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Each outsourcing IT company wants to ensure the tasks are being done in timely manner and for this purpose we may find a number of web applications for project planning. But in the variety of them having own pros and cons Mobilunity team found the best solution – Redmine, being one of the most flexible and useful open source web applications. Solely on youtube we can find more than 16,500 tutorials and redmine reviews.

Redmine and Mobilunity

In our company redmine is used for all possible purposes: for HR&ORG departments, Software development, SEO and websites customization. PMs can choose different types of tasks (trackers) for their needs, set custom workflow for different projects, customize statuses and priorities for users to understand the expectations. In addition, Redmine allows building custom reports and see how much time each employee spent within the week, day or time spent on specific project.

Our DevOps Alex Baturin helped us much with integrating external emails to come to redmine automatically, which is called Autotickets Project in Mobilunity. Alex made it possible never to miss any important email-notification from any of our hosting providers by reviewing  the initial code and changing blocks for email sending and made a possibility to convert emails into tasks in the Autotickets category.

Redmine Advantages

One of the advantages of Redmine is that for big companies like Mobilunity, numbering more than 120 coworkers – users set their photos to visualize the person who will do (as well as who put) the task and to have it discussed live. Moreover, wiki section assists to keep documentation and learn how to use redmine. Redmine supports many free addons which helps to make its functionality constantly increasing.

help with project management tools

Redmine as a great tool for scrum helping Project Managers to plan a pool of tasks for upcoming week (sprint). Thus, team members see the scope of tasks and can filter them using such parameters as due date, estimated time, category name, project. Time is logged upon task completion, which helps in further estimation of similar tasks and load of them for different users.

redmine mobilunity projectsScreenshot of the project managed in Redmine

Redmine Disadvantages

Still, redmine has disadvantages such as lack of KPI dashboards. Unfortunately, maintenance and setting redmine is time consuming and can be treated as separate project. As well as Redmine is written on Ruby on Rails it eats a lot of memory, thus, it should be hosted on separate server.

redmine pros consRedmine Alternatives


Being a redmine alternative is a self-hosted commercial tool though rather expensive having practically the same set of settings Redmine does.

OpenProjectOpen Project

One of the popular alternatives is OpenProject, which is also free open source product which is using AngularJS running a single page product. Still, although it’s free, it doesn’t offer such a variety of functionality as redmine does: dashboards, reports.

team work


This software is a self hosted platform having a great functionality, but offering solely 2 projects and 10 MB storage for free which can be convenient for startups but with business growth it can be hard to migrate to another platform or solely proceed premium plan.


This is very popular easy to use tool. Still this tool is more in use for big or medium teams, and can be used as for team members solely and same with clients, still at different price ($79 per month if to use this tool for communication with clients as well)

trello Trello

A convenient tool in use by Mobilunity team mainly by design department. What it makes different from others? It has very nice looking interface full of bright colors where cards (tasks) can be added and assigned to different team members. Still, it doesn’t offer convenient options for time tracking and to say sincerely this tool can be a good solution for design teams solely.


This is one of the most popular tools for Project Management, still it’s more a “chat” tool with convenient support of all documentation, still lack of time tracking which is crucial in Project Management.

Still as said Natalia Pravdyuk: “Redmine is a great scrum tool with numerous filters for all possible categories. This is fast to find particular task and manage its completion as PMs are automatically notified by email about any actions on tasks put by themselves or as watchers.

Moreover, redmine is an opensource tool, we can easily find useful redmine plugins to optimize our processes. On official site there is a ton of them having reviews and ratings.

Thus, redmine is the best and the most appropriate tracking system for with great functionality and customization.

Consult a Professional Odoo Developer

If you are still researching the best project management tool that would be best for your organization to use, or just doing a comparison between Redmine and Odoo CRM, it would be beneficial to consult with a professional developer or a freelancer. A professional developer with enough first-hand experience in using with project management tool would be the best source of information! Mobilunity can provide you a highly skilled and experienced freelance Odoo developer, who would be able to provide you enough information to make an informed comparison between Redmine and Odoo CRM. Getting information on the first-hand use of these tools will come very helpful in making a decision between two of them. If you do decide to hire a freelance Odoo developer to help you with a comparison between Redmine or Odoo CRM, or you just need some knowledge and advice on the first hand experience of using each of them, Mobilunity can provide you dedicated Odoo developer, who would help you!

Having issues with Redmine customization and installation? Mobilunity super admins are here to help!

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