Mobile Health App Development for Startups

As more and more people are targeting their wellness and health, the interest in health apps keeps growing by producing demand. So software companies should seek the best ways to adapt to the new global trends and be able to create Android app that would meet all the market requirements.

What You Should Know About Mobile Health App Developers

With over 2.1 billion people having smartphones or tablets accessing mobile health apps, 50% of them have downloaded at least one medical app. Health applications have become by 330% more popular within the last 3 years. According to Research2Guidance Annual mHealth Report 2016, since 2015, nearly 100K med apps have been added to the market, where there had already been 259K health apps in major app stores back then. As of today, the number of mHealth apps in Google Play is 445,000 and 391,000 in AppStore.

As the environment and strategies in modern healthcare are instantly moving towards prevention rather than cure of diseases, the role of healthcare apps is immense. Usage of mHealth apps is fostered both by healthcare organizations and providers and by the users as well that form the demand in the market. Apps are aimed at improvement of a workflow (60%) and interoperability (55%) in the healthcare industry. At the same time, they are extensively used by population to keep track of their health on occasion of illnesses or just to keep fit. What is more, 37% of respondents in mHealth, reported that migrating health data to the Electronic Health Record system is a desirable option for the future of healthcare application development.

mHealth apps are used for easy and simple measurements of blood pressure and heart rate. It’s also possible to measure vision or hearing via various tests right from your smartphone. Some of them include ECG pulse oximeters, others allow users to measure their lung capacity, control sugar and weight, monitor sleep rates and phases. And of course, some of the most popular health apps are those used for exercise training. Today’s technology allows you to see the doctor immediately without having to go to the office, via special apps. Using them is easy and often requires just a few clicks on the phone instead of carrying out unnecessary measurements with external devices and writing it all down. You can do all the required measurements or even contact your doctor any time anywhere, whether you’re at work, traveling or studying. Having entered people’s lives, mobile health apps have revolutionized living and approach to healthcare, they’ve made it easier and more accessible. As wearable tech has galvanized people to self-test and start to actively seek the ways to improve their own health and prevent illnesses.

Regarding healthcare app popularity, workout and weight loss apps take the lead with 73%, followed by 21% of general health apps, 5% of studio fitness content and only 1% for nutrition-related apps.

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Top 5 Companies in the Health App Development

Increased public awareness for their wellness together with the readiness of the healthcare industry to become more “mobile” and “techy” form a strong demand for health app developers. Moreover, health insurance companies are those that will boost the demand for mobile app development in the sphere.

Europe is the biggest region (47%) involved in global app development with 36 countries. North America is the second biggest region – 36%.

Here are top 5 healthcare applications:



This is a perfect app for all doctors available for both Android and iOS. With this app doctors can check on the patients in terms of measuring their BMI. Also, the app is useful for looking up drug information and interactions, find other providers for consults and referrals. Most content of the app is free, but there are additional features, which you can buy for $174.99 per year.


AirStrip Logo

Is a platform which allows care coordination on different devices and care settings. All the data regarding everything from the medical routine: medical devices, health information exchanges, health records, and other monitoring solutions can be accessed between smartphones, tablets, and computers from hospitals.

Insight Optics

Insight Optics

This application eases the doctors’ work in an amazing way. Insight Optics helps PCPs to provide eye exams during yearly whole body checkups. With the help of smartphones high resolution camera, patient can scan and take photos of the eye for their further review. Application will tell whether you have problems with eye and if you need to see a doctor.



This is a very helpful app for emergency room physicians as well as for nurses, medical students and pharmacists. PEPID allows you to diagnose the patient using his symptoms and complaints, suggests the list of the drags in this case and the all the possible variants of the treatment.



Similar application to the one above, but for the patients, meaning it is more simplified. It allows the patient to check his condition, suggests ways of treatment and guides through all the illness or disease. App also checks all the progress, compares with other users conditions, and notifies the patient if he needs to go to the hospital.

Top 5 Healthcare Startup Apps

Oscar Health is an app designed by an NY based health insurance company to help their clients access their medical data anytime it is necessary including activity tracking.

Ambulatory EHR by Meditech provides access to complete web charts of patient records in various healthcare organizations. They allow to viewing patients’ records with a single tap on a mobile device, as well as order prescriptions, appointments and procedures scheduling, making notes of the progress of health conditions.

Doctor on Demand is an app that enforces patients to make appointments and instantly consult their doctors without visiting the clinic but via video connection.

Microsoft Health Vault by Microsoft is a free app available in iOS, Android and Windows phone designed for safe storage of medical records with an option of sharing them with doctors. Moreover, it allows patients with chronic conditions to track their daily health metrics with either manual or automatic data input.

CareAware Connect by Cerner is a solution for providers that assist in workflow completion and clinical communication management for multiple teams, all on a single mobile device.

How to Create Health Applications Step by Step

It is possible to create a mHealth application in a few easy steps:

Step #1 Market research and insights. Know your market and its demand, the major competitors and what their apps are lacking.

Step #2 Your app features should be coherent with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), as it governs legitimate data share and privacy issues.

Step #3 Your future app’s footprint and details. Check what kind of application it should be, whether it should be designed to store big amounts of data etc.

Step #4 Make sure standard coding terms such as SNOMED, DICOM, ICD-10 etc will be used in your app to avoid miscommunications with other apps.

Step #5 Have a clear vision of how your app should look like so designers can follow your guidelines.

Step #6 Find a trusted mobile health app development company.

Today, healthcare app development is not limited to technical issues only, as they require specific skills from executives. In order to develop health applications, programming is insufficient. A developer should be aware not only of the app development processes and be able to adjust it to the peculiarities of healthcare industries, but also have deep insight into the wellness and health eventually.

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Healthcare developers should demonstrate deep knowledge in fulfilling one or some of the following features in the app:

  • Broad healthcare event listings
  • The quick search for easy search a view of specific topics as well as doctor search on the basis of specialization and/or location
  • Online appointment scheduling for e-visits, providing a reminder call
  • First Aid Essentials with the option to email friends
  • Include real-time push notifications
  • Integrate emergency response systems
  • Pharmaceuticals and hospital dictionaries
  • Symptom checkers

As VR medicine, 3D printing, drone delivery, are quickly entering modern medicine, developers should correspondingly react by being able to integrate these technologies into the apps they make.

Medical Mobile App Developers Demand

As the demand for apps grows, so does the demand for those companies who will be powering them with the explicitly highly skilled talent pool of medical app developers.

Taking into account that in 2017, 62% of healthcare companies reported their intent to either add new tools and features or create new systems, it can be assumed that the medical mobile app market is only expected to grow, as well as the demand for great experts in the field.

Besides creating an app carefully designed by UI/UX designers and working perfectly on the programming side, mHealth app developers should also keep in mind that there are more factors to consider during the development process. User behavior is what vital in healthcare mobile app development, as this sphere is relatively new and requires more statistical research with the further adaptation of technical solutions to them.

Mobilunity provides careful high-quality solutions by providing skilled healthcare mobile app developers and creating mHealth apps of any complexity.

If you have an outstanding idea about the new mHealth app that will change the world, don’t hesitate to trust your healthcare app development to our mobile app developers at Mobilunity.

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