Reach Business Goals with Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce is undeniably the world’s leading cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It corners almost 30% of the market-beating competitors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP. According to their own figures, Salesforce serves more than 150 thousand different companies with 99 out of 100 Fortune brands using them.

The Demand for Salesforce Consulting Services

With the demand for the software growing, there is also a growing requirement for companies to hire a Salesforce consulting firm to help them with their implementation. Putting in new software or changing and improving what you already have is never an easy task if you want to get it done right. So using Salesforce consulting services is always the best way forward.

Who Needs to Use a Salesforce Consulting Service?

Salesforce today is so much more than a CRM, it is able to run and interact with almost all aspects of your business through the many different platforms that it provides. This makes it a highly flexible and powerful solution for all forms of businesses. It also makes it suitable for almost all industries and companies large or small. The following are some of the most common industries that use Salesforce:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Government

In reality, the Salesforce suite of platforms provides you with the flexibility that you simply will not find elsewhere for any business. Finding the right Salesforce integration consultant that can help you, however, is not always simple.

How Can Salesforce Integration Consulting Help Your Business?

If you are wondering why to hire a Salesforce consultant then you need to consider all of the areas in which they can support you. No software implementation is easy and few solutions will work the way that you want them to straight out of the box.

Hiring a good Salesforce integration consultant can help you with all of these tasks:

  • Implementation of new Salesforce installations
  • Enhancing and improving current installations
  • Migration of data from other systems into Salesforce
  • Integrating other platforms to work with Salesforce
  • Merging multiple instances of Salesforce
  • Creation of apps

Good Salesforce integration consulting is necessary if you want to get the best from your project no matter how big or small it may be.

How to Choose a Salesforce Integration Consultant?

If you are looking to hire a Salesforce consultant then you will need to take care to review what they offer you. While you can easily find a job specification for a Salesforce consultant that explains what they do, you need to ensure that they will be able to deliver what you really want.

The following are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself and the salesforce professional consulting services that you are considering:

  • Do they have the required experience? There are many consulting companies out there that will claim to be able to do everything. You need to ask what they have done in the past with regards to similar projects to your own. They should be able to demonstrate a track record with the implementation of Salesforce. This should be far more than just a couple of testimonials posted on their site.
  • Do they have a good level of understanding with regards to your business needs? Implementing Salesforce is not simply about installing a piece of software. They must be able to fully understand your business flows and processes as well as what you really want to get out of using Salesforce. Without this understanding, you will never get the best from the application.
  • Can they work in a timely manner? Are they willing to work in the way that you require them to in order to fit in with your business needs? Implementing any software can be time-consuming and you will want it done effectively and quickly so that you can start reaping the benefits.
  • What is their availability? You need to check if they are able to work on your project and how much time they will be dedicated to you as a client? There are Salesforce consulting services that will have one consultant juggling multiple clients and this can lead to mistakes and delays. You need to ensure that you hire a Salesforce marketing cloud consultant that is able to dedicate the required time and attention to your project.
  • What will they charge you? Software consulting rarely comes cheap. But, opting for a budget service can result in you not gaining the returns that you were hoping for. However, opting for the most expensive will not always provide the high value that you expect. You need to ensure that you will get the quality of service that you require for your buck. Salesforce consulting rates vary considerably so you need to review with care and have a clear understanding of precisely what you want from your project.

Where to Hire a Dedicated Salesforce Consultant?

When it comes to choosing the best way to hire a Salesforce consultant, there are two main options, namely finding an experienced employee round the corner or outsourcing the development and implementation processes to a reliable service provider. Although you can spot many so-called Salesforce specialists on the market, not many of them can boast of real many-year experience in the field. Therefore, more and more companies choose outsourcing Salesforce-related processes to credible companies experienced in such projects.

Therefore, if you want to hire Salesforce developer, this information will come in handy and help you to compare different rates. Let’s take a look at the five countries with the most well-known Salesforce consulting integration experts:

Don’t be surprised by the difference in rates, as the cost of hiring an experienced Salesforce programmer, at some point, depends on their country of origin and current location. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to outsource Salesforce app development, integration, and administration to a European company than paying twice as much to a US or Canadian firm.

It is worth noting that despite the different rates, companies provide high-quality services, and a lower price doesn’t mean worse performance. Thus, it would be beneficial to cooperate with a service provided located abroad. The companies that specialize in software development outsourcing know their job well, and you will get a dedicated cloud integration developer or a whole team working on your project if needed.

When comparing rates within Europe, Ukraine stands out among other countries, thanks to its large pool of talented programmers and certified IT consultants. By hiring Ukrainian experts, you can get all your Salesforce-related tasks managed on the best level and, at the same time, at an affordable cost.

Mobilunity as One of the Best Salesforce Consulting Cloud Services

With so many software consultant companies to select from, it is not surprising that many companies will struggle to select the right consultant to work with. Mobilunity can provide you with access to Salesforce integration consulting that you will find hard to better. They have a sizeable team of consultants and engineers that fully understand Salesforce and how to implement it to the greatest effect. They work carefully and directly with you throughout every step of the process to ensure that everything that you require is covered fully.

With offices located within Eastern Europe, they are convenient to work with no matter where you may be in the world. They are also able to offer you a world-class level of service through a fully qualified Salesforce service cloud consultant at a fraction of what you will pay in the US or Western Europe. Here are just a few benefits of hiring Salesforce integration consultants at Mobilunity:

  • Certified SFDC consultants;
  • A number of successful projects and many loyal customers all over the world;
  • Experienced Salesforce system integrators that will work on your project only;
  • Dedication to the process, result-oriented approach, and attentiveness to details;
  • The latest practices of Salesforce implementation and app development;
  • Assistance with data migration, security, and analytics;
  • Further maintenance of the developed products;
  • A personal project manager and 24/7 support.

However, the advantages that come with cooperating with such a reliable Salesforce consulting company as Mobilunity don’t end on these points. Our SFDC integration development team can help you with a range of services, including implementation and upgrade of the Salesforce solutions, developing apps and integrating platforms to your CRM, as well as data migration and protection. Reach out to our experts, let us know about your needs, and we would be pleased to provide you with the first-class assistance you deserve.

Hire a Salesforce consultant from Mobilunity today and achieve the highest levels of business success with the help of their specialists at a cost that any business can afford.

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