OptimizePress for WordPress – Ultimate List of Features and Bugs

You have been looking for an efficient tool to implement your major web business strategies for some time and decided to give OptimizePress for WordPress your full consideration. Good choice! Having set a benchmark in website building back in 2011, it still remains a top tool to simplify your success. While offering ultimate flexibility and flawless performance, OptimizePress has a wide range of features to help you acquire interest to your business and drive potential customers to conversion. Without any further delay and idle talk, let’s run over the core pillars the platform offers you.

OptimizePress and WordPress Compatibility

Top Reasons to Use OptimizePress

  • 100% visual editing – No more refreshing or reloading to view your altered page. Simply click Save and wait for the result.
  • Responsive pages generation – All the created pages look seamless on any device.
  • Both a plugin or theme format – To keep your website’s current design, we advise you to use a plugin instead of the OptimizePress WordPress theme)
  • More than thirty templates available – Choosing a generic template is always a good idea if you make a fresh start.
  • More than forty custom elements – From guarantees and buttons to Facebook comments and drag-and-drop elements in the Live editor, these are real lifesavers if you need to add powerful functionality or custom features to your page.

With the OptimizePress 2.5 release major changes were applied. These are modularised loading of Live Editor, author bio box, already subscribed feature and more. Luckily, developers being constantly busy improving the platform have recently announced a 2.5.2 WordPress OptimizePress release.

New OptimizePress Features Rolled into:

  • Custom delay for the fade-in elements in Overlay Optimizer – Set specific time for the elements to appear. It can help you deliver a perfect message.
  • Facebook comments put in order – Organize and prioritize the way you need them to appear.
  • Live Editor Shortcode – Use a generally known CMD + S for Mac and CTRL + S for PC not to waste your time while editing pages.
  • Full screen view in Live Editor – Those of you who constantly lack space may find it extremely useful. Simply hold SHIFT and left-click on the Live Editor logo in the top left corner.
  • User creation via opt-in forms – With the OptimizeMember installed, feel free to offer content accessible through membership to collect leads.
  • Constant Contact and arpReach Integration – Already supporting a bunch of email marketing tools, now these can be added to the list.
  • Full WPML Support – Enjoy ultimate freedom of using multiple languages thanks to the translation framework update.

Seamless experience and OptimizePress WordPress compatibility is another winning combination and the reason to choose the platform.

OptimizePress and WP Integration

Problems with OP and How to Fix Them

Yet life is ruthless and when we have features, we have bugs as well. With all the enhancements, there is always a backdoor to crashes and issues.

It concerns the following areas:

Live Editor

The most recent version of WP 4.5 affected OP’s functionality. After the core JS files update, users are bound to face some problems with the Live Editor. If your website runs OptimizePress older than 2.5.4, you simply might not be able to edit any page correctly. As you try to modify anything, the “Add new row” box will pop up. The question is how one can fix that and continue using LE normally. With the latest versions you have nothing to worry about as all the issues have been already fixed.

If you use the edition between 2.4.0 and 2.5.4, both an automatic update and a patching tool can help to solve this matter. Running anything previous to 2.4.0 will require you to upgrade your subscription via the member’s account. Nothing changed? Before you start to panic clear all your temporary files, cookies and cache.


OverlayOptimizer can give you a headache as well. If it’s not working correctly, custom code might be the reason for some page elements to break. To resolve the situation here, remove it for now. We will keep you posted when developers are done with that.

If you would like to get a full understanding of how your future website can look like with no bugs at all, you might want to check our OptimizePress landing page and the website we’ve developed.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize a crucial point. We believe building a website which sells doesn’t have to be daunting or complicated. And when technology gets in the way, we are ready to help you out with anything that bothers you.

Our team has also prepared an infographics on the full list of OptimizePress elements – feel free to download it in one click:

List of Optimizepress Elements

Preventing Bugs With JavaScript Developers from Mobilunity

Now that WordPress is making the move from PHP to JavaScript, there will be more features and bugs that you have to contend with when updating or creating your website. In this case, Mobilunity will be able to help you make a painless transition as well as deal with the issues that may arise if you do make the move. Mobilunity has professional JavaScript developers , who are skilled and experienced in PHP to JavaScript transitions. Even better, we have JavaScript developers, who are also experts in MEAN Stack development. These developers will be able to help you solve problems that you have or might encounter with OptimizePress this transition. Interested? Check out our salary packages for hiring MEAN Stack developer! It gives you a run down on the salary and the skill set that comes with MEAN Stack developers as well as other information that would help you hire MEAN Stack developer to deal with the WordPress issues that you may have!

So if all the above tips are way too much for you to handle, our developers would be glad to sort everything out!

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