Tips to Choose the Right Software Agency

How a Software Agency Supports Business

Over the last two decades, businesses in the US and Europe have discovered the immense benefits of working with software agencies. Rather than develop everything in-house, your business can gain an advantage by hiring a strategic partner in the form of a software agency.

With remote developers, many businesses are gaining a strategic advantage in the cost of software projects. Meanwhile, an Inc report reveals that there’s a protracted battle for highly skilled developers in the West, with salaries for some positions reaching the $300,000 mark.

The time could not be more right, therefore, to turn to agencies for custom software development solutions. It take some effort, but if you get it right, you can develop better digital products faster than you can do internally.

Advantages of a Development Services Agency

Here are just a few of the advantages that the right software agency can confer on your business:

  • Lower development costs – This is not always the case, but you can lower costs by hiring software agencies in lower-cost locations around the world. Some examples include Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, and India.
  • Faster development cycle – A software agency can deploy more resources to your project than you can do inside your own company. This means that your programs can be developed much faster. You will be able to deploy your product and ship it faster than you have been able to do in the past.
  • Access to better talent – Intense competition for development talent makes hiring developers very hard in some locations. For example, if you are a small startup in Silicon Valley, you might not be able to afford top talent there. Companies like Google and Facebook can lure the very top developers with attractive compensation packages. However, you can turn to computer programming agencies in other parts of the world. The developers in the very best software developer companies are equal to, or better than, the best developers at major Western tech companies.

Technology – Software Agency Categories

Besides the above advantages, you will be pleased to know that programming agencies are almost unlimited in the computer programming support they can offer your business.

A range of services offered by agencies includes software development, design, prototyping, testing, and project management. As a result, you can get support at all stages of the software development lifecycle.

outsourcing software development companies

If you need just software testing help, for example, a software agency can provide this to you. If you need software architectural design for a large project, the agency can give you this as well. On the other hand, if you have designs ready and now need a focused partner for the development implementation, this, too, is within the scope of most agencies’ abilities.

Sometimes, though, your needs are more specialized and you need specialized talent. For this need, there are numerous specialized agencies that zone in on just a specific area of development. Some examples include:

  • Mobile app development agencies
  • Internet of Things
  • Enterprise development agencies
  • Ecommerce development
  • Artificial intelligence agencies

Choosing the Right Software Development Agency

Selecting the right software development agency can be challenging, but these tips will help you make the correct choice.

how to hire custom software development company

  • Customer references – A successful development services agency will typically have a long list of past customers who are willing to vouch for the quality of the agency’s development services. You should, therefore, check past customer references online or speak to past customers directly to check.
  • Big talent pool – The quality of the talent at your software development agency is critical for your success. The agency should have a high number of expert developers who can handle your requirements comfortably. If you find that the developers are inexperienced or unskilled, you might want to search for a more accomplished agency.
  • Project management effectiveness – The management of computer programming projects is a fine art that requires a practical understanding of project management best practices. Your agency’s project managers should be experts at SCRUM, Kanban, Agile, or your preferred development methodology. You can query them on what processes they have in place to ensure the success of your development project.
  • Check the software testing and QA standards – Software testing is an important area of any quality programming effort. The best agencies typically stand out in this area. They have strict and well-established testing standards. This helps reduce incidence of bugs in the final product. For a more advanced form of testing adoption, you can look at TDD and other test-first practices.
  • Examine Technologies in use at the agency – Digital development agencies typically focus on certain clusters of programming technology. For example, one will use, say, a mix of Java, C#, C, and Swift. On the other hand, another agency will use none of these technologies, preferring, instead, Rust, Python, and Ruby. It helps to determine if the agency’s strengths are a match for what you need. For example, if you need machine learning software, Python is a dominant technology in that field, therefore, your agency would need to know this technology.
  • Does the agency pay attention to UX and UI design? – More and more organizations are becoming aware of the importance of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. SiliconRepublic points out that good UX makes people stay longer inside web applications and can improve the conversion of apps used for ecommerce.

Developer Salaries in Different Countries Including Ukraine

One of the biggest obstacles to software success for many companies is the high cost of digital product development. With salaries very high now in many capitals around the world, this has made it tougher for many companies to afford I.T. product development. As a result, many businesses forgo the development of essential software and cobble together makeshift solutions as best as they can.

The reality, however, is that you can afford software development services if you look beyond the confines of your own borders. Below, we compare the Payscale data on salary figures for a number of major tech countries around the world (backend and frontend).

software development agencies salary

As you can see, there is immense variability in the cost of hiring developers depending on the country. This presents a key solution to your budgetary concerns over getting your computer programs developed.

Developing in Ukraine offers a path to effectively lowering your software development costs. Ukraine’s tech industry is in a very strong growth phase. As Kyiv Post reports, in March 2018, Amazon paid $1 billion to acquire Ring, a smart home startup with major development based in Ukraine. The country’s tech contributions are recognized as top notch according to international standards.

Why Hire Ukraine Outsourcing Software Development Companies

Hiring software agencies in Ukraine gives you a range of other important benefits besides lower costs alone. Ukrainian agencies have been serving clients from major Western countries for years. They are intimately familiar with clients’ needs across a wide range of industries. This means you can count on the best Ukrainian software development agencies whether any of the following situations describes your needs best:

  • Software product startup – If you are a startup working on a MVP or prototype software product, these agencies are expert at the relevant technologies. Your technology stack options include: Node.js, Python, Django, Scala, React, among others.
  • Enterprise development – For larger companies seeking important line of business and business process applications, a Ukrainian development firm can help you with enterprise services.
  • Mobile app development – Whether you need native Android apps, iOS apps, or hybrid apps, you can find ample mobile development talent within the Ukrainian tech industry.

Benefits of Hiring Developers in Mobilunity

Mobilunity is one of Ukraine’s premier custom software solutions agencies. TopAgency ranks Mobilunity among the top 5 software agencies in Kiev.

Clients who have worked with Mobilunity enjoy the many advantages the custom software development company offers, including:

  • Multi-talented software teams – Our developers have multiple skill sets in a range of the most important technologies.
  • Software quality guarantees – We work to high standards, as evidenced by ratings of Mobilunity among Europe’s best software development agencies.
  • Clear and transparent communication – Mobilunity prides itself on clear and consistent communication with clients. This real-time transparency helps keep you updated on the progress of your work, and aware of the completion timeline.

why cooperate with Ukrainian software development firm

Mobilunity Gives You the Development Edge

With Mobilunity, software development can be enjoyable and successful once again. This premier Ukrainian software development firm will enable you to get your projects completed on time and within the stated budget. Clients have already discovered the very real benefits of working with Mobilunity. Now, your business can take advantage of these benefits too.

Find out how Mobilunity can help your software agency search!

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