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September 6, 2016 - Cathy

Theme Template or Custom WP Development

Creation of a website can be a turning point in your life. Either you want to run a personal blog, online shop or create company  website – you come to the choice of the platform.

WordPress CMS platforms offer a great functionality for users and you will be able to add posts and check actions visitors do on your website directly from the CMS. WordPress CMS platform is very convenient related to user experience and has own pros and cons, which you know already if decided to run a website on WordPress.

So, when Platform is chosen your next step to have a design&functionality on it. And this is the crucial point for you to choose what design to have: based on free WP template, Premium one or Custom Written WP only for you and your needs.

Free WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Theme AdvantagesAdvantages:

A great number of free templates is offered on official WordPress site you can filter them by parameters you like: Popular, Newest ones and so on. Still, when installing the free template you need to acknowledge that although theme is free it may appear hard to customize WordPress theme. For example, free themes have Credentials of Theme creator in footer, which cannot be removed unless you are familiar with coding. Or here is the trick, author may offer you to remove his credentials or substitute with yours asking you to pay a fee.

Free WordPress Theme DisadvantagesDisadvantages:

As well as WordPress is updated frequently, some authors stop supporting their free themes. You should consider this as starting from 3d version those core updates  are  automatic, which is a known problem as well as it may break your already customized website. Thus you may end up with new customization and spending time in vain on new template.

Issues with choose free WP theme and it’s customization?

Custom theme development

Thus, Сhoose Free WP Theme If:
  • Your Budget is limited
  • Customization of WP theme won’t be a problem for you

Premium WordPress Theme

Premium WordPress Theme AdvantagesAdvantages:

A better alternative for you is to buy a WordPress theme from trusted market place like Themeforest, where you will have a continuous support in case you encounter any issues with such. Such themes will come with regular updates and active large community of it. Moreover, Premium themes offer great design which will make your website look perfect.

Premium WordPress Theme DisadvantagesDisadvantages:

But, having paid for such template this is not a guaranty that you will stay unique and none will have similar design. Although Premium themes are much easier to be customized and offering better customer experience, still all in all themes are done in general to fit needs of all customers. Thus, you still can lead up blind alley with inability to change something on your website’s functionality and design the way you want it to be was not included by authors.

Moreover, Premium themes offer a huge variety of possible blocks on pages, full freedom with navigation menus, widgets you may find that a ton of time needs to be spent on its customization. Even if Premium theme authors claim that their products are newbie-friendly you will have to spend time on it’s proper understanding.

Сhoose Premium WP Theme If:
  • You need continuous support of your WP theme
  • Cool Features offered by Premium WP theme helping you to customize websites are crucial
  • You are ready to spend time for theme customization

website development softwares

Сustom WordPress Theme Development

Сustom wordpress theme development AdvantagesAdvantages:

Сustom WordPress theme development sounds the best alternative to all above said as having developers create for you the theme will be great experience. One of the advantages of this process is the fact that your site will be loading faster. Any type of theme on theme markets of free ones was planned to be available and easy customizable for all users. In its architecture set a big load of functionality with numerous calls to database, some of functions may be odd for you, still you won’t be able to get rid of it. And having odd functionality will be influencing on your website load crucially. So developers knowing your needs will create a theme with the functionality that YOU need, not overloading it with odd set of functions, frames and loads of code that may lead to low text to code percentage influencing on ranking of your website in search engines.

Сustom WordPress Theme Development Disadvantages Disadvantages:

Still price for custom wp theme development may be for a business or blog starter unreal. Moreover, you will not have the theme complete and released fast as after discussing your needs with PM and developer you might need to wait more than 2 month for theme to be done because testing, development, bugfixing is a long process. Also keep in mind that you need to inform all your needs and expectations from theme at once, thus developers can plan how to have this actually done in your final product, so you finally won’t find out that you are not able to install some kind of plugin which is not supported, thus choice of developer is a case sensitive. Still, we are happy to inform you that Mobilunity team cooperates only with the best developers and Project Managers and we will create your experience with us awesome.

Сhoose Custom WP Theme If:
  • You don’t want to spend time on customization of your site
  • You need features which you have not found anywhere else
  • You want your website to be unique

All in all this may be a hard decision for you, but the value and profit that your site may bring to you is the most important factor. Precisely plan what you expect to receive from your website. Check each pros and cons of all variants and check our infographics which will make your decision easy and fast. Contact Mobilunity team, where you can get maintenance from outstaffing services too, and we will help to solve any kind of issues you may have!

Having any issues with your WP theme development? Feel free to get in touch with Mobilunity Team and we will solve the issue for you! And don’t forget to check the list of Best WP plugins making your website awesome.

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