared a logentries review based on our own experience.

Logentries company is based in Boston while was founded in 2010 in Dublin. Founders more than ten years have been working in the University of Dublin focusing on analysis and common performance of IT industry. This was a key point in creation of Logentries product as it can be easily used by non technical staff which is very beneficial.

Logentries Review: Overview of the System

System has 5 main features that you find when login:

  • Logs
  • Tags&Alerts
  • Dashboards
  • Datahub
  • Community

log analytics

Screenshot of Logentries

With the help of Logentries teams can work together performing log analysis and highlighting issues for each other and adding comments. What is remarkable that it’s not required to learn query language in search of the root of issues. Thus if you are going to develop php web application – process will be more comfortable for you.

Logentries and Mobilunity

Due to a great scope of different projects that are run by Mobilunity our company was in need of great log management tools that could write all the information about any errors that we encounter for ease in analysis. And one of the most efficient key factors in choice of such kind of system was a need in real-time alerts, thus we could be informed asap in case of any errors may happen. Also timestamps were perfect option for bug fix and problem solving. These and more features made our company to chose Logentries.

log management tools

Mobilunity Logentries Usage Details

Thus, Log Analysis System Has Such Pros:

  • Real-time alerting&tagging

Based on tags that team members create or any of chosen criterias alerts are sent to email.

  • Ease in setup and search

It’s all due to its human readable interface which is logic and clear.

  • Support of most popular programming languages

Java, .Net, Ruby, PHP, node.js, Python.

  • Free features

30 days trial with up to 5 GB free space

  • Ease in visualization of log analytics

Graphics and dashboards, various widgets help teams in their analysis and cooperation.

  • Timestamps

According to local timezone there is no need in any kind of configurations as all clear and understandable.

logentries review

Cons of Logentries Log Analytics

Also numerous Pros this system has own Cons, that sometimes could be an issue for Mobilunity:

  • Character limit

Limit of 8192 characters which breaks the entries in few parts that might be a problem in case there  few logs.

Moreover, this service has a limit in 100 logs per server. Thus, if you host many sites on this server – limit will be reached fast.

  • Inconvenient grouping

This could be inconvenient for you if you plan to check browsers that were used for  some type of error – this might be a challenge for you.

  • Blocked by Adblocker

Unfortunately it’s rather inconvenient

  • Absence of JavaScript Reporting

This Programming language being in leaders of use in modern frontend programming unfortunately is not supported. Here you will need to search for something else.

Thus absence of JavaScript Reporting in progress of developing wordpress plugins can be a big disadvantage for you.

log analysis

Mobilunity Logs

Log Management Tools Alternatives

As well as tracking of errors done by JavaScript could be rather important for any company you can check functionality of such tools:

Only JS tracking: Unfortunately this service also can be blocked by adblockers, still Rollbar offers some hooks which will prevent wrong reporting.

Only JS tracking: Offers easy way to track and monitor javascript errors that might happen in your Web Application. And one of the most interesting features the service offers is recreation of Bugs.

Papertrail is a frustration-free log management tool that allows you to instantly manage logs from different servers.

With Papertrail, you can consolidate your logs in one place with a cloud-hosted log management service that takes typically only minutes to set up. Powerful. Quickly diagnose and fix customer problems, error messages, app server errors, and slow DB queries with full visibility across all logs.

Supports raw texts, logs and JSON and unlikely to Logentries it captures Javascript errors. Still having same cons as Logentries, Loggly has more disadvantages: its expensive, doesn’t offer timestamps, tags are not supported for javascript.

Having all in mind our Project Manager Igor commented about this tool:

“It has very clear dashboards and logs where you can find all you need with ease in just one minute”.

Thus, being a real-time management system makes machine log data easy to understand for non-techie people, track and resolve issues in fast and efficient manner.

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