Marketplace Web and Mobile Applications: Development Team Perspective

It’s quite interesting to observe from development company perspective how economy changes (or stagnates) based on the inquiries we get from our past and new customers. Technically speaking, the interest to marketplace applications has been more or less stable over the past 5 years:

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Having a dozen of marketplace app development projects (web-only, mobile-only and of course both web and mobile together), we still keep getting inquired about more and more complicated marketplaces integrated with APIs of their niche marketplace giants and other 3rd party services, such as Google Analytics and e-commerce payment systems.

Online marketplace platforms are, as a rule, based on two user stories and built in a way to cater for the needs of two types (sometimes more) of users: those, who are searching for something and those, who are offering something – a buyer and a seller, a landlord and a tenant, a startup owner and an investor etc. Generally speaking, all marketplace applications have a lot in common, but as most of them are targeted at some narrow niche, having this peculiar something, that embodies the core idea of a certain field in a marketplace, is essential.

Expectations of Our Customers

Among the inquiries we usually get are the following:

“Create a marketplace system like A, but we need this part to be done in a different way.”

“Help me build a community of like-minded people, who will be able to exchange the D items (services) under my marketplace app roof.”

“I need a huge online marketplace platform structured exactly like this, but which is oriented solely around my niche market.”

In all such cases we always come up with a list of questions to clarify complexity of the web or mobile app development projects:

  1. Who are the prospective users of the application and what are typical scenarios performed by them on this online marketplace platform?
  2. Will a marketplace have both web and mobile applications, and whether both of them are really needed?
  3. Will user experience (and user scenarios) be alike on web and mobile applications, and if so – why do you want them to be alike, and why not to give different user experience based on type of device the applications are going to be used on?
  4. Will the app be integrated with other systems via some APIs?
  5. Payments as a dedicated module:

5.1. Does the marketplace presuppose to be a platform for the payment procession as well, and if so – how will it be regulated?
5.2. What 3rd party vendor businesses are planned to be involved? 

5.3. What are the internal platform scenarios a client expects in terms of the payments?

mobile app development projects

Mobile application solutions for London startup Gleat

Life Hacks for Marketplace Application Owners

In course of years of application development, our company has arrived at a few conclusions about marketplace app development and lifehacks for their owners:

right planning of marketplace app developmentSynergy comes with the right planning of what is going to be done on the go, via mobile devices (e.g. what functions of the app can be fulfilled via the phone/tablet), and of more fundamental things (such as settings, setups, configurations and customization) which are way easier and more convenient to be done on a website itself.

hybrid mobile app development projectsNobody does single platform apps any more, as it is always more preferable to cover the whole market, and this requires both iOS and Android devices compatibility. Clarify with a vendor whether your budget is sufficient to cover development of separate apps for iOS and Android, or maybe it would be more reasonable to opt for so-called hybrid or cross-platform development to create a marketplace app for your business.

stakeholder engagement in marketplace app developmentThe mere idea is not enough for a vendor of your marketplace to do the job right and proficiently. Be ready to dedicate a few days to answer dozens of questions in details, in order to help the company you are working with plan and assess things properly on stage 0, when they are not even at development process. Be sure you are engaged in this phase, since without proper market research and examination the chances you will get what you have been dreaming of are really low.

mobile app development by Mobilunity

Event Calendar mobile app developed by Mobilunity

Mobilunity has experience of web and mobile platforms development since 2010. We did hundreds of projects that brought ample useful experience, expertise and relevant in-house know-how. Our team is an expert in developing of e-commerce platforms, marketplaces as well as web and mobile applications for them, and provides working solutions for different niches of business. We are proud of our customers’ results, and we want to be helpful for your next marketplace idea implementation. Hire mobile app developer for marketplace and let’s create a wonderful e-commerce platform together!

marketplace app development services

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