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November 17, 2016 - Cathy

Project Planning Tools – Trello Review

If you are in search of a bright system that has nothing in common with standard issue tracking systems, than you might like Trello. Which is more: it is a fun system helping you to visualize and collaborate with your team. Although its great design and fun addition, it has own pros and cons, thus Mobilunity team has prepared a post on trello review for you!

Trello Features

  • Management of multiple boards
  • Simple drag-and-drop task management
  • Color coded boards
  • Ability to add colored labels
  • Menus
  • Calendar
  • Card/tasks archive
  • Voting


Trello for project management might interest you if you run short projects or in other words tasks and assignments, which are not complex ones and do not require usage of much of resources. Trello uses a kanban-style methodology which is highly visual. This means that you will be able to drag-and-drop in its dashboard tasks you need your team to do. And it is very simple to understand how to use trello for any person! Just in few clicks your assignee will report you the process on card assigned to him (please note that in trello tasks or issues are named as cards ). Thus managing your small team of designers or copywriters will be perfect!

Trello will be very convenient for people who are not familiar with any issue tracking systems and might spend a lot of time trying to understand how regular agile based systems work.

This will be great for creative people, who dislike dummy grey tones and lack of visual part of such project management tools as Redmine, Jira, Open Project, Team work.


Still, you won’t like Trello if you are more used to agile style of work with reporting, managing different roles of users in projects, time tracking, reporting. Lack of trackers for issues and time management can be the crucial “no” for you.

In this case, have a look on trello alternatives. Mobilunity team has already prepared a review of the most popular ones for you:

trello review

Trello and Mobilunity

Our team loves trello, this is a great and fun tool helping our highly professional designers visualize a scope of tasks and focus on the most important. Unfortunately, our experience with cooperation with team of designers showed us that creative people require another process of work, thus such tools as Jira and Redmine are less in use with cooperation with design department.

Although we find it very useful tool for cooperation with our copywriters and link builders. They absolutely adore it as it’s great to see process, success of work on each site team promotes.

Overview of the System

trello for project management

Screenshot of a Trello Board

In Trello you will be able to organize the dashboard the way it will be convenient for you! For example in Mobilunity we have backlog, current week, in process and review boards. Each new tasks that come are added to backlog, afterwards PMs check the scope of cards (tasks) of team members and assign card. After card is assigned, PM should decide if task should be done within current week or not, respectively leaving it in backlog board or moving to current week. Thus, when assignee starts working on card he will move it to in process board, when work is done – review board.

Is Trello Right for You?

In anyway, this is very clear and easy to work for us in Trello. Our designers find it rather convenient, still as well as we use Redmine as primary project planning tool, this is hard that both tools Trello and Redmine are not optimized and not connected one with another.

Still, as said PM Nadia Novak: “It is very convenient to see history of actions that we do, visualize cards in boards and plan actions in a fun manner”

Chose Trello if visualization is what you need. Contact our team for any kind of support!

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