List of Recommended WP Plugins

Each website owner wants to make the site look tidy and clean. The most important here is to make website with clear navigation, understandable to users and rank good in search engines. It’s a common practice for every WordPress webmaster to use functionality of ready-made wp plugins and develop only those parts of website from scratch, which aren’t covered in the large official plugin directory. And what is the best here – they all are free WordPress plugins. Since our clients often ask on which exactly plugins should be installed on the website by default, our WordPress developers prepared a list of recommended wordpress plugins for any website. Let’s check each and every of them.

Must-have WP plugins for any kind of site are connected with its security, seo optimization, social media, contact with website moderators and website’s appearance. must have wordpress plugins

Free Ecommerce WordPress Plugins

The most popular and widely used plugin for ecommerce is WooCommerce. It shows great results due to good programming part, documentation and offering possibilities to host any kind of online shop. We can say for sure that Woocomerce is the best tool having both free and paid features for online shop management.

best seo plugin for wordpress

Screenshot of WordPress Plugins Directory Cover of WooComerce plugin

Contact WordPress Plugins

Each business owner wants his customers have an ability to contact him. The best and the most popular plugin is Contact Form 7 and Akismet spam filtering.

free wordpress plugins

Screenshot of WordPress Plugins Directory Cover of Contact Form 7 plugin

In its settings you may add any needed field you want to see on your contact form despite having the must have ones as name, email and message body. Also in additional settings you can insert the email address which will be sending messages to your clients. Captcha field will help you to filter any spam. And the best of this plugin – it’s free!

Akismet spam filtering plugin is  free plugin, which will be checking your site’s comments and filter spam ones. Simple and free, you will enjoy it!

SEO WordPress Plugins

Any website must be easy to find in Internet and Social Media. To help you do it use best seo plugin for wordpress such as  All-in-one SEO or Yoast SEO which are both free wordpress plugins still offering some premium features.

wp plugins

Screenshot of WordPress Plugins Directory Cover of All in One SEO Pack plugin

Both plugins offer same set of options and functionality and both are the most powerful and most used ones among WordPress site owners. Still for many users options in many tabs offered by Yoast are considered the most convenient ones than the page options view as in All-in-one SEO.

wordpress plugins

Screenshot of WordPress Plugins Directory Cover of Yoast SEO plugin

Content analysis offered by Yoast is considered the most crucial difference which is used among wp website users. Still, our team is using both All-in-one SEO and Yoast SEO.

Social Media WordPress Plugins

To promote your website in social media you may need additional help which can be suggested by wordpress social media plugin with possible useful solutions for you!

One more plugin which is used by our team which helps to insert in your pages and posts buttons offering to share information is OSD Social Media Sharing

plugin for wordpress

Screenshot of WordPress Plugins Directory Cover of OSD Social Media Sharing plugin

With its help you may select pages you want your buttons to appear, select custom images of the buttons (their appearance)  and have live preview directly in admin area!

Also it is a rather cool feature that you may switch off social media sharing on any of your page or post.

Security WordPress Plugins

This is an absolute MUST have for you. There is a ton of best wordpress security plugins that will make you secured and there is no chance that any data may be stolen. Still, we would love to recommend trying Wordfence security.

must have plugins

Screenshot of WordPress Plugins Directory Cover of Wordfence Security plugin

This plugin is a real monster having a great functionality! First of all it has a dashboard and upon logging in to wp-admin area you may scan all the issues at once. The functionality which is in use by Mobilunity Team is: number of times user fails to login and after unsuccessful login attempts his IP is banned, manual IP bans, Caching for faster website load, Scan Schedule and mailing about any issues, firewall.

Price Difference WordPress Plugins

For sure website’s appearance depends on it’s theme and functionality. Still, sometimes in you are not able to find the needed options to cover your needs and have to think about theme vs template. For example, you own a store and you might want your customers to show Price Difference of different products you offer.

Mobilunity team can suggest you using Pricing table plugin, which is free and easy to use. It offers different layouts which you may use to fit your design.


Screenshot of WordPress Plugins Directory Cover of Pricing Table plugin

Customers will easily see products you offer, their difference and the best solution for them, moreover you can easily insert such table in any post with the help of shortcode.

Mobile version WordPress Plugins

Do you want your customers to browse your site from their gadgets? You do! Than what you need is to check wordpress mobile site plugin helping you to optimize your mobile version experience.

recommended by mobilunity wp plugins

Installing Demandware Plugins

Having a lot of options on which plugins to add to your website might be a bit daunting, however, we highly recommend WordPress plugins released by Demandware. There are great plugins from Demandware that would fit in improving your website’s security, SEO optimization, social media, contact with website moderators as well as its aesthetic. To help with navigating and easing the process of building in these great plugins, a Demandware developer would be the best person to get in touch and work with. Hiring a Demandware developer would help you deal with the bugs and issues that you might come across when you build plugin into your WordPress website. Mobilunity provides you a pool of developers, who you can get in touch with and hire remotely from all over the world. When you decide to hire such programmers, you can read through what comes with a Demandware developer that we have outlined. Mobilunity will help you find the demandware developer, who will perfectly fit to your website needs.

Have you tried any other plugins? Share with us your experience in comments. And keep in mind that we are ready to make your website optimized promptly! And don’t forget about our handy inforgraphics!





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