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Overview of the System

Sendgrid is one of the largest сloud based systems and one of the most popular in the world. Sendgrid SMTP provider is used by our company on daily basis. This SMTP provider is proud to show such stats as sending 8.8 Billion of emails in August 2013 and 13 Billion  in total in January 2015. This provider has awards from AlwaysOn as one of the most popular and demanded companies. Also Sendgrid was awarded as winner in the Red Herring Top 100 North America.

Sendgrid and Mobilunity

With help of this SMTP provider Mobilunity is sending about 980 marketing and transactional emails daily and we are happy to share with you our sendgrid review. It is quite easy in installation, SendGrid has been established as an API company. Thus with the help of it’s API integration is fast. Sendgrid smtp provider supports C#, Go, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby.

Sendgrid has clean and easy to use and understand interface with stats on main dashboard:sendgrid review

Sendgrid overview

You can easily add and manage your templates, create marketing campaign, legacy newsletter and manage sender information. Also you can check your stats and activity by any of category needed, check if email was delivered or bounced. Sendgrid pulls stats for mailbox usage and users that receive emails from us:

sendgrid smtpMailbox Providers Comparison

Sendgrid Advantages

You can find a plenty of different information such as browser comparison, browser stats ans user stats. Which is awesome as you can analyze and focus on your customer’s needs and offer products that will be interesting to them depending on products/services that you sell or offer. In Mobilunity we tried many SMTP service providers and currently Sendgrid is considered to be the best one.

Sendgrid Disadvantages

But although Sendgrid proved to be easy to set up system – we found some disadvantages. Using cloud based SMTP provider  user is sure that it will help him never to be marked as spam and never to have any issues. Although having a possibility to handle spam requests you will need help of qualified system administrator who is aware of processes of spam handling. There are millions of cases when you can trap into spam list and need to handle many processes, spend time and research a lot of new information to recover your reputation.


Mobilunity team had problems with trapping into spam and successfully Sendgrid offers options to fight this problem: Whitelabeling. Basically, whitelabeling is the process of adding records to your DNS zone which will be a signal to email processing providers that emails sent by you have legitimate content and can go directly to inbox of a recipient. Process consists of few steps: creating data for whitelable and adding it to DNS zone of hosting provider and validating it. But first of all IP address that is used for sending such emails should be whitelabled as well as account connected to it.

In case you are sending transactional emails – you will need to create whitelabel on links. Still, whitelabel is not a 100% guarantee that you will be absolutely secure. You will need to work with your DNS zone and add SPF, DMARCO, DKIM records to ensure that you are on safe side.

smtp service providerSendgrid Alternatives

This is considered absolutely normal and popular sendgrid alternatives will demand same actions from your side. The largest Sendgrid competitors include Mandrill, Mailgun and Elasticemail. Difference between these services include the price, technical specifications and plans.

Ease in customization, helpful support with ton of information helping us to fight common problems is a big yes for us. As said Natalia Pravdyuk “Using Sendgrid is a comfortable way to manage and set up long term stable cooperation with cloud based smtp service providers”.

Want to set up emails sending through Sendgrid SMTP provider? Hire our team and we are happy to help you!

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