The Interview with a Dedicated Magento Developer

We are here with our Dedicated Magento Developer Petro. Currently, he is working with a Canadian Magento-oriented company that supports many clients that use Magento and also develops new extensions. We have some questions considering Magento development I’d like to ask you, Petro, here they come.

Answers to Magento Questions from Experienced Magento Developer

Why is Magento such a popular CMS right now?

Magento developer PetroMagento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and it deserves it by the fact that it has all features, starting from the free installation, that you need to start your own online sales. There is a wide range of Tax configuration, pricing opportunities for cart and also gift promotions in Magento Community edition. Magento developers team pay attention to platform’s security and that’s why the customers are able to download security updates. You will be sure that your sensitive data store is protected by the best security protection of market. Also, in Magento Enterprise Edition, you will find more features like full-text search and others.

What scripting language and database management system does Magento use?

Magento developer PetroMagento uses LAMP stack languages such as JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS. Thanks to Magento abstraction you can use any database you prefer, but by default Magento uses MySQL.


Directly from your own experience how does it differ from any other CMS platforms?

Magento developer PetroMagento has a complex architecture, consists of more than twelve OOP design patterns such as an observer, registry, singleton and many others. The difference between Magento CMS and others on the market is the pricing, complex architecture and XML configuration that give you a lot of options to configure design from admin panel. There is a lot of built-in features for free such as Google API, SEO optimization, and others. It is easy to integrate with many third-party web services and shipping services like FedEx & UPS. It is a particularly feature-reach platform and comes with built-in SEO features, delivering online marketing tools that help buyers to rate and review products. Magento CMS can handle multiple stores and can be easily customized. It offers clear improvements over any of its predecessors and it’s updated regularly by designers with support from the large Magento web community and Magento ecommerce developers

What are the pros and cons of using Magento, directly from your own experience?

Magento developer PetroThe pros of Magento are a wide range of built-in features, a lot of solutions to modify functionality inside the shop without changing the source code. It’s easy to integrate the system with third-party services, intuitive architecture and its modularity.

The cons of Magento are that it needs powerful hardware to provide good performance and the architecture might still be too complicated for junior developers.

What skill sets should a great Magento developers have?

Magento developer PetroSo, to be a good Magento developer, you would need to have a deep understanding of PHP, OOP and design patterns; go only with solid principles in your code and always remember about performance.


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Thanks a lot to you, Peter. As we know cleared up some things about Magento and, obviously, it’s good for eCommerce projects. Now it’s no surprise for us that this system is one of the most popular ones. We already have a couple of projects with our Magento developers onboard and we have a great successful experience in custom Magento development. Feel free to request a quote!

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